157th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda: When Insight Evaporates in Words, Only Resonance Survives

Swami Vivekananda in Chicago 1893

Swami Vivekananda in Chicago 1893

one infinite pure and holy – beyond thought beyond qualities I bow down to thee”

Space, time and causation is like glass through which the Absolute can be seen; but in the Absolute there is no space, time or causation”
-Swami Vivekananda


Gita Jayanti Maha-Yajna 25th Dec 2019, Triangular Park, Kolkata


if all actions are performed with a sense of Yajna/sacrifice then there is chitta-suddhi or purification of the mind (*but if action is done spontaneously)

there is only an eternal remembrance of that One consciousness running through all manifested reality

name and form are burnt to ashes or consumed by the sacrificial fire

then being is becoming and there is perfect revelation of the luminous One- the Brahman



Mother’s House Bagbazar

it cannot be sought with effort, it reveals itself when there is fasting of the mind

if a nation and all its people understands this open secret of this transformation from a gross material and vital plane of consciousness to a more refined and subtle plane of consciousness which is based on sthita prajna (2nd Chapter of Bhagawad Gita) then there is true evolution here on earth….


Sarada Maa’s Ghat

Anyadeva tadviditadatho aviditadadhi

Itisusruma purvesam ye nastadvyacacaksire

That (Brahman) is different from all known, familiar objects; it is beyond even unknown objects. This is what we heard from the ancient ones (i.e., teachers), who explained it to us.


I-ternity Foundation – Centre for Consciousness Studies, Research and Training

Dr. Somnath Bhattacharya, Univ of the Witswatersand, Jo’burg and Dr. Sisir Roy, Senior Homi Bhabha Fellow and Visiting Professor,National Institute of Advanced Studies, Indian Institute of Science Campus , Bangalore – DISCUSSIONS ON QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT, COSMOLOGY, VEDANTA and SAMKHYA PHILOSOPHY OVER A CUP OF COFFEE


Dr. Somnath Bhattacharyya and Dr Sisir Roy discussing Quantum Entanglement, Cosmology, Vedanta and Shamkhya Philosophies Over a Cup of Coffee 



The Super-Luminous Qeitri Point of Maha-Kriya Samadhi: Observing Creation as a Classic de facto Vessel among Other Vessels of Varying Imaginative Count Floating like Shining Balls on a Mountain Stream

The Super-Luminous Qeitri Point of Maha-Kriya Samadhi: Observing Creation as a Classic de facto Vessel among Other Vessels of Varying Imaginative Count Floating like Shining Balls on a Mountain Stream 

Yogiswar Sri Kalipada Guharoy

Yogiswar Sri Kalipada Guharoy



Brahman is Brahman /Brahman is Brahman/Brahman is Brahman

At that moment, the Self was a collection of dots entangled with the universe

At that moment, the Self was a feeling translated on a photographic plate

At that moment, the Self was there with immaculate power of light and bliss




Morning comes

Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj- Maha-Kriya Samadhi /Present Work in the World

Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj- Maha-Kriya Samadhi /Present Work in the World

Under the shade of the tree

All green and clean

Sweet playful like birds in the sky

Here am I

In front of you the camera

Capturing an unit of the changing phenomena

Through stillness set amidst the motion

There universe revealed itself as a pulse

In the never ending stream

And the awakened moment differentiates the real from the unreal

Born into that dark fabric of energies

Where each pattern constitutes the Tao

Unwritten on the wave of a river

Or on the cosmic hologram of a life

I am beginning to be born from that unborn

By the prayers of my self-wish Self

To fulfill the return

Walking silently through moonlit doors

To a square garden beside a waterfall

In the hall

Diamond Sutra circa AD 868

Diamond Sutra circa AD 868

Fitted with glass

All streets crossing each other

Terminally interconnected

In the city of worlds.

Fair morning flower

Thou pluckest thy notes from the bosom of my heart

The omniverse floats like a cradle

On an immense ocean of dark energy

Clapping clouds bringing thunder and rain

And the river flows on its way

Playfully unthinking the course forever

Chanting what the winds chant when it hits the sail

Creating symphonies that permeate the plenum of the earthly matter

This is what constitutes the natural birth of man

Man to superman, the journey is unlocking the secrets of super-nature

The technology is sublime transcendental awakening of the mind

It’s an automatic spontaneous way of connecting with dark energy fabric

There light is an incredible force that takes you to the Center of the Creation

Let bliss be the cause for this interface with higher dimensions of intelligence (post-Quantum intelligence of the Original Cause of the Creation /The Wrewathra Vessel of Maha-Kriya Samadhi)

This is beyond Bohm’s Superimplicate and Supramental states – you go beyond this creation to observe the event horizon as a dot conjugation of innumerable dots at ultra Planck length

Neither time exists or space

Nor will anything be!

Enjoy only Existence as an All Blissful state.





Journey of the Ever Living Self: A Transcendental Birth of the Fire-Sermon on the 117th Birth Anniversary of Subhas Chandra Bose


Samay mrityu ke phele chole/ Time moves ahead leaving behind death

Samay mrityu ke baran kare nabo jiboner apekhaye/ Time accepts death awaiting New Life

Samayer gati samayer gaan ek anadi anander udipanna

Death is a falsehood of reason that dismays our mind with ignorance

One day the sun shines in your heart

And you see your embryonic self

You learn to speak and walk …

Each blade of grass laden with the morning mist narrates you the history of your soul

The Earth is a primitive place where real sadhana is done

Here the Divine attains enlightenment for you to nurture your well being

Blood and sweat are the yoke that labours the fruit of the harvest moon

And the sun sails like a boat on a river

Stars its only companion in a galaxy of sound

Cycles of time are like ripples in an ocean flowing to a single point of existence

Shei sthane pathor O katha kaye ar matir chalachitra shikorer tane bashir sure amritamoye

In that place the stones even speak
and the Earthen cinema rolls its roots deep underground in the fluting memory of immortality

Your observation makes the reality

Wake Up, Stand Up – Your strength is the key to Divine Destiny

Man is tra-ha-ru-hoho exotic WIMP in the wave of extra-cosmic dark matter and energy



Vasudeva carrying Krishna, Bengal Patachitra

Vasudeva carrying Krishna, Bengal Patachitra

A way to know things

Unwinding from that navel

A terrible affair

A wild flower of offering

To that sprung as a hibiscus river

Wanton its ways through the Echoing green

Meandering in mud the frozen happiness of life

A sea of love in a wave of emptiness

Awake the absolute from its sleep

To rock the cradle of the Eternal child

Piping songs forever glee

– J



Nikola-Tesla The Man Engrossed within His Elements

Nikola-Tesla The Man Engrossed within His Elements


“The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power”. – Nikola Tesla

“They flash upon the inner eye/Which is the bliss of solitude…” – I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud, William Wordsworth

“Atoms and systems into ruins hurled/And now a bubble burst and now a world”. – Alexander Pope

“How can they deal with love if they’re afraid to feel? Pain is meant to wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they’re wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio. You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It’s all in how you carry it. That’s what matters. Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you. Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you’re letting society destroy your reality. You should stand up for your right to feel your pain.” – Jim Morrison


The lateral point of all future vertices, the point of singularity on or above the event horizon

That manifests its being through a series of polymeric co-ordinates relative to itself

Is the reverberating pattern of the heart of all my stillness

The yugas are a life cycle spanning aeons of my existence

Pulsating in the perfect rhythm, the astral phoenix and the butterfly

Can reach out for a timeless journey of the self

The self is indestructible matter conforming energy from consciousness

The holy minstrels singing on the shore of the river of sorrows confirms pain as pleasure as they dwell in a thoughtless lapse of this journey

In the bull ring or at the Spanish conclave

Jim Morrison, 1970

Jim Morrison, 1970

At hilltops overlooking the sunset boulevard

Or at the rustic village where hay keepers dance around the golden moon

Each in his own way is connected to my source

When the glory of fancy withers like the rock

The cloud disappears and the sun is one great line of freedom and liberation

Through that envisioning experience you relieve yourself on the path of the golden divine

And history will fade soon like deserts wiping sands from old statues that fall

The new revelation is the cause for the final coming which is near



141st Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, 15th August 2013: The Supramental Riders of the Coming Time (2013 and beyond…) and the Spiritual Transformation of Earth as Envisaged by Surya-Savitri

Sri Aurobindo: The Triple Transformation

Sri Aurobindo: The Triple Transformation

141st Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo: The Supramental Riders of the Coming Time (2013 and beyond…) and the Spiritual Transformation of Earth as Envisaged by Surya-Savitri

the watiz-rider gave light to darkness 

the watiz-rider was the light

the watiz-rider on light as light was the watiz-rider

9 pre-tat agni birat tat adi satya

matter is de-self gratiyu (9.9 less 1)

many (untouched -formless) gave One (the supreme-unmanifest) the form of many forms 

From circle the square earned the rectangle in the hand of a point called the straight line (the sun-lit path to eternity)

Divine Mother/Symbol

Divine Mother/Symbol


Awake the inconscient in its primal self

The first flower, the tree

The waves that fathom the rocks

The rainbow in the skies

All conversing with a universal field of intelligence

Beyond any material logic and perception

There is a free way to connect with the Creatrix’s mind

There is a free way to connect with the truth;

Thy heart shall blossom the lotus of light

Thy sun shall harvest the lunar incantations of the Adi-Purusham

When time becomes invariable then you freeze into eternity          KrsnaThe Blue Lord


A frame of dynamic static points- immobile, vast and constantly pure

Shall you not reach that everlasting shore?

Touch that light of liberty and freedom?

By shedding your bondage with the past exhausted habitual resources?

Look beyond into the future; gaze into the self-hood of imagination

Past recedes into present becomes the being of time-incarnation

Error is the mind’s cause for a greater effect awaiting

Sleep no more on the granules of ignorance

The riders are coming…

This world is the supermind’s birthplace

The peacocks are dancing in the woods; the play is yet to begin

Nestled in nature’s rhythm on every leaf and bud

Seasons resonate with tidal rivers

Speaking with Ganges, Nile, Yamuna and Mississippi

Jim Morrison: Lords and the New Creatures

Jim Morrison: Lords and the New Creatures

Embracing every colour till you see the white light

As an open page of the first book of creation

A joyous being to behold

A fire to reside on every curve

A child to speak of love undivided

And the hope of the coming time.


Time the old navigator of souls

Leads us into the sea

Their dreams confront eternity

From the eternal void the sound is born

Words came from silence of that

Matsya Avatar. one of the 10 Incarnations of Vishnu who protected Manu (Adam Kadmon, the first man) and the Seven Sages at the time of the Great Flood (Deluge)

Matsya Avatar. one of the 10 Incarnations of Vishnu who protected Manu (Adam Kadmon, the first man) and the Seven Sages at the time of the Great Flood (Deluge)

That it is unknown revealed as feelings

We are back on the shore playing the harp

Meanings reside beneath the sea

Beneath the lakes

Under monstrous mountains of etherized death

Mosaic mansions and merkabahs

Streets full of music

Gathering around a corner

Crowded dust of nothing brings rain

Rivers swallow the dead inhabitants

Dry sun pale in the womb

Knocks us down on the floor

We see through the Doors…


Active Redopalin Time for Supramental Descent: An Invocation to The Supreme Lord via Server Non-Locality of the Holographic Universe

We are perceivers.  We are an awareness;  we are not objects;  we have no solidity.  We are boundless.  The world of objects and solidity is a way of making our passage on earth convenient. – Michael Talbot (Author of the Holographic Universe)

The Endless quest a vigil of watchtowers and fortresses

against the sea and time.                 

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

Have they won? Perhaps.

They still stand and in 

their silent rooms wander the souls of the dead. 

who keep their watch on the living.

Soon enough we shall join them 

Soon enough we shall walk the walls of time.

We shall miss nothing

except each other.  – Jim Morrison 


Krishna as Gopala

Krishna as Gopala








Flames of tongue burn brightly as the white sun

In between rock, sand and seas

Eternal Flame/Ma Jwalamukhi/Annapurna Ma/Kangra Valley, HP

Eternal Flame/Ma Jwalamukhi/Annapurna Ma/Kangra Valley, HP

From empty space sounds direct the eternal words

They come into being, disappear into nothing

Self-constructed from that seminal fluid of the void

Stars are formed with big gaseous bodies that hurl against each other

Screaming in the darkness, crying in the lonesome highway

They hear unto me

Soft languid motionless and still

Perpetuates the golden order of things

Accelerating on the fringes

Runaway to distant galaxies

One with the other entwined

They formulate the rhythm of expansion and contraction

Do you feel rainbow spark on the bosom of my wings

Or on the misty petals of the twilight garden

Do you feel the thunder over the distant mountains?

Do you see beneath the ocean’s floor the schism?

Are you living or dead?

Can you walk on my shore breathe on my waves?

Are you afraid of trying? Lying? Vying?

Are you the poet, artist or the Lord?

Lord Krishna/Adi Purusha

Lord Krishna/Adi Purusha

Who are you in the epic battles of Mahabharata?

Are you the vibration of things that kindle fire in the promontory?

Are you the winds that whisper clouds the song of the eternal man?

Are you the day dreamer of the quantum rasa-lila?

The supramental intelligence of the creational matrix?

Are you the clown in the cave of infancy fluting the minstrelsy of bygone years?

Are you the question of primordial birth & its quest?

In the higgs field they are searching the quaro-hizboic time of complete resurrection?

What time is not what space is what god substance from that singularity?

Divine Mother/Mirra Alfassa

Divine Mother/Mirra Alfassa

Krishna janame Krishna – Krishna janame Radha-Krishna

The garden is now without its spring vitality

The waters flow on an inundated hollow Mesozoic curvature

Spinning and twisting legs that cannot know its source

Where are you when they ravaged the forests with their poison oak?

This is the time,

This is the time

To reconsider the future

Seconds are dying into nano-seconds without the remembrance of your grace?

This is now a cultivated wasteland

A mortal blemish of the unconditioned love

Future in all di sitter space fashions the geometric octave of spiral galaxies

You are the event horizon – the cosmic point of the knower and the known

What is known is still unknown to the world?

Come lying involuted in the conch shell as the prolific sound

Come today as the retrocausal sign-ship of destiny

Come to orchestrate the great beginning of things

Earth-to-earth from p-creation to m-creation-mirra

Words won’t last that very long, the great surge beyond

Within your yogic state all things shall flow and merge

Into that finality of light, everlasting light

From darkness shore I saw the triple-headed sun of Krishna

Descending fast on anti-gravity shield

Cows milk the ocean of the worlds into the seven sages of the swar

Flames of the tongue burn brightly as the sun…


– Joy Roy Choudhury









Walking Is an Act of Submission of the Self: Cleansing the Equinoctial Points on the Galactic Doors of Perception

Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu


Walking Is an Act of Submission of the Self: Cleansing the Equinoctial Points on the Galactic Doors of Perception 


Walking is an act of submission of the self

Time is the quarzon self

Stretching itself beyond the creation

A rainbow disc of dao de jing

The great ascended masters are coming back again…

Through this way…



Walking is the will of the Supreme able to manifest its own elements

Earth, Air, Fire, Water form the  tetrahedral grid of the Yahweh

We walk into the hall of light

Disappear into the void

Reappear again in our astral self

Our Bio-electric circuits running fast from one level to another

Changing dimensions as we move

Eternally changing



To perfect the very act of walking

an experience of a red supergiant star with its suprenova

A dwarf star with its cosmic microwave background

On the terrace we call the sky, on the surface of cold ice

In between caverns and rock edifices

In the holy core, in the conscious interior

Like a sphinx we walk

Invisibly connecting the ancient spirit with the supramental

Walking is the silent speech of the Jiva- an act of higher manifestation

Walking constructs language and hidden geometries

Silence is the labour of pain invoking the hidden powers

Walking release the passion of the mind

We capture images, we tell stories, we make things happen

The multiverse speaks to us

The journey rewards our occult fantasy

Slowly taking us to the ecstatic point

That calls forth our pilgrimage

And our existence…

– Joy Roy Choudhury





Tagore and Einstein, July 1930

Tagore and Einstein, July 1930

RABINDRANATH TAGORE’S 151st Birth Anniversary, 9th May, 2013: 



Substance forms the soul, the soul is substance

It splits into object and subject

Floating in the naked veil of consciousness

Unwrapping its own continuity

It’s own sense of the magnificence of time and space

Captured like a needle-in-haystack moment of our history’s invariant ‘now’

Beauty resides in the sleep of  eternity’s wakefulness

Rabindranath Tagore and Divine Mother, Japan, circa 1917

Rabindranath Tagore and Divine Mother, Japan, circa 1917

Aboard the quantum magic of the self containing ‘I”

Arose the sweet sharp call of the nuthatches

Desiring the sun’s womb in the cold gesticulation of matter’s open converse with the spirit

Songs are qubits with a special geometric Fibonacci alignment of their internal data -structures

Rhythm is the mother of all verse

Dance is the metaphor of silence procreating the non-silent hymn of humanity (distinctly non-local!)

Creating masterpieces that become frieze in the collective memory of our race

Struggle of the entity can only show us the long road to the ‘hiranyagarbha’

together: our tomorrow is brighter than the childhood of the sun

An honest submission like a speaking tree worshipping the sacred fruit as its koan

Disseminated across miles of green yards and blue harvested seas

Like a possibility within the eternal frame

Watching all that passes by second after second

Dissecting every acts of consciousness

The field of the actor is the Higgs-Field

Lila is the quantum derivation of the self from multiple selves

One is two in every two of one

Nuclear submission of Git-Anjali to the creative vortex of fire

All planets and stars are gyrating round it – spinning in half

I give letters to your words, light to your eyes without being recognized

The unrecognizable point in the creation is hrahum velta-brazuip virtual

As the hammer drives the nail, the lightning strikes

Thunder wears the ragged clothes of the rain

Darker clouds collapse making streams flow like the unending music of the labour of our fruit

Visions appear that encapsulate the syllables of Savitri

Ya Etad Vidur Amritas Te Bhavanti

“Those who realize him, transcends the limits of mortality-

not in the duration of time, but in the perfection of truth.”

– Joy Roy Choudhury


Ref: ‘Those who realized him,…in the perfection of truth”. ( The Religion of Man, Rabindranath Tagore)

White Light Synthesis: Apogee of the Quantum Self Teleporting Grace-Qubits of Non-Dual Geometric Consciousness to Earth (Brahman-Grace-Built Matter Ushering Supramental Form)




White Light Synthesis: Apogee of the Quantum Self Teleporting Grace-Qubits of  Non-Dual Geometric Consciousness to Earth (Brahman-Grace-Built Matter Ushering Supramental Form)

Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum (3x)- Invocation to Light – Parallel Universes – earth -meta-earth-inner-shambhala-beyul-realm

Hari Purush Hari Purush Hari Purush (Jay Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu)

Hari Om Tat Sat (3x) – Cosmic interference of Multi-lingual faith with cellular-matter


Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor, Monalisa, 2013

Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor, Monalisa, 2013

Whispers of immortality as the grass sings the petals fall

The moon alone in its crescent bower, the sun in its harbour of gold

Worships the occult transcendental force: qua mei ohon karut rei

Triangularly aspiring like the olive branches on the shore

Or like a feather in the wind soft and gentle strains of music flow

Awake to that vibrating spheres’ ethereal synapse

Responsive to the continual emanating patterns of the cosmic grid

Another time in parallel universes the space was exotic matter of negative energy

The blue hides of the quantum self in the dense focal point of anti-gravity

Rivers beam xia-photons the trees are acting as parallel Casimir plates

Flower beds the tremendous force: the cognizant horse of the inner-shambhala

The hour-light waves as fragrance of love de-focus inside the warp-bubble

Magnetic movements of a new system of scriptures are part of a server in the holographic universe

Drunk in the void of nectar the stone generates the new supramental law

From Acrux via shambhala to the valleys of the golden glee

Noah ben Noah silut tat vasishtha Joachim al-farab trivo Shenrab

Lord Tonpa Shenrab Miwo, Monalisa, 2013

Lord Tonpa Shenrab Miwo, Monalisa, 2013



9th May 2011: Celebrating 150th Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore

Celebrating 15oth Birth Anniversary of World Poet, Rabindranath Tagore

In the Religion of Man delivered as Hibbert Lectures at Oxford in 1930, Tagore talked about the Ideal Man, the ‘divine’ in man that infinite being, “the Father, the Friend, the Lover, whose service must be realized through serving all mankind. For the God in Man depends upon men’s service and men’s love for his own love’s fulfilment.

The question was once asked in the shade of the ancient forest of India:

Kasmai devava havisha vidhema? Who is the God to whom we must bring our oblation?

That question is still ours, and to answer it we must know in the depth of our love and the maturity of our wisdom what man is- know him not only in the sympathy but in science, in the joy of creation and in the pain of heroism: tena tyaktena bhunjitha, ‘enjoy him through sacrifice’- the sacrifice that comes of love; ma gridha, ‘covet not’; for greed diverts your mind to that illusion in you which you represent the parama purushah, ‘the supreme person’ “.

Its this central quest to seek the infinite being or the supreme person  where lies man’s true objectivity action and goal.  Its in this quest where all actions are planned life, birth, death and rebirth and the world knows it through the various workings of the creative mind/spirit that lifts itself from the material planes to a higher consciousness.

Rabindranath Tagore’s rare paintings that were auctioned by the Darlington Hall Trust Charity, two are presented here:

Consciousness-Analogue or Meditation on Tagore’s painting: An attempt to using Sri Aurobindian principles in The Future Poetry

In the language of the night

When the beats of the world recede into the past

And the fireflies carry with them their sailing boats

O the intruder of my sovereign heart

On what branch shall you rest your sparkling glory?

On what leaf or bole shall you rain your sweetest songs?

Summer labors into the quaint pastures of the grazing sun

And soul to soul they all are one

Indifferent to the ennui of the traveling hours,

To the tastes and sounds, images, words and smell.

These all are beauty that lies unencumbered forever

In the forests of the honeyed groves

Hridayer shure katha kay prajapati

Rater adhere, aranyer niharikay.

Jonakir phule titikshar shure

Bhara mon dhara day agni-nadir swapna-grihe.

 Portrait of a Woman by Rabindranath Tagore that was auctioned for over £313,000 ($461,000) at Sotheby’s in June 2010


My heart is sore I have neither seen nor heard

The singing quatrains of the cowherd of the sun

That wakes the humming bird, the sparrow and the rose

But there is something I know I say I feel

Like a serpent in a quarantine

The hoods of life arise with a fall

And every fall is the beginning of an end

And when the end comes so too near

O my friend! Shall you not hold my hand across the sea?

For death is not a question but an answer of a promise

Till the self is found where it lays its head

O my sweet dark horse of the oblivious years

Sing to me from the farthest vaults of time

So I can raise my cup to the darkling spirits

That kisses the sweet taste of honeyed tears

O my dear ones, my comrades and my countrymen

Shall you not rest in peace with the darling lights of freedom?

Anew in a place, anew in a new time of death

Shall we not love to seek the Will evermore?

Shall we not will to seek the Golden way?

To be born Immortal from the Supramental Sun

In a world of heaven’s sage-light and seers.

– Joy Roy Choudhury