The Royal Qubit Time Translation in Horus: Quantum Information in Alluvial Matter

Time Tantra of Horus, Monalisa, 2012

In the eye of the stone, Horus is the trans-syllabic transformer connecting diagrams with the invocation of the soul

Param-Purusha parame

The automated flow of words is the deep sounding melody of consciousness (the para-trath flow of the virgin-truth) in the electro-dynamic plate of the Hyperion

Old worlds come out of new ones in the cradle of time

The future specimen of art, poetry, music is organised

Therefore, you desire the verse of multiple visions that come out of the dying pyramids in the desert

The Nile is an obligatory vessel carrying the therapeutic purging of its lands in a hymn to yellow ochre robe of the sun

That was an emblem of the emperor’s throne in the bio-rhythmic abacus of the mind

Babaji Maharaj

Creation was an extrapolation of a high-conducting vessel that carry the four forces within Zen-semiconductors transplanted in the body of AYUSHA(HA)UWAR {IS-IN-WAS-WOULD-BE)

The dark face of the moon resembles the bright side of the sun

The stars essay a series no-end no-beginning

In the mad frenzy of the fire in the stone, I saw, death taking its first steps to walk in the garden of EDEN/Immortality (Kriya-Yoga of Babaji Maharaj)

The falcon free as a bird hatches a new history that confines the past not in the past of its past but in the present brought from the future

Rivers are flowing in the irreversible way

Time is dancing like ‘Kalki’

Truth brought on the surface may shatter the earth into a billion pieces


– Joy Roy Choudhury