James Joyce and the Subatomic Quest for the Chalice: The Final Grail of Quantum Identification

  James Joyce, Monalisa, 2012

James Joyce, Monalisa, 2012

James Joyce, Monalisa, 2012

 “I imagined that I bore my chalice safely through a throng of foes”. – ‘Araby’, James Joyce

The Grail Chalice is the outward symbol of man’s final quest for beauty – the beauty that exists in love, and in life- its that enlightening aspect of self-transformation in things. Without it, life is a sordid cup of sorrow, the artist cannot paint the Madonna of the mind or the Monalisa  of the dream. The Buddha is the Christ in the mediation of the cross on the rose of the eternal coin. That coin is the tree of prosperity,the kiss the final wealth to be accumulated by the outpouring of grace – winter harvests the spring of the early descent of the Lord into the monsoon of green vegetation thereby renewing the cycle of life from birth to birth, and from that birth to the rebirth in immortality. The sacred wish is to attain that liberty- the dzochen is the beauty self-preparation for that stage by acquiring the consciousness to enable the process.

Time was the fragment of the stone, Chintamani

Time was the unconscious element flowing in the stream that gives recognition to objects

The quantum wave is the writing on the stone, the scripture of the artist

God whose sacred poetry is the prose of the Stephen Daedalus in the many moments of the light travelling from the point of origin

Sun gods are young in the nubile river of the diction, words afraid of the meta-entanglement are jumping like seagulls into the sea

They cannot see the heavy rock that takes the shocks of the waves transmuting the pain into the litanies of the full moon joy- birth to birth is rebirth and the end is immortality.

To Shambhala, the future is the locked secret of the sweet envisioning

The King can see over the cold Gobi desert

that the world is about to change

as destined in the words of the prophetic oracle

Man is the choice for the next experiment in evolution…

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Peter Paul Rubens’ Celestial Light of the Origin in his paintings and the Transformation of Matter by White Light Synthesis (Jim Morrison & Jerry Garcia as apostles to Dionysian and Apollonian Forces in the Landscape)

Landscape with a Watering Place, Peter Paul Rubens, Louvre, Paris, France

Peter Paul Rubens’ Celestial Light of the Origin in his paintings and the Transformation of Matter by White Light Synthesis (Jim Morrison & Jerry Garcia as apostles to Dionysian and Apollonian Forces in the Landscape)

The painting here summarizes the glow of the celestial light of the origin if we think ‘dark matter’ is the source of everything in this creation. The yin-yang in the painting is the subtle interplay of the senses between auditory and ocular mediums creating a kinaesthetic effect that transforms time into an ‘ever present paradox of the moment’- the ZEN of immutable delight or ‘ananda’ in the temporal process of existence. Here the god is not so much the object outside in the phenomenal world, but in ‘man as reality’ of a benevolent shepherd, who takes care of the flock and the community, as the ‘para-prakiti’ finds the magnet in him as in herself. This ontological classification of man within the hierarchy of God the Father acts as a kind of memory-painting intertext  of an ecologically conscious artist who knows his ‘being’, lives in that ‘idyll’ of supreme intelligence in the Brahman, and finds his inspiration from the Shakti/Nature.

Though Rubens’ landscapes are about the expressions of light (internal, external), there is also a finer judgement in his works that pastoral settings are not only about the exuberance of life, but integral nature of it also presupposes a degree of sadness in it because, ‘life-death’ are continually harnessed in our biological self, in the cells and in the cosmic order of things.

The deeper monotone of emotional suffering is a Dionysian force (that finds joy in death and negation) operative in nature that unveils the secret of ‘mind’ in matter for the process of integral synthesis and transformation.

Jim Morrison experienced similar forces when he wrote: “moment of inner freedom/when the mind is opened and the/infinite universe revealed/& the soul is left to wander/dazed & confus’d searching/here & there for teachers & friends”. It’s the same ‘quantum multiverse’ that’s opening to him as in the painting, ‘exaltation’ often bearing a touch of loneliness as it grapples with infusion of time with the solar plexus of eternity.

The quanta of qualitative judgement is not the focus of the artist or the poet/singer but the experiential qubit is the only statistical proof of his ‘faith’ in ‘nature and in ‘him’, as the source of the carrier-particle is often hidden in the square-root of its quantum-multiverse. The trees and houses in the background are brimming with Apollonian grace – a conjunction of light and matter, as one sets the law to sustain the harmony of the other (theory of sustainability and order) in itself, and by it, as a rare proof that both forces can simultaneously exist to bring equitable distribution of the quality of light intensity in the mind (internalisation process as para-truth verification) as consciousness in matter.

Jerry Garcia who gave music to Robert Hunter’s words in the Grateful Dead song The Eyes of the World, can be seen as a ballad that connects with the Apollonian force present in the painting.

“Wake up to find out

That you are the eyes of the World

But the heart has its beaches

Its homeland and thoughts of its own

Wake now, discover that you

Are the song that the morning brings

But the heart has its seasons

Its evenings and songs of its own”.

The song that morning brings is a template of the artistic source within, the Tao of life  is a higher integrated substrate of the cosmic synthesis of light in matter to activate consciousness in its time.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Silent Era Comedy of Chaplin and The Quantum Note of Winning the Mind Share of the Audience

Image, Modern Times, 1936 by Charlie Chaplin


Silent Era Comedy of Chaplin and The Quantum Note of Winning the Mind Share of the Audience


Subtle bonds of friendship are the psychic hologram of the creational ‘self’

They exist within the multitude dimensions of time, the ‘eternity’

Pathos is the existential cubic root of the tragedy of man

From the ape to the logocentric derision of God the Father

He has burnt his fingers in the fire between the stones

Thou art the light of the Absolute unmanifest, “gather ye rosebuds while ye May”,

The sea folded itself into the sand grains on my palm

Innocence that was lost was found on a coral shore of my memory

Transcendence was the virtue of silence in a flock of transmigratory birds

The sea-hawk was a reptile it had knowledge of the pristine nature

Zero is the mother of all gravity-kingdoms. The colours came from a visionless sat-meditation on acintya bhedabheda tattva

Thoughts replicate true order when nirvana is attained

For that to happen, the mind may connect to its root via deltrom-geltrom protein fibre

To see is to think that you exist not in a line of spatial continuity but as a vacuum-link to time perennial questions of the creation starting with ‘Who Am I’

It is a question to annihilate the subatomic particles in the Fermilab of the still Self till you recover the anti-I which is a kind of non-self matter of time in the evaluative process of the Cross- Judgement of matter in the ultimate spirit of existence

Consciousness streams allow particles to move – the sempiternal ‘poise’ is the bliss of the prabrahman sutra

Negate the self but not the time till you become ‘the sound from it all’ that came from the pre-origin monastery of primeval bodies before the great collision in alblackica time

The theatre was dark lit with many stars under the heavy canopy of Charlie Chaplin; man learned the language of laughter in the silent expressions of ‘joy and sorrow’

To win is not to lose but to win that which you can never lose.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: “Gather ye rosebuds while ye May” (To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time- Robert Herrick)





Prognosis of the River in the Circular Time of the Eternal Serpent Swallowing the Destiny by Metempsychosis of the Eragman Will in the Integral Salt-Plate of Alblackica

Ouroboros and the Hexagram


The circle inside the rhombus is Ouroboros

The deregulating factor of time constant shifts aids the metamorphosis of man

Man is man; the eternal egg hatched the genesis of life

Art thou man in the inconscience springs the flower in the day light of his infancy

Little is known about the man-eternal; his hands obey the eyes of birth making his legs walk on the sand

Brahma from Brahmaputra is Godavari in Krishna

Rivers are symbols of paradisal purging in heavens

In the gulf of the shadow, the warihoman is walking like Nebuchadnezzar

What is the value of the present day time in xollar?

In the book of the dead nothing exists beyond a point

The farthest point from the origin is also an origin

Beyond that deathlessness is breathlessness, Sri Radha is Sri Chaitanya

Sri Azuha Sri Azuha Sri Azuha

What is beyond the supramental?

In the origin is the origin as Brahman in shakti earning bliss from a cause in essence

That purified substance higher than the sun is the alblackica in alblackica

There is no unity without division; within division there are multiple unities

Integral hymn to the father of the Lord is the de-facto disciple rising towards that light

Clouds reflect the patterns on the rainbow in the form of rain drops blessing thy eye

Adi Sheshnag on the mahakal-tattva is the oldest time on Hawking-Unruh black body radiation

Spread knowledge light and love; TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

 – Joy Roy Choudhury

The Lord is the Vessel of the Unmanifest-Hymn to Transform Dark Energy into Pure Consciousness and Light

Lord Jagannatha Patachitra (Orissa, India)

The Lord is the Vessel of the Unmanifest-Hymn to Transform Dark Energy into Pure Consciousness and Light


There is a unitary oneness code within the vowen-supratohentim supramental

It selects the Azent mode horse-grammar cyclone

Rivers courtyards are filled with rivers and the sun is an old man ferrying boats

Everything else is silent but wakeful

Full of hope and praise for this earth and its men

Jagannatha in Alblackica worships the painting of Hurhiman

Man is man in the Brahman of Shakti

That flowers the social hymn of a common understanding

Knowledge is a virtue not a class differentiator

Rare is the intelligence fit for the cup of original ecstasy

Aquanto uhinmrang…looking through the mirror gaze of Jean-Cocteau   

I see myself in the past of its present coming from the future of time

Rocks roll as the chariot moves across pure deserts of Xan Infinity

Worship the second that bears your name so one day it may hold the cross of your destiny

Forever Love Life Light anon!

– Joy Roy Choudhury




Laser Wave Packets in the Willow of Time Calling Krishna by the Hour-Moun Acceleration of Alblackica Rhyme

Laser Wave Packets, Samij Datta, 2012

Laser Wave Packets in the Willow of Time calling Krishna by the Hour-Moun Acceleration of Alblackica Rhyme (Triple Transformation Process)


“The shadow of the dome of pleasure

Floated midway on the waves;

Where was heard the mingled measure

From the fountain and the caves.

It was a miracle of rare device,

A sunny pleasure-dome with caves of ice!”-  Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Antelopes of time run on machine-head eternity

Laser drops down the voodoo star into an ocean cusp of medusa

Sacred bohemian arbour of green solitude secluded from the zoo

There lies the true depth of matter’s spiritual ecstasy

Cytokinesis in eukaryotes is translational acceleration of Krishna as Sat Hari Om Chakra Time

Razder lions on laser xylofanes compacted Bauquitra octets

Earth matter consciousness is bliss that flowers worship of love

In the diary of the dead, the footmarks of the present are already there in the future stars

Sand blows with sand to cast its shadow on the hydro-liquid base of micro-gravity webula

Cubes of conevaxness are anti-matter consciousness of trageth-alblackica time.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Sanga Choeling Monastery, Picture, Joy Roy Choudhury.

The Sanga Choeling Monastery, also spelt Sange Choeling Monastery, established in the 17th century by Lama Lhatsun Chempo, is one of the oldest monasteries in the Northeast Indian state of Sikkim. The literal meaning of Sanga Choeling is the “island of esoteric teaching”. The Monastery is located on a ridge top above Pelling at a distance of 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) from Pemayangtse Monastery and is accessed by walking the steep hilly track of 4 kilometres (2.5 mi), which traverses through rich forest cover. (Source Wikipedia)

The Super Chemist Art Shop at a Quantum Space-Factory Dreaming the Line-Imagination Curvatures of a Dipole River in Hera-Hera-Alblackica Sunny Spring Day

Gluons, Samij Datta, 2012

The Super Chemist Art Shop at a Quantum Space-Factory Dreaming the Line-Imagination Curvatures of a Dipole River in Hera-Hera-Alblackica Sunny Spring Day


Away in the blue hydrofloral icosahedron the superstrings alone are real

Exchange particles in the infinite subspace held the quarks in the sky

They talked as the penguins do to the ice-age carriers of the colour-forces

Flowers rapture into the ocean of bliss, immigrating into an another state

They brought language comprised of words like Keaton projected into the sub-units of macrospace

A dual space of Cartan sub-algebra of a Lie-algebra

Time was a friend of the pilot who guided the waves to the meaning of light in the East

And he saw an aura of blue exchanging ions into green while reconnoitring on his RAF plane

A word had fallen from the sky Ronald Nixon                                                          

And the waves saw the gluons in the name of Krishnaprem

Chanted the oblivious nights in the octet colours of the kaleidoscope

Apastamba > Agniveshya < Baudhayana

Running back and forth in time the mind ate the matter in the mind

And the end was a sweet blossoming of spring in the subatomic bouquet of space

Brahman was the dual-duck-elbow charm of the leptons and quarks

He is not a stranger was an antediluvian man of higher magnitude at rest

A space-time story warped in its 10th dimension for the A-D-Es in the A-D-Es was him.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Ronald Nixon is Krishnaprem