122nd Birth Anniversary of Sri Dilip Kumar Roy, 22nd Jan, 2018: Realization in the Cellular Mind and Supramental Descent from the Point of Singularity



Sri Dilip Kumar Roy and his college friends in England, 1920

ABOVE: Sri Dilip Kumar Roy and his college friends in England, 1920. CLOCKWISE from lower left: D.K. Roy, K.P. Chatterji, Subhash Chandra Bose (Netaji), C.C. Desai.  Pictures courtesy Pilgrims of the Stars- Dilip Kumar Roy and Indira Devi/ Excerpt from Pilgrims of the Stars/ Dada ji & Indira Ma picture courtesy Hari Krishna Mandir Archives- website: http://www.harikrishnamandirindiraniloy.com/


His ways are strange, bewildering!

Sri Balaram and Sri Krishna

Sri Krishna (R) and Sri Balaram (L), Old Indian Art

To fathom Him I fail.

How He fulfils our hearts with His love

Devi Sarasvati, Goddess of Learning Bengal Kalighat Painting

Devi Saraswati, Goddess of Learning, Kalighat Painting Bengal

O Friend, I cannot tell.


I learned to laugh through tears and staked

My all to glimpse His Face:

I won Him by becoming His,

Lost all and gained His Grace.


Relentlessly He weaned me from

My lesser loves, my kin,

Till even the mate I once had hailed

Loomed far and alien.


Now dead I am grown to fear and shame

In my lone quest for Thee:

Strange, none befriends when thou becom’st

One’s friend, O Mystery!

(Song that came to Indira Maa after 14 hours of meditation at Mussorie, 1949. Dadaji, i.e. Sri Dilip Kumar Roy translated it into English. The original song was in simple Hindi. – from a spiritual science point of view some sort of super-luminal synapse taking place in the brain by mediation of Non-Local Consciousness, thereby articulating in simple harmony the essence of the Lord as expressed in Srimad Bhagavatam)- The Advent of Mira, Pilgrims of the Stars, Autobiography of Two Yogis, Dilip Kumar Roy and Indira Devi

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with Sri Sita Ram Das Omkarnath Ji  and Mata Indira Devi

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with Sri Sita Ram Das Omkarnath Ji and Mata Indira Devi



Sri Dilip Kumar Roy: “You must, then, realize it yourself first?”

Sri Aurobindo: “Obviously. Be it a new realization or light or idea- it must first descend into one person from whom it radiates out in widening circles to others. Doesn’t the Gita, too, say that the ways of the best of men act as models to the rest? In the Integral Yoga, however, the work starts after the realization, whereas in most other yogas it ends with the realization. The reason is that I am primarily at manifestation, for which I must, obviously, reach the Supramental myself before I can bring it to bear on our earth-consciousness. For this, ascent has to be the first step- descent is the next.”

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy: “How will the descent work, to start with?”

Sri Aurobindo: “When the Supramental touches our being, our consciousness will overpass its twilit stage of the mental, where the Divine Truth is distorted, into the upper regions where light has free play, that is, where there are no such distortions. This will in its turn bring about the transformation of mind, life and body, as that will be one of the functions of the Force as its inception in the world of matter, generally- to usher in subsequently the new era in man’s living. You must not misunderstand me. What I want to achieve is the bringing down of the Supramemtal to bear on this being of ours so as to raise it to a level higher than the mental and from there change and sublimate the workings of mind, life and body….”

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

Processing symbols

Connecting with the aural frequencies of the bees and birds,

Sri Aurobindo Symbol

Sri Aurobindo amd Divine Mother Symbol


With the faraway spiral galaxies

With the dewy grass, stone artefacts and mandalas

Under the shade of the peepal and banyan trees

Silence adumbrates wisdom of the new era

And the boat leaves for the other side,

The fisherman’s song and the cradle of stars

Are there to commute and encounter a synapse

The river rolls itself

Unfolding into the cherubic circles of the night jasmines at bloom

The optic nerves connecting data

Divine Mother Symbol

Divine Mother Symbol

To the point of singularity

Through realization in the cellular mind

Optimizing surrender through energy vortex of the earth

Completing the circuit

With convolutional patterns and symmetries

Leveraging time

For the Timeless Descent!






Non-Local Signal to the Still Point of the Dancing Wave: Conscious Intersection of the Future and the Past in the Present

Divine Mother in Japan

                              Divine Mother in Japan

“Integral transparency: it is the result of perfect goodwill and sincerity”. – Pondicherry, 17th Dec, 1972, Divine Mother

“Joyous enthusiasm: the best way of facing life”. – Divine Mother

White Lotus

White Lotus

“This world was not built with random bricks of Chance,

A blind god is not destiny’s architect;

A conscious power has drawn the plan of life,

There is a meaning in each curve and line.” – Savitri, Sri Aurobindo




Ek hate dui

Pancha Pradip

Pancha Pradip

Dui hate teen

Pancha pradip jwale pratiti tarar matri koshe…

Life-force conscious pulsating      

Mother and Sri Aurobindo Last Photographs by Bresson

        Mother and Sri Aurobindo Last Photographs by Bresson

In the flux of time eternized life

it can feel the mighty vibration of this expanding universe

depths that swallow depths, fire consuming water

earth’s alter broken and burn 

till a new face lifts it up 

shinning like million suns 

joined by the ‘rishis’ from the ‘future to the past’

implanting truth’s pristine kingdom 

by the technology of a new consciousness

that changes space-time geometry 

and alters the energy/matter existing fields 

in the hour, the waking self 

aware of its existence 

sends its signal to

the still point of the dancing wave …


Announcing e-Technology of Consciousness Conference Rome Nov 2015

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The Temple of the Midnight Sun and the Journey of the Bird-Man from Heavens: Knowledge by Identity (Quantum Stargate Portal /Lexlet Server)

Northern Midnight,  Nicholas Roerich, 1923

Northern Midnight,
Nicholas Roerich, 1923


Ocean’s spirit levels hope’s germination of seeds

In the fields of an abstract plenitude

We hire our own body for the soul’s manifestation

In pavilion pavements and streets

Our ignorance guards the supreme truth

All can be known through experience

Just as light can be seen its speed measured

We can verify our own existence by connecting to our origins

Board the train to that terrain

Rocky green seas of the triple sun

And falling music to the ears of the conch shell

Overlooking the giant stupas of submerging ice

Beyond into the san-zan-van infinity

Neon turquoise trees

And cobalt shoes

Under the hexagram of the sun

Feathered by the night’s opaque queen of the light

Baptized by the lion’s mane, the tiger’s skull

In the dreadful pyre of the coleopteran

Mad memorial sand

In the nectar of the seas

Visited the quartz artefact of the silver foam

On which was written the great upsurge

Non-dactylic response of changeless rhythm

May bring back the eternal music of the Lord.

The Temple of the Night Sun/Mayan Sun God/Guatemala/Photo Copyright Edwin Roman, Brown University, USA

The Temple of the Night Sun/Mayan Sun God/Guatemala/Photo Copyright Edwin Roman, Brown University, USA




O traveller of the seven seas

And the indivisible one of many trials and tribulations

Is time the golden vision that you invoke?

The evolutionary chain, the dotted rain

Speaks of the heart in the soul

Falcon head of the diamond light

Shines crazy like the stars

Rectangular space-junk vase grace

Eating the swallowed pill of this dark ignorance

Turning the road before to leap

Forward and nothing else.


– Joy Roy Choudhury