The Integration of Shambhala in the Deep Spiritual Calculus of its 4 Basic Symbols/The Garuda, The Snow-Lion, The Tiger and The Dragon: Mystical Kinship is the Quantum Poetry of Sound-off-Silence

Krishna Bowing to Srimati -Sri Radhika

Sri Krsna Bowing to Srimati -Sri Radhika

Sri Krsna’s all self-offering to Her 

And from Her back to the entire Creation 

Para-brahman of all that exists and will ever exist 

In that sacrificial fire made Love an ocean of Rasa

Hari Nam o sankirtan, Radha-Govinda Chitrakatha

A frame of frames within the literal space-time construct 

commemorates the eternal Yung-Drung of lives 

In the twilight hours the sky, sac-red 

Gave its obeisances for the flowering of peace. 

The Integration of Shambhala in the Deep Spiritual Calculus of its 4 Basic Symbols/The Garuda, The Snow-Lion, The Tiger and The Dragon: Mystical Kinship is the Quantum Poetry of Sound-off-Silence

The ancient bird Garuda is the priest of the sacred Tree     

Chapter 24

Change Returns Success: The Bird (The Garuda) Shambhala Symbol

Holy under the star field

The moon half closed in her vision

Save the flower, fruit and the seed

In the plenary ambit of the rotational cycle 

The tigers roam etching the giant arc of a rainbow

Their majestic movement calm and serene

Towering like the light from the branches of the sun

Crystalline vivid memories flow

Down the liquid tunnel into space arc architecture

Silence of the mountains worship

The streams that run through its veins

The snow-lion treads that vast horizon

Where the stars fiddle with some strange sound   

The 4 Symbols of Shambhala

The 4 Symbols of Shambhala: The Garuda Bird, The Dragon,The Tiger & The Snow-Lion

Music kindled by the fire

By the yung-drung               

By the yung-drung

Their endless cycles all aspire

For thee to descend

Where we shall meet!

Sit there under the cool shade

Eat an apple or a peach!

The dragon not self-hesitating

Awake from the drowsy interior of the seaward pentagram

Seraph of the beautiful dream 

Seraphim of the crowned alabaster

Under the rocky cave of Agastya                           

Jim Morrison The Sac-Red Bard of the Love Street Fard Arden Again...

The Sacred Bard of the Love Street Far Arden Again…

Showed signs of the arrival and departure

Dried thoughts in dead jars of geranium

Cannot utter the innocent child’s eternal rhyme

Lost in the steely graves of the museum or in the booklore of transitory darkness

They blame the ego haunt the body, despair and forget

And kill each other

In the mad ceremony of death.

Yahoava Shiva


Hara-Hari Altav Mecav

Narasimha yaking yong

Truha Truha Hung

Help you with that!

– Joy

The Sacred Effulgence of Supracosmic-Love: Hare Krsna Movement for Divine Unity on Earth (Jim Morrison’s Moonlight Drive/Chandrapat Maha-Uddharan Lila)

The Sacred Effulgence of Supracosmic-Love: The Sacred Hare Krsna Movement for Divine Unity on Earth (Jim Morrison’s Moonlight Drive/Chandrapat Maha-Uddharan Lila)

“Hari Purush Jagat Bandhu Maha-Uddharan

Chari-Hasta Chandra-Putra Ha-Kit-O-Patan”

(Prabhu Prabhu Prabhu He)   (Anantanantamay)

Unity Flowers from Fragmentation of Beings in the Trinity of Para-Brahman – Sacred Inflorescence of the Para-Prakiti Preparing the Field for Maha-Kalki Abirbhava

“Let’s swim to the moon,           

Hari Purush, Prabhu Sri Jagat Bandhu Sundar

Hari Purush, Prabhu Sri Jagat Bandhu Sundar

Let’s climb through the tide,

Penetrate the evening

That the city sleeps to hide…

Nothin’ left open 

And no time to decide 

We’ve stepped into a river 

On our moonlight drive…”

– Moonlight Drive, Jim Morrison,The Doors


Love is the original flower of the child’s dream; he didn’t know what it was but felt a ripple in his heart desiring the future fragrance of colours on the patterns of his mind’s self-effulgence. He didn’t see anything in the void but it was just expressed as an unknown feeling in the womb of time. That moment of sacred realisation transfused itself in a frame of eternity beyond that into many units each corresponding to the rhythm of the self as if music is born from the undying stuff that had in it the whole creation pre-birth /pre-natal formations to post-creation and formal synthesis of all different bhavas (mind-feelings) that makes the Creatrix’s consciousness.

There was only this line

Nothing else

A pattern of interference

A love unknown but desiring the non-matter to create the hyper-illusory meta-world of the senses

Each corresponding to a vibration

A thought of the vacant mind

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

A logic without linearity of existence in the sat-chit-ananda

A random de-coherence of multiple existence

The Brahman spoke to the child

He said ‘You who is that is it’

And ‘If you know then you can’t see it’

But ‘If you feel then you can see that you know it’

‘You are the Lord of this creation’

‘In every eye, you are that in it for that to co-exist’

‘That is the Child riding the white horse of the solar-ellipse rasas

‘He seeks the ark, the garden, the sun of the moonlight drive

‘The cafes on the seafront, the bards, the minstrels and the fishermen

The theatre draws on him closer to the eye

Watches each frame, the dawn’s highway, the car cruise

The ecstasy of love, the brows of the eternal hymn

Tears roll like the sea, the waves light the joy in the sky      Sri Krsna and Kaliya Daman

Foreseeing the triple suns of the everlasting day

A silent word like the bull’s strength milks the chit of the ananda

And there he knows the Sat of the Hari Naam Sankirtan

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Hare krsna

Sri Chaitanya in aboriginal light

A moment’s waking vision in a dream

Walking the long road to that destiny

The child knows the way…


Tree-Prism of the Supracosmic self in Prabhu Sundor

Xerut-worship Juvak

A wave of impulses over the Acradian field

Arcturus ball of fire

Souls’ departure and arrival through the portal

Past thisness of the future’s present

Inscape –a journey

Awaiting the coming of the Lord.

– Joy

Time Morphing in Quantum Consciousness: In Eyes of the Mother The Lotus New Born is the Light of the Sun in Padmasambhava


Time Morphing in Quantum Consciousness: In Eyes of the Mother The Lotus New Born is the Light of the Sun in Padmasambhava


Time is the yogic light of supra-physical realism relatively acting as transformative non-local synergy agent of the sun vibrating in the ether medium like the blue swan of the white lotus giving birth to ten-fold Padmasambhava at the navel of the Vishnu-Shakti ( Regenerative Pyramidal Mirror of Sthi-Zun Particle in the fan-cup seer-will force in man – Adi Narayana)

The pure substance of the sun in the white lotus gave birth to the miracle of Padmasambhava.

Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum(3x)

Guru Rinpoche…Guru Rinpoche…Guru Rinpoche

All in thee that thou will in thy sacred light of Guru Rinpoche.

The flaming congruent sphere of grace-matter wheel chariots the sublime essence of poetry and art in the divine followers of the creation.

“Moment of Freedom

as the prisoner

blinks in the sun

like a mole             

from his hole


a child’s 1st trip    

Jim Morrison

away from home


That moment of Freedom”. – Jim Morrison, American Poet, Singer, and Spiritual Rock Artist

The Inner self is the True Divine- great artists and poets have tasted the divine fruit within themselves.

“All Nature is my bride”. –Thoreau

“All that we behold is full of blessings”. – William Wordsworth

“If you want the truth,

I’ll tell you the truth:

Listen to the secret sound,

The real sound,

Which is inside you.”– Kabir

Lord Caitanya in his Acintya-bhedabheda Tattva implied that the divine essence of the Lord is supreme in one’s heart where Sri Radhika is Sri Krishna and the entire creation but also separate from this world of realities. The Lord is this and not this – one with the creation and simultaneously different from His creation as well.

“I am formless and everywhere                                                                


I am in everything and beyond. I fill all space.” Shirdi Sai

Jaya Sai Jaya Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

The enlightened teacher is inside all of us- the Sai is an in-dweller transforming us every moment to take us to a higher level of quantum consciousness.

“The purpose of God in creating man hath been, and will ever be, to enable him to know his Creator and to attain His Presence”.– Bahá’u’lláh

The god-consciousness is one who sits in all its empyrean glory manifesting his presence in us through our manifold works (karma) to gain the knowledge (gyana) by the sheer will-force of the love in us (bhakti) through the habits (avhash) we endorse to cultivate the time-frame of an eternal life-force in us which lead us to what Sri Aurobindo and Mother said ‘the immortality” or the ‘rainbow body’ of perfect transfiguration as with Padmasambhava and other sages of Shambhala.

Fragrant doors                                              


Light inner-circle of silence

Opening thy windows to embrace the pure substance of the sun

In the mind of ether the light, the knowledge

Is adding vital life-force to its own good existence (pranic energy renewal via quantum mevic-function)

To shine as smooth as the silken pollen sac

An alter of wave on a particle point (the Von Neumann Cubicle of spectacular algorithm)

Delegating the all-possible ways of integrating matter with the spirit

For the immortal life to be is.

She is forever a fixed star on a Gaussian plane

Unfixed about a cardinal point (the father across the bohemian rhapsody)

Observer within observation point- Jai Satya Sai      

Mirra Alfassa: The Divine Mother

Christ of the future on a dog stargate

Watching pilgrims pass by over a line of hue in the sky

Roerich and Jim Morrison

And Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor

Sri Caitanya Sri Caitanya Sri Caitanya

Adi lila of Parameshwar

Beyond creation she the Absolute Hypothesis

Quantum Quadrangular Machine of Vrajo-Unin-Termas

Beauty was a joy to behold in the nectar of life

Nothing exists but her golden lap where the creation is.

– Joy Roy Choudhury



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