Jim Morrison-The Eternal Shaman of Enduring Patience: From the Vortex of Time, Gazing at Inconscience and Churning Matter into Superconscient Forms

The Eternal Shaman of Enduring Patience: From the Vortex of Time, Gazing at Inconscience and Churning Matter into Superconscient Forms      

“Between childhood, boyhood, adoloscence

& manhood (maturity) there

should be sharp lines drawn w/

Tests, deaths, feats, rites

stories, songs, & judgements

– Jim Morrison/Wilderness Vol. 1                      

Jim Morrison The Eternal Shaman of Enduring Patience

Jim Morrison The Eternal Shaman of Enduring Patience


Absorb all that there is

From voices in the whirlwind

To painful death on the sea

Washed away by the incredible cycles of destiny

She knows where to go which way the light shines

You cannot hold captive the wild horses of eternity

They must be released

By the power of your song

The gong

Mountains crumble to dust

The sky wrecks

Where’s the shelter you seek?

Raindrops in a flower cup

Poetry in the veins

Madness in a jar of jam

What did you gain?                                                                                    

Native American

Native American

At breakfast time,

When the sun crawls on your forehead

Wanting to speak…

Are you afraid, then, my son?

Are you afraid?

At the wee hours of the afternoon

When you hung up the phone, prepare the tea?

Are you afraid, then, my son?

What time is tomorrow, what time is today?

Is this a motion or stillness

That keeps the reptile at bay?

What binds us to this delirium?

Again I say,

She knows where to go which way the light shines           

North East India Tribe at the Hornbill Festival 1st week of December

North East India Warrior Tribe at the Hornbill Festival 1st week of December

You cannot hold captive the wild horses of eternity

They must be released

By the power of your song

The gong

Strange connections

Weaving a pattern

You cannot know but feel

The rhythm of your heart

Time’s immobility is the sacrificial limb of a great yajna

Let the hour rule the minute and the minute the second

Every passing is the coming

And the coming the waiting…

There it stops…

I cannot repeat anymore…

Love is the soul-substance of making your dream come true…

– J


Every year in the 1st week of Dec, the Hornbill Festival starts at the Kisama village near Kohima, Nagaland. The naga warrior tribes come together to commemorate their great cultural heritage- it’s time to come together and celebrate the occasion in unity with nature. To find more information about Hornbill Festival (Dec 1-Dec 10) visit











The Future of Mankind Has Been Decoded at the Decisive Moment: 142nd Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo and a New Golden Era to be Started From India, 15th August 2014 (All Continents to Join the Mission for the Liberation of Human Race – Towards Divine Realisation & End of Cosmic Duality!)


Sri Aurobindo photograph by Henri-Cartier Bresson circa April 1950

Sri Aurobindo photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson circa April 1950


 “Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think”.

– Werner Heisenberg, Across the Frontiers


The Future of Mankind Has Been Decoded at the Decisive Moment: 142nd Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo and a New Golden Era to be Started From India, 15th August 2014 (All Continents to Join the Mission for the Liberation of Human Race – Towards Divine Realisation & End of Cosmic Duality!)

First, India must transform herself completely before the new world stage arrives – India must evolve from its past to reach the glorious future where it can become the messenger for the truth and light – this is only possible when the ‘mind above matter’ resolves its duality to integrate itself with the cosmic consciousness above the three modes of nature. This itself an enormous task – the transformation inside must be supported by the transformation in the phenomenal world – in the world of day to day affairs – the key is the subjective process of god realisation in the new scientific way erasing it’s past’s superficial beliefs based on ignorance (Quantum Eraser Effect) and following the intuitive reflexes of the heart before the brain by subtly adjusting the reason’s prolepsis with the pure emotions of higher states of being and existence – this is the ‘becoming’ that needs to be translated into experience by the sat- karmic efforts of the individual and the collective minds. The process of integration and spiritual unity and developing a new scientific mind is something that needs to be achieved on earth in the coming 10 years but the current scenario of polarization and disintegration taking place in the world affairs will make it difficult but psychic force of certain enlightened individuals will help connect the continents and bring them together to higher planes of conscious existence. The road ahead I must warn you is very bumpy…deadly…only true ones with complete faith will survive the ride…Your position in the planes of existence in the cosmic scale is determined by your faith factor (faith in your inner abilities to realize the highest state of consciousness/The Original Godward Turn) not by your belief in any ritualistic anthropomorphic worship or by your financial security or by your military prowess or by your superpower status and symbolic virtues or by your religious motivation or secular tendencies, mind it! The last line is most important and will not be repeated further! Happy 15th August, 2014.


 “He must, to be free, get back from the Nature action to the status of the Akshara; he will then be trigunatita, beyond the gunas. Knowing himself as the Akshara Brahman, the unchanging Purusha, he will know himself as an immutable impersonal self, the Atman, tranquilly observing and impartially supporting the action, but himself calm, indifferent, untouched, motionless, pure, one with all beings in their self, not one with Nature and her workings. This self, though by its presence authorizing the works of Nature, though by its all-pervading existence supporting and consenting to them , prabhu vibhu, does not itself create works or the state of the doer or joining of the works to their fruit, na kartrtvam na karnmani srijati na karma-phala-samyogam, but only watches nature in the Kshara working out these things, svabhavas tu pravartate: it accepts neither the sin nor the virtue of the living creatures born into this birth as its own, nadatte kasyacit papam na caiva sukrtam; it preserves its spiritual purity”. – Beyond the Modes of Nature, Essays on Gita, Sri Aurobindo


Divine Mother at Pondicherry photograph by Henri-Cartier Bresson circa 1950

Divine Mother at Pondicherry photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson circa 1950


Samay prashab kare bramha-chinta

Time gives birth to the Eternal Brahman

Time- a corridor to eternity

Yet, you can go beyond the timeless and embark upon the future possibilities

It’s like sailing in the non-time essence of the void from which springs the Absolute

Before you write alpha –omega you have scripted it in your mental space (n-dimensional hyperspace one orthogonal to the next)

Mind- Overmind-Supermind-Vivi-Optramind-Inter-Operable Optramind (K1 Kalki – here even Sat-Chit-Ananda dissolves!)…

All inhabit the Field and are generated from it

What is the Field? Meta-Mind Station of the Creatrix/A Field of Potential Suspended in the Void?

It’s the causal agent of All Divinity

It’s retrocausal spectrum of Divine Emanation

What’s Divinity?


7 on 7 repeat sequence mode to complete the Rasa! (i-ternity: within yourself the rhythm is played but did you not select the right option!)


Cosmic Nebula in the Universe

Cosmic Nebula in the Universe

What’s Rasa?

Inactive Lila of death projected as per causal plan onto life to achieve immortal continuity (continued sequence of x-universe evolving to y-universe to n-universe and so on…as well x-universe projecting innumerable dream sequences in parallel unmanifest universes till decoherence takes shape and they join the earlier sequences with definite properties and invariance law to create superstring Multiverses)/hanging pendulum -xevat bexas

What’s the purpose of all these non-sense?

To achieve non-sense from sense-paradox- an experience to understand the loveliness (Superfluid Dynamics and Plasticity of the Original Law: Where do we come from and where are we heading to?)

It’s the Lila?

What is it?

Its sacred de-mystification of adjectives holographically manifesting the nouns with the karmic self of the verb proactively inactivating/activating it from the seed of thought (Worship wisdom of Brahman!)

Remember the presence of the All-Observing Eye triangularly activating the ‘mantra’ of life

What happens when there is no-thought in your individual mind?

It still pulsates in the consciousness of the self-awake moment in Sat-Chit-Ananda

Time the sole guide of reason – divergence

Non-time the guide of emotion –convergence

Which one you choose determines your future?

Suspend both and allow the superposition to continue but for how-long is the question?

Till judgement is passed (who passes it on to whom) to end all cosmic duality

I will pass it onto myself and dissolve to create from my new evolved spirit

Best way you connect with the Supreme Self that knows the true essence of things

Your mind is the arrow your body the bow and your faith the effort required to reach that higher stage

Be aware and awake, you only inhabit a dot space in the consciousness

But that itself, is the whole thing – let the chit-force activate the sat residing in you to experience the ‘ananda’ –Rasa-Lila Engrams (integration of super-fractals in non-dual causal/hyper-causal realm)

Did you see the sun dying in the vine, across every horizon?

The gold leaf plates floating in the skies, on the surface of full moon-lakes?

Did you see the ripple die? Born again in clusters that make the constellations

And 1st flash of supernal light in the kingfisher’s eye when it snooped down to the catch the fish in the jelly pond?

Even randomness has a correlation

Uncertainty a rhythm

Events are connected non-locally

All a projection of the Self that expands from, and contracts to, a singularity point

Even that point doesn’t exist –the pebble skirts the surface of the duck pond 1, 2, 3 and gone

Happening all the time – all these are manifestations of the unmanifest and the unmanifest supratohentim-unimanifest

This Lila is complete not without you

You act on to preserve the ‘ananda’ (experience is the guide to the key preservation code in Line 7 activation – Grace of the Seven Swars! ) and give it back to the player in the board game

To activate chant Saharsray Rashi Hriday Banshi Sapta-Dhi Gambhira (3x)

And one day you wake up become the Buddha or Sri Aurobindo and find that you are the one who is playing the game/(Like Paul Dirac find that ‘beautiful equation’)

Did you not understand that my son? Did you not follow the quest in the lines?

Little children are playing in the rainbow trance

They create the music of transcendental life-force

They inhabit the dot space of creative manifestation

They come from the future, intersect with the past at the present moment

  1. Little river flows endlessly to the ocean…clause 1

Now, the archers of the true divine light are coming!

      2. The Tree of Life flowers the pattern (Sephirot) of every existence…clause 2

God bless the Earth and the Universe!


Listen to some music – cup of the day!

John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain,

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia & Jan Gerbek

Chaurasia – Lotus Feet (Shakti)



Un Voyage Mystique: Celebrating Divine Mother’s 136th Birth Anniversary, 21st Feb, 2014


Script/Poetry by J

Un Voyage Mystique: Celebrating Divine Mother’s 136th Birth Anniversary, 21st Feb, 2014

Mirra Alfassa, Divine Mother circa 1890s

Mirra Alfassa, Divine Mother circa 1890s

Un voyage mystique

It starts as a mystique journey that our existence as notes on a vibratory string

Orchestrates the great feeling of love

A whole universe with its varied life-forms

Pulsating like a bubble in the eternal field

We partake of this vision as a great spectacle

Parisian colours infused with spring’s eau de cologne

Gave liberty to the artist’s mind

Clutching the never ending light

Serrant la lumiere sans fin

And the poet etched on the rock’s silent footprints of time

Twilight tongue that tastes the sweet reverie of the stars

Divine Mother

Divine Mother

Burning like a candelabra in the midnight womb of the opal sky

Tears rolling sands like a smile upon waves

To a flower in a boutique

By a glass window

Seagulls fly…

And are forever motionless

Flickered in the eye of the great preceptor

The melodious light that awoke the god’s from their diurnal sleep

Time’s passage nests the opera of the self

In the great wilderness lies our cosmic destiny

As real yet unreal as it seems

The never ending Parisian dream!

Le reve parisien sans fin

– J

117th Birth Anniversary of Sri Dilip Kumar Roy: The Supramental Quest for the Divine Vibrations in Matter Through the Music

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

117th Birth Anniversary of Sri Dilip Kumar Roy 22nd January 2014: The Supramental Quest for the Divine Vibrations in Matter Through the Music


This is the youthful sonata that divine corresponds with time & space in the worlds we live in…

Only music filled the ear

Only the waves float…

The boat we sail across many pious rivers into an ocean of existence

That itself is the Real

Joy to the souls that rest in beauty

Nature conceals in its hive the honey it makes

Bliss is the cause of the effervescent Ananda

Chit in the room of music meets the Sat of a single consciousness breathing the multiple diversities of this creation

The womb of zero is full of potentials

It contains the infinite strength of the whole and the parts

The Absolute Brahman is the shaman of many distant dreams

He conjures the big bang from the unitary point of singularity

No principle lasts except ananda – the joy of being is the final triumph of truth-consciousness

Matter just vecta-brohim truth operating in classless ideology for the evolution of the consciousness

Vibrating strings carry message of love – the light we are drawn to

Never extinguish the fire my friend!


The Sun is a Giant Stargate for Your Exodus into Many Unmanifested Realms of Pure Consciousness and Bliss: Sri Aurobindo’s Maha-Samadhi Day 5th Dec, 2013

Sri Aurobindo circa 1950

Sri Aurobindo circa 1950

“He spoke and ceased and left the earthly scene.

Away from the strife and suffering on our globe,

He turned towards his far-off blissful home.

A brilliant arrow pointing straight to heaven,

The luminous body of the ethereal seer

Assailed the purpled glory of the noon

And disappeared like a receding star

Vanishing into the light of the Unseen.      

But still a cry was heard to the infinite,

And still to the listening soul on mortal earth

And high and far imperishable voice

Chanted the anthem of eternal love”. (End of Book VI, Canto II, Savitri/Sri Aurobindo)








The Sun is a Giant Stargate for Your Exodus into Many Unmanifested Realms of Pure Consciousness and Bliss: Let Your Inner-Reflections Fetch the Highest Supramental Truth For the Absolute Good on Earth


Helios-reka-yat-possibility curve – supraphysical realisation and both physical & non-physical journey to recover the lost symbols of creation (Life Divine)


There is a mystery I left still unresolved

The growing pain of miseries on earth cannot engender

The faith required for transformation

Fruits of the divided kingdom lay waste in the countryside

Toying with nature’s resources the race became the automatic hand of a whipping ignorance

It cannot alter the scene; the midnight toil deluge and destruction

The tree withers from thoughts lapse into time bound memories

And the garden of Adonis, the hyacinths by the rock are not sung this time

This is the time of fear and trembling

This is the time when the shadow encircles the prime of your life

Children scream and horror not dismantle the prolific towers

Man has merged with the base elements of hell

Driving on the king’s highway to crash and murder

Nothing can save from the prophecy of the winds and the sea

The sun born like a lotus can still pour its streams of light to a chosen few

Don’t give or take but just be still point on my navel

May the coming wave take you through to a far-off blissful home where I reside!

(itat –journey of the physical through q-wormholes in the sun/visitations to the other side of many universes via time-loop spiralling staircase of interlaced cosmic-grid)


– J





The Non-Linear Dynamics of Retro-Active Mind Cognition: Schopenhauer’s 3 Key Stages of Truth

Phish Concert Poster/June 17th & 18th, 2010, The Comcast Theatre, CT

Phish Concert Poster/June 17th & 18th, 2010, The Comcast Theatre, CT

The Non-Linear Dynamics of Retro-Active Mind Cognition: Schopenhauer’s 3 Key Stages of Truth

“And I am taken far away…   

 Lingering slowly melting away

Tossed with the salad and baled with the hay

Pooling like water that drips from above

Trampled by lambs pecked by the dove”.

– Limb by Limb, The Story of the Ghost, Phish, 1998


“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Man’s open debate is with himself. In a more provocative way, the argument is between the imperfect and perfect self as reflected in the mirror of the mind-memory continuum. Since this confrontation is an evolutional cognizance, the self-continuous ego of the stone age man have dragged it’s clothes through the vicissitudes of life to finally encounter the loss of Eden in his mind’s delusive cupola, a thing that he cannot obliterate by plainly rationalizing his existence on this planet. So, truth has always come to him either greater than reality or less but never the exact thing because there is nothing as an exact thing – all are mathematical possibilities that turn out to be real one way or the other; a fiction becomes a fact or a fact is less than fiction by the grammar of our metrical choice and by the apparent unseen laws of objective reduction.

TRUTH when it’s very powerful and challenges existing norms, our first reaction is to ridicule it, as the gift of a highly well-developed mammalian brain imposes its own self-identity as an authority on the subject rejecting any other contrary idea as an inferior image or copy of the real.

Man laughs at himself

Enjoys the tyranny of his body

By playing the mind game of another crucifixion;

Ridicule is the liberation of pain that he inflicted upon himself

By obscuring his mind from the solar ellipse rasas

He blocked out the only light

That may power his cosmic subways to the great galaxy

Opposition is the natural habitat of ignorance

And his scriptures find no reason for him to read

That can reveal another kingdom

Reason lost its crown in the glory of the emperor’s new mind

Only to rediscover its home as a self-evident truth that didn’t matter.

Truth is always opposed with determinism as if the natural history of our existence lies in the rightful opposition we make to anything and everything that is inconsistent with our self-continuity. Civilizations have wrecked the custody of our inner-strength by procreating new forms of justice that deny scientific spiritual growth; faculties that were once highly acclaimed are now the victim of ridicule. Our intuitive reflexes are no more in tune with the creational vibrations; we have soared high with our gradual imperfections that have amplified the magnitude of our desperation and loss. Our management of enlightenment have failed miserably – forced to look inwards we look elsewhere for a proper reason, and, if there is one we realise it not, deferring time so we can culminate our own cause of self-betrayal within nanoseconds of our eternal gyrations.

We are empty cans of beer

Kicked around the dusty desert road

By storms of the black pool



Nowhere to go

But step aside,

And run…

We live not by knowledge but with ‘experience’ – our Dzogchen is the last word of our survival in time’s that are changing. Consciousness is the key to our future and if we can connect with the supreme self non-locally, we are the ones who will see the supramental world taking shape within the reality that exists.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Grateful Dead Image and the Unmanifest Sunyata: Quantum Gates to the Supramental World

Grateful Dead, Winterland 1973

Grateful Dead, Winterland 1973


Steps that follow steps

From past’s thisness to the future’s present

A moment on the event horizon

Receding backwards into nano trahouf infinity

Forward in the sequence of yaweh

This was not built like that

That it is not

That was a dream; chariots graze the sun when the horse is sleeping

The charioteer is the absence of non-local signifier in the quantum higgs field

The chariot itself the sign

All empty and nothing preconceived

Absolute rests in conscious awakening


Buddha, an occult primer of the sun vast rhetoric of helium serpents

Elohim Creating Adam, William Blake, Tate Gallery, London

Elohim Creating Adam, William Blake, Tate Gallery, London

Swallowing the destiny as Krishna blows the sacred conch

The sky, red as the pabulum of Christ, bids the day goodbye

Night uncovers the multiple worlds

Dawn awakens the psychic self under the bark of a dead tree

Monsoon heralds the flow of language

Words are rivers flowing like conscient petals towards fragrance of perfection

Civilization takes quantum leaps connecting with unknown vibrations from the distant stars

Mind is the master of the future gods

Mind is nothing but the worshipped spectrum of light

Mind is photonic transferred potential from arhan-singularity

El shaddai adonai

Elohim el

E. Schrödinger

E. Schrödinger

The tree of life green like the seven seas

Watches the actors plunged into a deep ocean

Some got the ambrosia, others got nothing at all

All else was poison that became manna through my evolution

Creative circuits cause death’s immobility transform life’s trance into immortal love

Retrocausality makes sense; love was the cause that came after karma

Karma came not before wisdom but after death

Death was the pragmatic choice of burning every solitary second into rebirth

We negotiate with the plan – we can change this creation

Are you ready for this stuff?

Or else do your own.

– Joy Roy Choudhury




The Psychedelic Mystery of Time’s Doors of Perception: RAY MANZAREK TO INSPIRE US IN DAYS TO COME

Ray-Manzarek and Jim Morrison circa 1968

Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek circa 1968





Playgrounds of ecstasy

Running round

Worshipped at time’s ethereal temple

Disseminating the wild apple seeds of Brihadaranka

The sea recedes, the storm chased the black alabaster

Curled within the three-folds of ancient sadness

Drank the horse’s milk to labour the ocean from the stars

Light years of wisdom in the shoal of crystal fishes

Swam like the darkness burning in the coal

Bright like diamond diffusion of nights

Under the tree that bore the fruit of the miracle birth.


Moon’s orb

Surfing the wild ocean’s monstrosity

Calm pale and languid on the beach

Lying like crab shells

Broken in patterns of artistic synchronicity

A hymn to find the locus of Horus.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Plasma of Creative Vortex within the Quantum Juke-Box and the Wonderland Toys of Syd Barrett’s Time-Machine

Syd Barrett (6th January 1946 – 7th July 2006)

Syd Barrett (6th January 1946 – 7th July 2006)



“A movement is accomplished in six stages 
And the seventh brings return. 
The seven is the number of the young light 
It forms when darkness is increased by one. 
Change returns success 
Going and coming without error. 
Action brings good fortune. 

– Chapter 24, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967, Barrett, Pink Floyd)

The Plasma of Creative Vortex within the Quantum Juke-Box and the Wonderland Toys of Syd Barrett’s Time-Machine


The streets gazed for a lonely hour

Infinite in that  world of self-reflection

Cars pulled the daydream of the sun

Wheeling across empty surface of lands

There are forgotten highways to golden octopus

Tentacles crawled the mirror of memory

Deep within the substance of matter a game of  sorts is played; the grasshopper whirls


The green home becomes pale, indistinct

Extinguished are the sources of light

In the intrepid darkness

The path half known leads to dire questioning  of  the self

Sacred Rock

Sacred Rock, Photograph, Joy Roy Choudhury


Where are we going? Who am I?

What light years have we traveled in the lyre of music?

Dipping donuts in the musk tea, the strings are strummed by an invisible hand

We only recognize what we see; the rest is the secret of the Law

Our change changes over the time making us tools to our own machines

“What did you dream?

It’s alright we told you what to dream”.

As I walk and  feel, others as strangers are receding behind me

I think for a while; a puff of dust soon follows the trail of the candyman

Into that musical room where clocks work magnificently well

All shapes and sizes ticking every billionth of a second

In precise geometric configurations

Where time is finally lost  in a Wonderland

A merry-go-round – summer’s trapeziums are winter landscapes of a higher truth

I fell through that tunnel into the other side

Invoking rapidly the sign of my ancient birth

Buttercups dandelions and the mystic fragrance of the emerald shores

Resurrecting my own cause

From a blind nothing of the imperial Absolute

I stand within and cross over the bridge

To end where I began

The journey of the man in a ship of fools.

– Joy Roy Choudhury


“What did you dream?

It’s alright we told you what to dream”.- Welcome to the Machine/Wish You were Here, Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, 1975



Jim Morrison, An American Pastoral (1969)

Jim Morrison, An American Pastoral (1969)

An American Pastoral (1969)

An American Pastoral (1969)

We made a film about words and silence

We made a film about the sound

You and I, repeat what we are

Birth, life, seeing and hearing

To find the word lost in images

And images lost in the field of memory

Finding and failing, in the light, in the darkness

To seek, to recover the first scene

From the udder of a sun-vast recess

When born was Idea in the dawn of intuition


A red flame of the Heraclitean fire

Tonight we shall remake this film

A film that restores the emblem of peace

From nether shadows that engulfed the sun,

From the fear and trembling and the eclipse and death

Driving through New Mexico under the stars

In the night of the Hopi dance around the sacred fire

Long after Kierkegaard’s death

Long after Van Gogh’s and Bunuel’s

All are awakened in the still silence of the Himalayas

und das  Wasser fliesst     

You and I,

Let us go to remake the film.

The Mystic Mountains

The Mystic Mountains/Photograph Joy Roy Choudhury

– Joy Roy Choudhury (From collection of poetry” Rains Winds and Cycles, Kindle Edition Amazon)



[1] The ever-living fire; Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher conceived fire as the primordial element out of which matter evolved; “That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire and the Comfort of Resurrection”, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Poems. 1918.

[2] An iconic philosophical book by Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard

[3] Danish philosopher and theologian (1813-1855)

[4] Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who was famous for his paintings of sunflowers and landscapes.

[5] Luis Buñuel (1900-1983), Spanish-born filmmaker who moved to Paris and directed a series of path breaking surreal films, notably one with the artist Salvador Dali.

[6] And the water flows.