The Conscient Circle of Alblackica: The Will -The Trial and The Final Redemption

Alblackica Plates I, Samij Dutta, 2012

The Conscient Circle of Alblackica: The Will The Trial and The Final Redemption 


The grass was painted on the celestial glass

And planted on the edge of a voyager’s dream

On the mind’s magnetic field

The vectors aligned themselves in different directions

The crow-beak length the same the cats were running into the seamless void

They heard the sound of the inevitable

Waves tossed air’s manger into the dust of the trees

What trial after Kafka into the involuntary design of the will?

Existence not a question but answer is the bliss

To the divine matter of immortality

The supra-physical descent of Angira took place

And it was not a Woody Allen show

A strong hour is the virtuous turn of the argyle diamonds

Sat Tat Om Hari Chit

The electro-giga field of the stone was a series of circles

Seven up on seven Aconcagua was burning

The stars are nine and one avatars of the creation

They awake the Vashnu in the Brumhi of Shavi

The zero opera of the basilica is the point of convergence

The terrestrial will-gate is the navi-vishnu of bramha

The zero circle of all is alblackica, alblackica

Pro-kratoshivam monument of time is the pyramid

The running wheels of time are older than Wagner

Thou space has the dignity of its movement Wahali?

Angels fly into the lost mandalas of Tibet

Resurrect the old and the young in the heart

The song of Shambhala is coming to me O Lord!

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Reference: An undated photograph of Franz Kafka/Source: The New York Times, Sept 22, 2010

Time is the Wind of the River of No-Time: From Thames to Sabarmati

Charing Cross Bridge (Overcast Day)

Painting History: Claude Monet Charing Cross Bridge (Overcast Day) 1900
Oil on canvas. Lent by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Given by Janet Hubbard Stevens in memory of her mother, Janet Watson Hubbard (Source Tate Online Gallery UK)

CONSCIOUSNESS-ANALOGUE: Time is the Wind of the River of No-Time 

(A River Song within the bracket of Non-Time Matter)

Time is the Wind of the River of No-Time (A River Song within the bracket of Non-Time Matter) click to watch (using Dell Mobile/voice-over taken over from Nehru Bridge, Ahmedabad)

Time is the Wind of the River of No-Time. Apples are red when the darkness dissolves the eye of the Sun. The father is the herdsmen of the tribe of the origin, his power is Alblackica is zero and one. He sees the river cross the ferries within the intervals of time and eternity, the winged-horse of freedom is the swan of the Bazuta Eternal.

Sage-Age-Reason is the proverb of the ultimate time, Hari Om Tat Sat (3x)

Man-eternal eats the fruit of wisdom’s horse and the river knows the way, the river knows the way…Ivory shadows are the moon’s pilgrims offering their mind to the Lord of the prayers. Thou cast your light on the river’s flaming arabesques, return them to the sea, to them you owe the beautiful unmanifest, the silent word of offering and love that pass without passing

huang truang mrinumva tavath (3x)

No man is free till he learns to fly, his despair should give rise to evangelical wings that must soar heavenwards into the bodhi-chitta of the primal embodiment, into the habber-brahman of the zeugma.

Tithonus crying like a black veil that masks the mystic octet of the adi param-brahman.

Changes reconstitute the New Order, the living daylights are the purple candles of the burning rose, the blind is the vision of the unblinded darkness, the dead are not dead – a life beyond the stars have culminated in the divine design of the earthly paradise symbolized by man.

He is the war-elephant of the dead horse-king! He is the power and the source of all divinity that do exist or will exist. His alms are the worshipped petals of the fragrant heart of the Mother, to her he prays so she will descend to make good and beautiful all that we know or need to know that do exist since the birth of this creation.

Eos dawns her lover with the peach blossoms of spring, the caesura is the fountain of life; appellations are the white harmony of the ambrosiac fruit that time devours, honor her as immortality waits in the seeds sown in the twilight hours of Alblackica.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Joni Mitchell’s 1969 Painting And The All-Blissful Centre of Musical Forms

Joni Mitchell Painting, 1969


Felt the lines that move unmoved

Between the serial affections of the mind and its behaviour

Woodstock on the dancing grass laden with spring vine

                Touched the thought-mist on the window glass

And a winter sun was drowning in the seas

I had not yet heard the song of the night-shift whistle

And recaptured the beautiful reprise of the morning on the hills

Tomorrow, may be, it will be another day

A basket of apples on a carpet of snow

Smiles bring laughter autumn rose the bee

A circle in a circle will shine from its geo-centre

Its petals will reflect the creation of the soul

From nothing she stands at the midst of light

From the void and the darkness to the angelic door

Love the sacred thread to the new matter and consciousness

And perfection the aid through which knowledge is to be known

Bliss is the ultimate cause of the unmanifest manifest

OmSatchindananda Para Brahma,

Purushottama Param Atma

Sri Bhagavathi Sametha

Sri Bhagavathe Namaha

Hari Om HariOmHari Om

Woodstock – Lyrics excerpt

“We are stardust/We are golden/And we’ve got to get ourselves/Back to the garden- Joni Mitchell 

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Salvador Dali’s Meditative Rose (1958) And The Parabrahman Grace Descending on Earth

Meditative Rose, Salvador Dali, 1958


The rose is the apple in the sky of the sun
Parabrahman grace descending on earth
A higher cause evolutes on its own
Shantih Shantih Shantih
Three times three and one brings Sri Aditya
KalVishnu is KalVishnu in KalVishnu as KalVishnu
Christ the alter on the hard metal face
Drops of snow melts and gives the lonely spring the call
Fluting the sweet rhythm of the poetry of dance
Chanting the numbers on the spatial galactic mind of the Creatrix
Eternity embraces the Dali of time.

– Joy Roy Choudhury