Colliding Universes and the Metanoesis of Network Convergence: ‘Fasting of the Mind’ at the Sacred Forest of Naimisharanya (Far Arden Again…)

Kalki Avatar

Kalki Avatar: 10th Incarnation of Sri Vishnu

In an ocean of plenitude


Naimisharanya: The Original Center of Excellenc       

A finite speck sparkles

On its own it is the life-force

That has the quantum magnitude of all possibilities

Delivering itself through service to the Lord

Where mountains have collapsed the rivers are set free

The ocean meets the ocean

In the forests of Naimisharanya


The holy fire burning

In the rhythm of a mantra

The revelations are true

They are network convergence of proximal and distal timelines

Computing data from non-local hubs

But something higher than that is the wonder of the elusive moment

It is the transcendental nature of the spectacle

That creates the response to liberation

The trees are standing in their pristine glory

Narmada is the face of the sun

Configuration of stars is data encrypted

Only by pure bhakti the key may be turned in

Turned and turned again….

Knowing without knowing

The wind blows through the pines

The sky is laughter unto itself

Witness to all

And these moments that fed the skull and the bones

Relative to the cycle of the yugas

Stand beneath the rock and the river

To tell the author of their lives

All that they shared and many more

Sitting beside the moonlight cave

The holy fire burning…

“Naimise ‘nimisakhetre

Rsayah saunakadayah

Satram svargayalokaya

Sahasra-sanam asata”.  (Canto 1, Chapter 1 Srimad Bhagavatam)



============================================================================Press Release 

Laurence Dreyfus has the pleasure of announcing
the 13th edition of Chambres à Part at the all
new Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris.
19 October – 26 November 2017
Press opening on 19 October from 6pm-9pm

©Fabio Mantovani – Pharmatek Courtesy Chambres a part

For more than ten years, as part of the FIAC Private journey, Chambres à Part remains an atypical and exclusive concept recognized as an
inescapable exhibition during the week of FIAC in Paris. Imagined in 2006, art consultant Laurence Dreyfus presents her artistic
discoveries as a “headhunter” of rare artists at the forefront of contemporary creation in some of the most prestigious places in the Paris :
Hôtel Sezz (2006), Hôtel Shangri-La (2011) and La Reserve (2012-2016)- Paris, the Tower of London(2013) and an emblematic place in
Miami Beach (2016).
Laurence Dreyfus travels the world throughout the year in search of the artistic discoveries in contemporary art. Dreyfus designed the event
as an epitome of an ideal collection, an exceptional opportunity to discover and acquire works of art such as paintings, drawings,
photographs, installations, videos and sculptures in an original context.
Dreyfus is a curator and an independent art consultant. She created her company LDAC in 2000. Dreyfus advises cultural institutions and
companies but also she works with prestigious private collections and shapes their approach to contemporary art.
She travels around the globe throughout the year in search for new and creative talents as well as masterpieces of modern art.
This year, we are pleased to announce that the 13th edition of Chambres à Part will be held in the new private museum entitled Grand
Musée du Parfum in Paris.
We have the honor to collaborate with the Grand Musée du Parfum, which will welcome Chambres à Part in a remarkable and subtle
atmosphere located at 73 Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré in front of the famous Hôtel Bristol in Paris 75008.
On the second floor, two rooms will meet to create an emblematic edition of the exhibition. The exhibition includes a video installation by
the artist Ori Gersht and also a collection of highly acclaimed contemporary artists such as Charlotte Cornaton, Olivier Masmonteil, Patrick
Neu, Sigalit Landau and other surprises…
The exhibition opening will take place on Monday 16th October from 18h to 21h. Opening hours will be from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30
to 19:00, on appointment and on presentation of the VIP card of the FIAC.
The press opening will be held on Thursday 19 October from 6pm-9pm.
Opening hours are: 19 October – 26 November from 10:30am-09:00pm.
Please show your VIP FIAC card on arrival.
Grand Musée du Parfum
73 Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008.
COMMUNIC’ART / Lorraine Tissier Rebour / / +33 7 67 31 02 26 / +33 1 71 19 48 01


The Flame of Love can Kindle the Suns to Reflect the Moonlight Sonata of All our Lives: There is a Conscious Integration at the Heart of the Cosmos for Existence of All

Illustration for Canto 12, verse 7 of Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda (Love Song of the Dark Lord) circa 1800 picture courtesy Achenbach Foundation

Illustration for Canto 12, verse 7 of Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda (Love Song of the Dark Lord) circa 1800 picture courtesy Achenbach Foundation

“God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world” – Paul Dirac, English
Noble Laureate Physicist, Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, Cambridge
University, 20th century

“Educate the children and it won’t be necessary to punish the men”.
– Pythagoras, Ionian Greek Philosopher and Mathematician, 6th century

Divine Mother/Mirra Alfassa

Divine Mother/Mirra Alfassa

The Flame of Love can Kindle the Suns to Reflect the Moonlight Sonata of Our Lives: There is a Conscious Integration at the Heart of the Cosmos for Existence of All

teṣāṁ satata-yuktānāṁ

Divine Mother Symbol

Divine Mother Symbol

bhajatāṁ prīti-pūrvakam

dadāmi buddhi-yogaṁ taṁ

yena mām upayānti te

– Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam

(The Lord by bestowing his Mercy on his loving disciple guides him to make accurate progress – this the process of the evolution of consciousness achieved through direct perception of knowledge as rendered by bhakti through the experience of daily life)


“Shobar upor manush shotto tahar upore nai- Above all is humanity, none else”.– Chandidas, Medieval poet of Bengal, early 15th century  


Anandamayi Ma Photograph

Sri Anandamayi Ma Photograph




Hidden in the many sheaths of the body, the rasa of the formless unembodied music pulsates strongly to be expressed in myriad ways. Deep into that endless ocean, one finds the secret of the great Self permeating forms and orchestrating or conducting new original forms by a kinesis of the poetic or artistic sublime through re-defined causal loops from a perpetually automated hologram. Shostakovich must have felt the vibrations of his own body at ease with the cosmos transcending the material reality for a quest beyond the ‘immediate moment’ (where the ‘now’ shows the configurations of innumerable units linked end-to-end to create the information surface of a rotating hypersphere)

Paul Mauriat lived beyond the immediate moment – love is blue

Paint the sky red during sunset and you can feel reflected in the canvas the moods that resemble the static and the dynamic ensembles of a timeless river that knows the way

Without words silence cannot speak                        Chandidas Love Songs

Without silence the words cannot breathe

In b/w words and silence falls the hyphenated space where no time can enter

Beyond duality there is another realm

Where nothing is explained and all is done

Nothing needs to be explained but only realized through experience

It takes courage to love the world, the universe…

“Whatsoever has courage can give courage to others

As the flame of the candle can light up another” /Divine Mother (Mirra Alfassa)

Just when you wake up pray for the well-being of all

And let it work Shantih Shantih Shantih…

 – J