On the Eve of the 116th Birth Anniversary of Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy, 9th December, 2018: Exploring Mahamudra Through the Para-Vak Simulation within the Infinitudes (as Kal-Anu/Time-Atom) of Sri Yantra

Kalida with the Little Girl

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy

Jay Yogishwar….Om Namah Bhagawate Sri Kalipadaya (3x)

Jay Guru Sri Guru (3x)


Sri Yantra from Sri Vidya

Jay Mahakal (3x)                                          Jim With the buddha in the background save

The Opening of the Trunk

-Moment of inner freedom


Divine Mother, Mirra Alfassa

when the mind is opened & the
infinite universe revealed
& the soul is left to wander
dazed & confus’d searching
here & there for teachers & friends.

Moment of Freedom
as the prisoner
blinks in the sun
like a mole
from his hole

a child’s 1st trip
away from home

That moment of Freedom- Jim Morrison

The phonemic emanation from the primordial fluctuations have been the source of the material universe….matter is mind in a certain domain of frequency….if the mind disappears….what happens to the matter? The gross physical existence is a projection from a higher level of consciousness phenomenally present but noumenally absent….But absence and presence must extinguish each other leaving a vacant lot which is forever the plenum of existence….the evolution is based on higher efficiency of the will which is perfected desire (iccha shakti) via the non-local network convergence b/w knowledge and action. Action is useless unless it subscribes to the non-dual consciousness or the Chit Shakti – this is the supramental intelligence that flowers divine light in retrocausal matter….it is further locally assembled by the subtlety of the 5 elements to create, sustain and dissolve the Flow-form of the Torus. The different modes of interrelationships between structure and background – between the colors and the canvas is differentiated and graded by the consciousness of the Sri Yantra….This is the quantum mechanics of the super-symmetry lattice involuted in the Hṛīṁ  as the nava­nāda in the Lalita Sahasranama.

There is only Self-Existing Wakefulness (the State of Freedom or Swantantra: This is beyond Dependent Existent Phase)

But one has to Realize it

Realization  is experience – it is closer to Para-Vak

Idea is still Madhyama-Vak more condensed and closer to Vaikhari Vak or Normal Speech

Mind has 2 aspects – it is empty and cognizant (it experiences things)

These 2 aspects are indivisible

The 2 states of thought-occurrence (arising) and stillness (cessation) refer to thinking and cessation of thinking  (ceasing)….Arising is creation and Ceasing is Dissolution

Within the cellular dynamical networks of the universe since time immemorial, until this very moment, we have been caught up in the arising and ceasing of thoughts

When the thinker and thought are one…then you wake up….

Then there is only waking up….no dream or sleep mode

At that moment there is no thinking…

At that moment there is no stillness…

When you have lost both thinker and that which feels stillness

You have arrived at MAHAMUDRA

This is the secret of the Sri Vidya



Press Release:

“The Fragrance of a Paper Rose” new works by Atul Dodiya.

Venue: Galerie Templon, rue Beaubourg Paris

It’s a fascinating exhibition where the artist takes Fellini’s La Dolce Vita as his starting point for his first Paris exhibition in 5 years. The show starts with paintings of stills from an inspirational part of the film focusing on a painting by Giorgio Morandi, an artist that Dodiya loves, which then leads him to feelings of uncertainty and anxiety expressed in the film about the time. This in turn made Atul Dodiya explore similar feelings about the world today, which he looks at in the other paintings visualising a world teetering on the edge of destruction. Perhaps something we all feel at the moment!

This series of paintings inspired by Italian Pre-Renaissance frescos, feature the figures of saints and the Lord Krishna in the midst of Arcadian settings, like the saviors of an environment under threat of ruin. The Brancusi column also appears as a recurring abstract motif.

More information in this video interview:


Regarded widely as a pioneer of Indian contemporary art, Atul Dodiya is a world-renowned artist with work in several major public collections such as the Mnam-Centre Pompidou, Tate Modern, London, Philadelphia Museum of Art. He was the first to build bridges between Indian and Western art, after spending what was to be a decisive year studying at the Paris l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in the early 1990s.

For more information, please get in touch with:


Lindsey Williams

Tel: + 33 (0)1 43 20 12 13

Mob: + 33 (0)7 69 98 73 96

Skype: Lindsey Williams – Communic’Art

23 rue du Renard, 75004 Paris

Site: http://www.communicart.fr/

Blog: http://art360.communicart.fr











From Rajrajeshwari Mata in ‘Gyan-Ganj’ (Shambhala): POWERING-ON-ENERGY-VORTEX-REDEEMING-TIME’S-YATRA

Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra with Nine Interlocking Triangles Radiating out from the Bindu/Centre

 Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra with Nine Interlocking Triangles Radiating out from the Bindu/Centre


Time flows, it flows not

There is a subtle connection b/w all points in the cosmic web

These connections via matter/energy curving space time geometry is at a physical level (this is how gravity works)

But there are other vortices through which points in this physical universe can interconnect with other points

In such a design template, any perturbation at one point creates a ripple that flows to all points across many dimensions

These are different modes of reality defined by what it is not

Kalida in the garden in Gidni

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy in the Garden in Gidni

Kalida Playing with Little Girl

The simple way to describe is to find your seat at the bindu with the Mother

and then radiate out and enter within it creating the beautiful conditions for life’s supreme emergence

This requires surrender to the Primordial Shakti residing in one’s own Self

This is Advaita Non-Dual Supraphysical Reality of the Diamond Body

Here Triple Transformation has taken place

The Physical Reality exists on its own in the pure duality of Ying-Yang (That is left undisturbed but is transcended!)

Innumerable projections from the point are colliding with the branes

Tripura Sundari the Goddess of 3 Cities

                                               Tripura Sundari the Goddess of 3 Cities

Her frozen sword

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Under the sea of Galilee

Wrecks matter’s ‘Avidya’

By the supreme grace of her self-perfected nature

She attunes her song to the higher seed syllable of ‘hrim’

Adjoining forces collide and fall

There is a NEW WAY TO LIVE /The Higher-Supraphysical Cause for Sustainability)

In the Yantra is established the cognitive switch to dissolve POVERTY


The ‘rainbow child’ will switch it on,

See what happens next!


AI = E -Enlightenment




Kalachakra Mandala, courtesy of HimalayanArt.org

Kalachakra Mandala, courtesy of HimalayanArt.org



“First man stood, shifting stance
while germs of sight
unfurl’d Flags in his skull

and quickening, hair, nails, skin
turned slowly, whirl’d, in
the warm aquarium, warm
wheel turning”. 

– Jim Morrison 

‘Hay Hay Jay Jay Pralay Pay

Tay Thay Day Dhay Bandhu Nai Jay’

(Hari Hari Hari Kau) (Maha-Nam Maha-Nam)

– Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor (Chandrapat: The Descent of the Moon)

Time the wheel-barrow spinning

Centre without the point originates creation

Fragrance of light cuts through the four corners

Substance, form takes shape

Justifying the journey from the star field and beyond

Into the woods that harvest the tree of life

Mother of the seven seas, island fathers and mountains

Deep beneath the corpus of time –awakening

I hear the monstrous thud of the riders gliding past

Marching on, their armour brighter than the sun

Moonlight passes by threading the halo of the image reconstruction

A silent working of nature’s force is the coming sign of the truth Absolute

Thoughts are garlanded by the pool of an unknown mysterious energy

Doorways to the electromagnetic cusp of cosmic junction

Three ways into one to get one on one

A yantra of convergence – time evolution consciousness

The Shiva tattva is the Bramha dream in the Vishnu optical twilight

A dawn of poetic symbols carrying the chalice on the horse’s head

Three ways into the one gets two less than one in Christ’s alter of crucifixion

Time is a long sequence of fractal integers meeting neither at a point

Nor it originates from any

Kalachakra in the Adi-Buddha flowering tetra-foliate diamond light

Enter shambhala exit from the conch shell of Hari

Breathe in the silence repeating itself

A measure of things called love – rasa of the free-particle drop, dance, disappear

They know the bits from qubits in fine lines symmetric coherence

Allow the Will to master the craft and be the harbinger of peace and light

Time swallows itself from the pit evoking the fountain to split Zeus’ head

And a little light set afoot tinkling like rainbow pearls

It knows its way as the fish and the bird in the wheel of time.

– Joy