Divine Mother’s Blessings Encoded on the Path to ”Total Surrender”: Deep Learning and the Praxis of Going Beyond Mind 

Om Maa

Divine Mother

Mirra Alfassa: The Divine Mother

Divine Mother’s Blessings Encoded on the Path to Total Surrender: Deep Learning and the Praxis of Going Beyond Mind

“Strength shall be with her like a conqueror’s sword

And from her eyes the Eternal’s bliss shall gaze”.

– Savitri, Book III: The Book of the Divine Mother Canto IV: The Vision and the Boon,

Sri Aurobindo                                                                       Divine Mother Symbol

The dark ignorance of matter

And the falsehood of its twin, the mind

Are billion of years old;

They are the expressions in the cosmic web

They are the connecting fibers

And yet, they are limited to space and time

Only articulate to the senses and not beyond

The Self is the witness to these things

Sri Aurobindo and Divine Mother photograph by Henri Cartier Bresson circa 1950

Sri Aurobindo and Divine Mother photograph by Henri Cartier Bresson circa 1950

Untouched and completely pure

it’s the shining source of all bliss

The conscious existence of the self is timeless

Satyam Jnaanam Anantam Brahma (Taittiriya Upanishad 2.1.1)

The journey of man’s quest to higher consciousness takes place under the auspices of the Self

The operational hermeneutics is designed by the Divine Mother (Adi Shakti)

With signals encoded on the path to total surrender (Samarpan)

No one does surrender

There’s no doer, only a witness

bhagavan ramana maharshi with cow lakshmi

Sri Ramana Maharshi

An observer, the Self

The small ego mind (or me) tries with effort

Krishna the Little Child Artwork Courtesy Bhaktivedanta Book Trust

The Little Child Krishna

Caught up in web of ignorance and doubt

He tries every other path that he can grasp

And fails and dies,

And comes back again and again

To script the tragedy of the earth

An Ecstatic Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Ramakrishna in Ecstasy

Shakespearean rag or a Sophoclean grandeur?

Or, a comedy entailed in the irony of Waiting?

The circus goes on…

With new players and plays

And their farcical movements? 2nd or 3rd?

Symphonies are lost and found

Cities destroyed and annihilated

And prayers broken by a cacophony of words

or under the effect of gravity?

(Is it not the source and origin of the very idea of  weight?)

Working out mathematical models for further evolution

Who has passed all these eons from pre-big bang to the particle smashers?

Who has survived to see what it is and shall be?

Who has endured the pain and the joy?


Tagore and Einstein

Tagore Einstein Meeting

The historians or the evolutionary biologists?

Or the theoretical physicists?

Or the technocrats?

Or the Politicians?

Only, the Observer is…

And surrender happens

Have faith in the Self (The Brahman)

And be blessed by the Mother

When King Janaka asked Ashtavakra

About knowledge, liberation and dispassion

The answer was:

”na pṛthvī na jalaṁ nāgnirna vāyurdyaurna vā bhavān eṣāṁ sākṣiṇamātmānaṁ cidrūpaṁ viddhi muktaye” 1.3

”You do not consist of the elements – earth, water, fire, air or even ether. To be liberated, know yourself as consisting of consciousness, the witness of these”.

”yadi dehaṁ pṛthak kṛtya citi viśrāmya tiṣṭhasi adhunaiva sukhī śānto bandhamukto bhaviṣyasi”

”If only you will remain resting in consciousness, seeing yourself as distinct from the body, then even now you will become happy, peaceful and free from bonds”. 1.4

Are there any direct messages on consciousness than these?

Be touched by the grace of the divine mother and know thyself

Allow openness and not rigidity

Let the neural networks reconfigure themselves

the descent of consciousness has to take place from a higher dimension

from the noumenal center

then, you have abandoned the doer in you

And awakening is waking-up to what is here

And now….witnessing

Om Maa











Tagore and Einstein, July 1930

Tagore and Einstein, July 1930

RABINDRANATH TAGORE’S 151st Birth Anniversary, 9th May, 2013: 



Substance forms the soul, the soul is substance

It splits into object and subject

Floating in the naked veil of consciousness

Unwrapping its own continuity

It’s own sense of the magnificence of time and space

Captured like a needle-in-haystack moment of our history’s invariant ‘now’

Beauty resides in the sleep of  eternity’s wakefulness

Rabindranath Tagore and Divine Mother, Japan, circa 1917

Rabindranath Tagore and Divine Mother, Japan, circa 1917

Aboard the quantum magic of the self containing ‘I”

Arose the sweet sharp call of the nuthatches

Desiring the sun’s womb in the cold gesticulation of matter’s open converse with the spirit

Songs are qubits with a special geometric Fibonacci alignment of their internal data -structures

Rhythm is the mother of all verse

Dance is the metaphor of silence procreating the non-silent hymn of humanity (distinctly non-local!)

Creating masterpieces that become frieze in the collective memory of our race

Struggle of the entity can only show us the long road to the ‘hiranyagarbha’

together: our tomorrow is brighter than the childhood of the sun

An honest submission like a speaking tree worshipping the sacred fruit as its koan

Disseminated across miles of green yards and blue harvested seas

Like a possibility within the eternal frame

Watching all that passes by second after second

Dissecting every acts of consciousness

The field of the actor is the Higgs-Field

Lila is the quantum derivation of the self from multiple selves

One is two in every two of one

Nuclear submission of Git-Anjali to the creative vortex of fire

All planets and stars are gyrating round it – spinning in half

I give letters to your words, light to your eyes without being recognized

The unrecognizable point in the creation is hrahum velta-brazuip virtual

As the hammer drives the nail, the lightning strikes

Thunder wears the ragged clothes of the rain

Darker clouds collapse making streams flow like the unending music of the labour of our fruit

Visions appear that encapsulate the syllables of Savitri

Ya Etad Vidur Amritas Te Bhavanti

“Those who realize him, transcends the limits of mortality-

not in the duration of time, but in the perfection of truth.”

– Joy Roy Choudhury


Ref: ‘Those who realized him,…in the perfection of truth”. ( The Religion of Man, Rabindranath Tagore)