Within the Democracy, the Stone of Suffering gives Birth to a New Star: The Zarathustra-Zen Apocalyptic Second Coming

The Star on a Gaussian Plane, Monalisa, 2012


The Rose a symbol of purity is the arch-gate of the Cross

The Star of David is the consciousness of the stone as time that evokes the eternity of the Second Coming as a visual prerogative to the future

(<A> weak <destiny|A|history>/<destiny|history>)

History alters destiny by back-formations from the future.

Eloquence is a sweet time translation machine

Supramental perfection makes time surrender to the gratitude of the particle

Quarks and Leptons attain pre-cognitive identity with the ‘para-ananda’ field of cosmic interactions

Brahman is laughing when Shakti is dancing (causal synthesis of higher-proteins from carbon chains)

Vra-uj-ni Vra-uj-ni Ala-la Ala-la

Kashmir is the land of resurrection (Revelation gate of Supramental Order)

To tune with the stars of infinitude

Bramha-Surya must be the Lila of Intelligence in the Parat-Para moksha

Thou seek the destiny from the stone in Shambhala

Om Adi Om Adi Chintamani

The circle-zero evolutes in the nano infinity of the mind

Silence crawls

Leaves fall

The ocean full of bliss

Memory is the cyclo-cylindrical dance of an ant in the sweet pool of nectar

Each drop seeking the other to father the rhyme of the race

These are words coming from the inner-circle of Olmo-lung-ring

Thy time has come to ride the horse of the Golden Clock

Alblackica alblackica brihat brihat alblackica

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Anadiutsakendra of Mother in the Delta-Prime Time of Destiny-Creation in the Wega-Wega Alpha-Mirror Sand Particle of Shambhala


Shambhala-4, 2012, Samij Datta

The Anadiutsakendra of Mother in the Delta-Prime Time of Destiny-Creation in the Wega-Wega Alpha-Mirror Sand Particle of Shambhala: Origin is decrax Origin in Bramha -Maya-Maya-Sutra

The only M is mother of M in OM

Soma on soma is the river of mercy on Lake Michigan

M is a function of time in the original self-dissolution

Rate of change of acceleration is higher than Frauz Constant on a Gaussian Plane

Dmitri Mendeleev was a prisoner in the mind of Shambhala, look at the orange sun in a black hole in alblackica

Memory card erasure is caused by bliss substance of anti-matter ‘run’on Hun-quark time

Truth is plabintim K in a non-relational sequence of adventure and quest

Allow yourself to dissolve first before you start the condensation in the stars

Immortality is the finitude beyond the normal perception of men

Add year to years in the precious nanoseconds of a birth in the drinking jug of micro-ether gravity

Within the light, life-beyond carries Michelangelo’s night into the para-prakiti utsakendra

Vra-uj-ni ala ala trohim-trohim-sat-hari-om-matter-chit-om


– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: 1. Satprem’s book cover art Mirra Alfassa, The Mother.

2. The Star of David, Leningrad Codex