The Secret of Isis In The All-Perceiving Eye: The Observer Observed and The Self-Prognosis of the Quantum Self

 The Secret of Isis In The All-Perceiving Eye: The Observer Observed and The Self-Prognosis of the Quantum Self



The Integrated Star Microprocessor/Monalisa 2013

The Integrated Star Microprocessor/Monalisa 2013


Yellow mysterious river of the sun

Slowly moving tediously

From morn till the bright night resuscitates

Over a thousand years…

Outpouring tea on empty banisters

Frail like the rosemoth alphabets

Dying in a circle

Dying in the trapezohedron

Motionless, a thin destructive interference

Temple of the Tragic Thoth built over with rims of gold

King’s palace, courtyards…asylums

Anonymous occult provision for madness

For Foucault and Germaine Greer and xolpheta Anubis

Against which the moon wept

Seas burnt

Silvering predominantly in distant time and space

Under  Hecate’s gorgeous canopy

Violent trepidation of the silent anatomy of Light

Ashore the Seven Seas

Ages subtract wisdom from fear

Youth is the force in the void


Immortally singing in the simple matrix of fire

Yin-yang zan infinity of tra-tri-tru morphogenesis

The Dance of Kali: Micro-cosmic Space-Time Evolution

The Dance of Kali: Micro-cosmic Space-Time Evolution

Climbing like Sirius over the pale horizon’s roof

Seeking civilization’s only resort

White horses green like the sky

Blue like the throat of Dante’s bird

Flying like Derrida’s spaceship

Far away into ether incandescence…

Despair not

Redeem through my justified hands

The ancient lands

Of waterways sands and rebellious storms

– Joy Roy Choudhury


Photograph: Joy Roy Choudhury, 2012

The Occult Prism in the Sirius Refracting Light for Uniformity of Laws within the Creation: The Geometric Adinkras of the Dogon and Digitaria (The Eye in the Triangle)

Sirius Star System/Sirius B/The Chandra X-ray Observatory Image

Sirius Star System/Sirius B/The Chandra X-ray Observatory Image


Stars embody thought systems of intelligible matter

Within the occult hyper-dimensional language the binary becomes the triangle in the eye

Sparking moonstones of digitaria illumine the sun’s berl-harps

Moving with the destiny that will determine the change of seasons

An effect without a cause, the cause overturns the effect to make the law of the equal opposites

The dog has its tail on the rail before the rain can make the freight run

The door is the opal hinge across nebula that heard the footsteps of the coming

What exactly it is time doesn’t know

"The Only Real Valuable Thing is Intuition" - Albert Einstein/ Monalisa, 2013

“The Only Real Valuable Thing is Intuition” – Albert Einstein/ Monalisa, 2013

Inside the Sirius the occult macroscopic self-illumination point is on the verge of another collapse

Translating possibilities into the real-virtual world of action/Superfast action potentials of Zebra-moun vessel

Shining scriptures are the profound enlightenment that Kant has given to humanity (Know Thyself)

If you stand on reason like a bed rock, the tree stands on itself its roots deep into the crust

But still the leaves sway and fail and fall, recycled back again to become the diamond in the sky (Active Geo-Chemical Turn-Over)

The tar is the intelligent wing of the dark energy it uses the quantum black-rose of the ZPE

On foam of matter it reconstituted the imaginative mind with an intuitive sensor

Faith is a number with an open access to the computer code (the biological computer and its super string partner in the creation)

Matter is not locked from inside but can reciprocate love in the divine context (the supramental walking!)

And divine is what you are and all that you ever had in your life – the true self speaking

Rich or poor, blind or deaf, intelligent or foolish – you all are the strength that awaits to manifest the struggle that He has to undergo to prove that light is worth perceiving in the sentient hours of ignorance transmuting the cells to awaken the knowledge far beyond the stars.

– Joy Roy Choudhury