The Mantric Vehicle of the Timeless Void is the Song of I-Ternity by the Guru’s Grace

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara
Guru sakshat, param Brahma, tasmai shri guravay namah


Sri Kalipda Guha Roy 


Sri Anandamayi Maa, Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath Mission,  Avenue House, Kolkata


Sri Nitai Prabhu

in the memory of time there is only the timeless void
it features all events as part of causality
manifestation is a dance
a perturbation unfolds the space-time geometry
things as they are is an enormous Awareness of being-time
the bow, the arrow, the galaxies and spacecrafts are being-time
each being-time is the whole of time -Brahman is Brahman – Sutra 1
causality has apparently many branches – Brahman is Dual Experience of its own Non-Duality -Sutra 2
the setting sun
in the lap of the sky
reflects the moon forever on the lake
the observer is the ancient hero of many a timelines
in the macrospace of his own infinity, he breathes the fire of causal destiny
1911 -Sri Aurobindo Notebook – ye yatha Mam prapadyante Tamstathaiva bhajamyaham (as men approach me so I accept them to my love, Bhagawad Gita)
1897 – Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is born
1532 – Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s Lila and the pain of His separation from Lord Krishna – Original Ecstasy & Agony
as the world makes and remakes itself
as people deluded as they are scatter like broken twigs
as the ego of men eclipses the sun
the droplets water disappear in the sand
leaving only marks that foretold the time….
an anagram of the threefold destiny is the prime cause of the universe
and the law that upholds the TAT and SAT
will never fail to protect the land….
Jay Guru Sri Guru (3x)


Divine Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Celebrating Sri Dilip Kumar Roy’s 119th Birth Anniversary 22nd January 2016: “Outpetalling of the Sunflower”(At the Guru’s Feet)

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

“To me the ultimate value of a man is to be measured not by what he says, nor even by what he does, but by what he becomes.” (Sri Aurobindo to Dadaji/Sri Dilip Kumar Roy)

“A deathbound littleness is not all we are:

Immortal our forgotten vastnesses

Await discovery in our summit selves.”

(Savitri I, IV, Sri Aurobindo)

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with Sri Sita Ram Das Omkarnath Ji  and Mata Indira Devi

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with Sri Sita Ram Das Omkarnath Ji and Mata Indira Devi

Jacaranda Tree in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh source Wikipedia

Jacaranda Tree in Full Bloom in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh Source Wikipedia

Over the horizon the moon chants

The night blooming jacaranda flowers

Dilip Kumar Roy with Krishnaprem

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with Krishnaprem

In their starlit ecstasy have offered themselves to the Lord

And the universe is the body and the mind

Existing neither within the mind, nor, without

But each life strung to the lonesome flute calls

In sheer majesty celebrating the occasion of one glorious birthday

And the soul’s eye meets the light beyond the stars

And the fruit and the flowers, the garden and the river moss

In mystic oneness singing variegated plays

Jalsaghar Poster from the movie by Satyajit Ray

Jalsaghar Movie Poster

The Theater is born

And the grand orchestra

Actors and actresses in their prospective roles fervently transcending their spheres of existence

To Immortalize the Theater to which they belong

A Shakespearean rag, or, a Dantean Comedy

or, a Brecht and Eugene O’Neill

In the patachitra weaving a tapestry of words from Chandidas

The Cinema is born

And the grand Orchestra

Drinking soma from the winding stairs of Girish Ghosh and Natya Academy

At this moment we live without living

There is only one universe –

And it is This-which-we-are

Down the river way to an ocean of infinity.


* Dilip Kumar Roy’s friend, Romain Rolland writes on his character Jean-Christophe (Which was the Novel in 10 volumes that won him the Noble Prize in 1915):  “When you see a man, do you ask yourself whether he is a novel or a poem? […] Jean-Christophe has always seemed to me to flow like a river; I have said as much from the first pages.”

River metaphor flowing to the Ocean of Infinity is the life of Jean-Christophe, the style is called sometimes ‘Roman Fleuve’ (The River Novel)


Sri Dilip Kumar Roy and Romain Rolland – A Lecture by Prof. Chinmoy Guha

at Sri Ramakrishna Mission

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy and Romain Rolland A Lecture by Prof. Chinmoy Guha





Talking with Brahman, the Self behind the Rock-Face (Bramha-Shila): Innumerable T-Square Boxes within the Finite Length as Supreme Ananda of the Impersonal Self

Yogishwar Kalipada Guha Roy with Little Child

Yogishwar Kalipada Guha Roy with Little Child



Talking with Brahman, the Self behind the Rock-Face (Bramha-Shila): Innumerable T-Square Boxes within the Finite Length as Supreme Ananda of the Impersonal Self

Childhood when happiness is defined by spontaneous action of the Self is the Eternal Moment of Awakening. So, like the child, flowers reciprocate, leaves murmur and tender drops of water silently fill the lily pond. You are then a child by the perception of an ageless sage called the Brahman who is the Master Magician of the great felicitous act called Observance by dream projection. Brahman, the All-Absolute and Eternal, watches the child who is His Time-Self recollecting Eternity in the cycles of life. Behind the rock-face the child sees himself, tries to lift it up , hold and keep, and it falls and breaks into pieces; he tries to pick another one a toy or a marble and yet another one, each time seeking himself in the little things he prods on playing with the world around him without any hesitation like the cloud shapes that move or the ripples that show the glorious patterns of indeterminate form.

The child experiences pure – Sight and Sound but he doesn’t interpret them

The child delights at the vastness surrounding him – a small point in space and that point also the controlling centre because it incarnates a liberating consciousness in space-time

And there are immeasurable controlling centres the child never uses a matrix

Nadir suchinay ghumiye aache kato achinto pran

Tara gaan gay ek chaloman jiboner anande

Pratiti khon purno bramher prakito satta (Every Moment of Time is the Real Absolute Self, the Brahman manifesting itself)

Chirodiner sathi saisaber hashi                                            

Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath Thakur

Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath Thakur

Mishti muhurte dukher raddur ke anlo tene

Aar brishti bhara ghano koyasha megh

Rater niralay dor khule dey chut

Tai gangar tire aajo jwale kato pradip

Bheshe baray kato akhanda nakhatro

Kato chena prachito samayer pratik

Ek muhurte anander dheu chetonay ardhanarishwar

Prashobito kare saishob shaktir bhasha

Muktir mon bhalobasha…

In the Yin, the Yang, in the Yang, the Yin they exist inseparably as One

And above this one, the child sees the Zero as All-in-All (Ji-Ji-Mu-Ge)

Brahman speaks to Brahman: Unity behind the Law of Separation is the Spontaneous Self of the Child Expressing His own Experience of Ananda.

Hari Om Tat Sat            

Hari Tat Sat Om

Om Om Hari Tat Sat

Tat Sat Om Chit Hari

When you square time you get the Eternal Self –the Brahman as the Child leaping in and out

Reminiscing the Glorious One, the Unity behind the separation

He assumes the character of zero – fantastic and terrible

He held the child in his arms and felt the vibrations of this immense creation

He the child is the child in every processes of this world                              

Gopala Krishna as the Eternal Child, The Brahman

Gopala Krishna as the Eternal Child, The Brahman

And they clapped hands

And the boat responded

Gaily on the water

A prelude to a sunset reverie…

Suryer muktora nadir anchole naksha kara ek prachin rup

Ei rup sajjai bramher mayabi prakitir karma kriya

Maya hate bramha

Shishu chaitanya

Brihadarankyer ekti khudro sthal

Ajana gaan, ajana naam

Geye jay shei nadir jwal

Tai Pipashar spandane bramha e mayar ananta rup