Un Voyage Mystique: Celebrating Divine Mother’s 136th Birth Anniversary, 21st Feb, 2014


Script/Poetry by J

Un Voyage Mystique: Celebrating Divine Mother’s 136th Birth Anniversary, 21st Feb, 2014

Mirra Alfassa, Divine Mother circa 1890s

Mirra Alfassa, Divine Mother circa 1890s

Un voyage mystique

It starts as a mystique journey that our existence as notes on a vibratory string

Orchestrates the great feeling of love

A whole universe with its varied life-forms

Pulsating like a bubble in the eternal field

We partake of this vision as a great spectacle

Parisian colours infused with spring’s eau de cologne

Gave liberty to the artist’s mind

Clutching the never ending light

Serrant la lumiere sans fin

And the poet etched on the rock’s silent footprints of time

Twilight tongue that tastes the sweet reverie of the stars

Divine Mother

Divine Mother

Burning like a candelabra in the midnight womb of the opal sky

Tears rolling sands like a smile upon waves

To a flower in a boutique

By a glass window

Seagulls fly…

And are forever motionless

Flickered in the eye of the great preceptor

The melodious light that awoke the god’s from their diurnal sleep

Time’s passage nests the opera of the self

In the great wilderness lies our cosmic destiny

As real yet unreal as it seems

The never ending Parisian dream!

Le reve parisien sans fin

– J

117th Birth Anniversary of Sri Dilip Kumar Roy: The Supramental Quest for the Divine Vibrations in Matter Through the Music

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

117th Birth Anniversary of Sri Dilip Kumar Roy 22nd January 2014: The Supramental Quest for the Divine Vibrations in Matter Through the Music


This is the youthful sonata that divine corresponds with time & space in the worlds we live in…

Only music filled the ear

Only the waves float…

The boat we sail across many pious rivers into an ocean of existence

That itself is the Real

Joy to the souls that rest in beauty

Nature conceals in its hive the honey it makes

Bliss is the cause of the effervescent Ananda

Chit in the room of music meets the Sat of a single consciousness breathing the multiple diversities of this creation

The womb of zero is full of potentials

It contains the infinite strength of the whole and the parts

The Absolute Brahman is the shaman of many distant dreams

He conjures the big bang from the unitary point of singularity

No principle lasts except ananda – the joy of being is the final triumph of truth-consciousness

Matter just vecta-brohim truth operating in classless ideology for the evolution of the consciousness

Vibrating strings carry message of love – the light we are drawn to

Never extinguish the fire my friend!


Chandrapat Revelations As The Lord Speaking To The Worlds: Unique MahaNam Lila From Sri-Angan Of Param-Bramha-Hari

Bharata bhumite haila manusya janma yara/ Janma sarthakara kari’ kara para-upakara. – Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu


Forest strong sandals Burnt geometry fingers Around a fire Reading history in blackened Books, charcoal sentence In moot splendour -Jim Morrison/wilderness


Consciousness-Analogue Human birth is a pure revelation A pure source of things from where life emerges A complex chain of circumstances that leads to the event Occurence of cause on the effect’s causal ship is love Krsna is the quantum lila – an abode of bliss on the superstring Krsna is the dire ignorance from which knowledge must emerge It’s the home of the sky-birds of heavens floating in a tapestry of darkness A song has no meaning in itself it’s conjured by endless time The apparent space filled with fluteless echoes reverberate in emptiness Nothing is destined all are consumed and repeated again The sweet morning flower is the queen of dead leaves offering to the trikal of the twilight Insane remembrance of the pastoral elegance within a gyroscope Eagle sunwards into reptilian summer Electra moonshine and porcelain Watching obelisk patterns on the sea Night time tomb streets rejoining land Winds as camera shutters They are going to see the spectacle All in one as many as one in that unknown quest Bright stars crystal dotsbon the cubic foot Descend on earth far away from sigma-vrul-eternity. -Joy

Walwogop-Gate (Quantum-Gate) And The Quatrohand Geometrical Paradise In The Retina of the Eye: Cosmic Influx Of Changing Dimensional Point-Positions In The Retro-Causal Field (Phase-Space>Duration> 3-d Oscillated Bubbles)

Symbol of the Supreme Eye, Monalisa, 2013

Symbol of the Supreme Eye, Monalisa, 2013


The Supreme Eye, Monalisa, 2013

Walwogop-gate (quantum gate) and the Quatrohand Geometrical Paradise in the Retina of the Eye: Cosmic Influx of Changing Dimensional Point-Positions in the Retro-Causal Field (Phase-space>Duration> 3-d Oscillated Bubbles)


Space and time curled up to a point as if the point only exists nothing more

There are many such points of significance through which a line can be drawn

That within it is the point of non-local singularity – the quantum gate

Traversable points of the Creatrix’s worm-hole pushes origin to further originate other creations

Manifold are the ways through which quagman travels beyond the irreversible laws

Planetary motions must perpetuate the order of their destiny to stand up to their light source

In the solar plasma of kinesosin matter, innumerable vectors of the indefinable source may exist in the point

Isolating the point from the ortho-mero-prong radius of the circle, we get vecta-alo-prosme of the mind of the god (the Original Programmer) in the tree of life

Life is the valued fruit that seeds the quantum miracle of physical immortality

Mirra Alfassa: The Divine Mother

Mirra Alfassa: The Divine Mother

Switching off the circuit inversely lights the matter of the mater in the law of subordinate inequality

The flesh bound by the its own dictum seeks the soul to change it

Work is in thy hand the weight of the hour hangs over the horizon

The Soul claps its hands by the second arc of the nomadic faith born from the absolute negative matter of primeval vacuum fluctuations – dra dra drin drin yehoa yehoa yung-drung krit

May the wound be healed by the silent blessings of time the Mother

The day when she hurried back to see her children playing like the stars in the night sky…

One day soon the seas will roll over the fire underneath the rocks to reveal the truth that is and that which was not.

Joy Roy Choudhury