Macrospace E7 and The Consciousness within the Psychic Domain of the Parabrahman Lila

E7, Samij Datta, 2012

Macrospace E7 and The Consciousness within the Psychic Domain of the Parabrahman Lila


I heard a voice ‘Have you heard of Uri Geller?’ He (the macro-space binding, unbinding) is trying to speak to Him

Cross-triangular hatch gnomic space

In the Auric lambda of the PSI, time-space fields are irrational constants


There is a river in every circle of the trapezium watching the sun-spots reflected on its plate

The tree calls the distant other by the box-capital time

E7 > 1 > 0 <E7

There is no unity without the separation

The whole constant ratio is the migratory hymn of the sun-blacksheep-alblackica

The surds are the boatmen of Methuselah, Uri said I heard

Closed-aperture gap is only what the camera knows when light fears the velocity of light

Levitate on cobalt cadmium and helium-4

An answer from the farthest point is arriving soon

Who is the host in a world of awesome stupidity?

Run back in time to run forward in time, walk on eating your legs Sage?

Grass power-moon Chandrapat absolute

Lorahimcratekfelt feldspar mind on jaziz-jaziz turn, twist wrap and shout on Bandhu-Lila-Tarangini

Elohim Elohim on kaon koan and baryons

As the south sea faces the vast enclosure at its mouth

Gazing it ate the stars of the frozen nights-belts entangled

Oxytomes is Sidgwick In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Super Chemist Art Shop at a Quantum Space-Factory Dreaming the Line-Imagination Curvatures of a Dipole River in Hera-Hera-Alblackica Sunny Spring Day

Gluons, Samij Datta, 2012

The Super Chemist Art Shop at a Quantum Space-Factory Dreaming the Line-Imagination Curvatures of a Dipole River in Hera-Hera-Alblackica Sunny Spring Day


Away in the blue hydrofloral icosahedron the superstrings alone are real

Exchange particles in the infinite subspace held the quarks in the sky

They talked as the penguins do to the ice-age carriers of the colour-forces

Flowers rapture into the ocean of bliss, immigrating into an another state

They brought language comprised of words like Keaton projected into the sub-units of macrospace

A dual space of Cartan sub-algebra of a Lie-algebra

Time was a friend of the pilot who guided the waves to the meaning of light in the East

And he saw an aura of blue exchanging ions into green while reconnoitring on his RAF plane

A word had fallen from the sky Ronald Nixon                                                          

And the waves saw the gluons in the name of Krishnaprem

Chanted the oblivious nights in the octet colours of the kaleidoscope

Apastamba > Agniveshya < Baudhayana

Running back and forth in time the mind ate the matter in the mind

And the end was a sweet blossoming of spring in the subatomic bouquet of space

Brahman was the dual-duck-elbow charm of the leptons and quarks

He is not a stranger was an antediluvian man of higher magnitude at rest

A space-time story warped in its 10th dimension for the A-D-Es in the A-D-Es was him.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Ronald Nixon is Krishnaprem


Standing In the Memory of π-Day, 14th March 2012 & 133rd Birth Anniversary of Albert Einstein

PI-Day Art I, Samij Datta, 2012

Standing In the Memory of π-Day, 14th March 2012 & 133rd Birth Anniversary of Albert Einstein


Ancient serpent of the ancient race coiled around the sun with grace was golden and crimson with its head , with its hood in dusk sea-bed of trapezohedrons calling the day as prima-matra of pi calls Einstein by the voice-over-phone on the page and many other illuminated souls from Acrux, Deneb and Altair and from Sirius, Pollux, Cygnus and Vega to join the annual congregation on 14th March for a feast in the woods to line the sacred thread of the heliograms in the α, β-consciousness of the extrohan’s extrohan. Numerals mean nothing or something depending on the mind’s alignment it’s electrostatic convergence with the ultramarine life, with the unified principles of beauty, love peace and free-sacred-free-choice because all these tend to wrap within the perimeter of the circular-wavicle, like a dance they atomize the chromatin-network and genetically transcript the Firebird ballets de cour in us because as the rainbow read itself to the Indians of the Canyons, when the Eagles flare up in the sky the red-wood tree in Sierra Nevada is dancing like a friend of some distant stars in the windless Seattle of Alblackica afternoons.

Rope, dance, tree, serpents and light

A divine candour permeates the scene

A rough day hands thee on the gleaming waters of the Hudson Bay

Walking with Wittgenstein in the peace emerald space domes of crazy nothings

Found Camden to be a lonely place without the poet and his muse

Leaves of grass gazing at the hollow in the moon’s perigee

Time has passed with Achilles and the Hadron colliders

Some may remember happy birds nestling in the trees

Others are not obliged to drink or think or to rhyme or to play

In the South Seas of Hermann Hesse, the ferryman is singing reyam-yam-klaki-kalki-yatashta (1-1-1)

In the non-yrast nuclear spectra, the diffused denominations of Alblackica letters are the road-fire-sign-storms of glory, adiabatically expanding in time-optimization curvatures of free-space domains, transferring the energy between nanostructured gold plates and accumulating aeons of light-time-years spin bath in the eye of the neutrino hymning prayers to the sun, earth, octazimtod and dexanvucas.

Higgs Boson > reca -8- Higgs Boson – 66 m/n


Vector tail free state scalar boson drath (Higgs Boson)

Higgs (His Instinctive Green Gravity Surrendering) boson (Before Others Self Offering Nothingness)

This is Brahman (Entire-creation-Entire)

–  Joy Roy Choudhury

To celebrate 14th March, 2012 which is Pi-Day coinciding with Albert Einstein’s 133th Birth Anniversary, I have put here some musings by my physicist friend Nilanjan Chatterjee.

Gematria and PI-Day and Einstein’s Birthday: 14th March, 2012-03-13


JANMA-SUTRA = 39+79 = 118

EPR-PARADOX = 39+79 = 118

I AM EINSTEIN = 9+14+95 = 118


All are Wonderful as He in Him, From Many we came as Innumerable Ones!


Born: 3-14-1879

Adding Numbers:

3+1+4+1+8+7+9 = 33

Died: 4-18-1955

Adding Numbers:

4+1+8+1+9+5+5 = 33

PI-DAY = 25+30 = 55

Therefore, question asked:

Did he die in ’55 ?

Reference Paper: EPR-Paradox

” Can quantum mechanical description of Physical Reality

be considered Complete ? ” [1935]

As Nilanjan understands, the above paper contains Occult Ethereal Beauty.

His gematria shows him the door- Occult Ethereal Beauty (74-74-74)

The Momentum of the Evolving Mind in the Devcasur Polymer of the Revolving Alblackica Domain-Specific Consciousness of the Free-Sacred-Free-Choice

Boson-Fermion in Delta Cubic Spacecraft, Samij Datta, 2012 (Digital Mixed-Media)

The Momentum of the Evolving Mind in the Devcasur Polymer of the Revolving Alblackica Domain-Specific Consciousness of the Free-Sacred-Free-Choice


Memory plays a game within the quantum-a-quantum loop, the chirality and angular momentum in optical high density radiations are transferrable digits stored in the neuro-optical fibers as adaptive consciousness. David Hume once said, “the science of man is the only solid foundation for the other sciences” and what are other sciences if not  the spokes of the wheel of time that confines itself within space and beyond space-time convergence of matter and spirit and matter within spirit and spirit within matter. That point fiddles with the diameter of the creatrix and studies the reshaping resonance of bosons and fermions in high probabilistic interactive frames; the cat sleeps in the afternoon to see the cows coming back from the corn fields at dusk mowing at the sky’s crystal lattice like violets wrapped in a shawl of recycled-papers 80 gsm thinking of the worlds that ‘revolve like ancient women /Gathering fuel in vacant lots’.

Empty steadfastness of the bright stars relook at the stone in the Yosemite, they think language is the variable constant of the silent purity of the mind; alphabets are superconductors that transmit the psychisisation of the leaf and the bole and the bud in the heart of ancient matter; the eagle never betrays the sunlight in its eyes, the owl turns to the moon to know how the stars dream at daytime and turn to prefigure the flickering arms of their Hasselblad cameras that are used to photograph ionic oscillations of bosons and fermions at speed when time is zero at the alblackica hour of the clock. The shoals in the river in their moments of ecstasy felt the rain catch the evening by the hymn of the ancient tribe who said

Mahuia Mahuia Mahuia

Trenou Tranou Trenou

Brihat Brihat Brihat

Bajro Bahijro Bajro

Mahuia Mahuia Mahuia

Trenou Tranou Trenou…

The grapes are the isotonic oscillators floating in dreamless spirals of lion-positrons and in the troton-troton centre of the free radicals  that time is zero and 1; timeless within the time are the hyphens that construct “the narrow isthmus of the ascending soul”; matter and mind in conjunction, solid-hypersolids connected by the free extrohan sacred cause of the hyperbolic space that has more freedom in the origin of origins.

Reva noriyum yadrobiak

Reva noriyum tretat tat grivam

Moses to Moses is Noah-Eragman in the devcasur polymer working…

–  Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: 1. “The worlds revolve like ancient women/Gathering fuel in vacant lots.- The Prelude, T.S. Eliot

2. “A hyphen must connect Matter with Mind,/The narrow isthmus of the ascending soul:’’- Savitri Book I Canto IV, Sri Aurobindo

3. Sunday News Artwork, Samij Datta, 2012 (Digital Media)

The Hidden Source of Something is Within the Wavicle & Praviculin Wavicle of ‘Nestrat Nihayo Nestrat’ Cellular Time-Consciousness

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”- Albert Einstein

 ” It is he, the innermost one, who wakens up my consciousness with his deep hidden touches.”- Rabindranath Tagore / ‘Gitanjali’ 


The Hidden Source of Something is Within the Wavicle & Praviculin Wavicle of ‘Nestrat Nihayo Nestrat’ Cellular Time-Consciousness


What is knowledge if not a higher hypothesis of a hypothesis in the relative frame-wide-works of the cosmic universe? Creation is a pulp of matter-anti-matter bond, a conjugation that’s more heuristic than soap operas of Puccini but in the time of the second nayutin the river was flooded with salt-grip-sand and Moses bought the boat to ferry the eragman constants across dreams of many quarters in the day-alblackica-rhyme-clock; nothing stands in between the imagination of the being and the Other, the tree is the half-life of the divided-sun, photosensitive and paranormal if you have the super-sensory organs to understand the phenomena; energy is the valve through which consciousness flows, the tribes are gathering round the sacred fire, their chants are hymeneal hymns of the sacrosanct stars: Gnavi Gnavi Mubinf Xoriduq Dorpen Sofejow rhythmica yatashta.

The mothers of the Alblackica eternals, to them time is the acceleration in innumerable primary force surface grexat-grexat dimension. Non-polar velocity of light is length –black-nan-invinity (6hh6-9cc9-8dd8-4kk4-3qq3-6tt6); to the eye the eye is the relative cosmic view of something known from inside, something familiar but not known in the unknown quanta of the wavicle and praviculin wavicle simultaneously.

Robam reyam retat nivigro nevakratu kerat

Reyam retat nivigro nevakratu herat

Retat nivigro nevakratu ferat

Nivigro nevakratu serat

Nevakratu derat

Derat rerat

Rayim ro ri re ra


– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Tagore & Einstein Photograph, Berlin, July 14, 1930

Tribal Art (Bengal Patachitra, 2012)

In the Blowing Wind of Alblackica Mornings Playing the Rhythmic Consciousness of a New Race

In the Blowing Wind of Alblackica Mornings Playing the Rhythmic Consciousness of a New Race


I am the daydream–realist fiddler of dreams anointed by the earth savage petals of the Nestrat in the shadows of the dark-tanned colors of a morning rose; where you go with your backpacks in the hills on the green tumbling sides of the river falling like a sparrow in the cloud adjacent square leg of the sun; milieu comes after strong coffee beans are roasted and puffed with smoky-frills of an overdose evening, writing its songs in fair elegance for the temple of the lord in the Baquytra reptilian winter at the garden of Vasundhara; no man returns free till he listens to the call of the crow-chant mind of the desert from the dead paradise of the northern lights, waking with the Himalayan Rhododendrons in the sweet tarmac of a living pool; I am born only not to sing with my feet on the grass knocking predominantly on the heaven’s door for an answer, but to let it slam bang against the silent cloud of a million birds, to open it to the deeper chambers of the neolithic man (the man-within to the man-without) so he can drink from the flowing quatrains of the shark in the tooth-eyed eagle of a resurrected spring; the dogs are sleeping tonight in the heydays of Roberto Rossellini and the cats have gone back to their blackberry homes along the pathways of the rainfall light ;

Roger Mcnamara was waiting for me to take him away farther into that blaze of the unblinded darkness where nothing prevailed only but the Alblackica dawn in the gnomic receptacle of Savitri-mawa-Savitri; I don’t know I had a sensation my hands clutched the wheel on the highway to the stars; the time has come to blow in the wind with the purple pleasant peregrine and in the wing chaffed vision of the red-wood tree, the river knows the way, the river knows the way.

-Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Bob Dylan Photograph

The Time-Ship of Eclectic Voyages in the Sap-Green Incident Wave Formed by the United-Day Matter Consciousness

Tribal Art, 2012, Bengal

The Time-Ship of Eclectic Voyages in the Sap-Green Incident Wave Formed by the United-Day Matter Consciousness


Ivanhoe in the hour of the Alblackica dawn saw the revelation of the tree in the flame of night-illuminated birds of heaven finding their dance in the social-networking pages of Facebook twitters and in the primeval android machinery projected from outer space in the fabric of an indigenous homogenous culture by the teeth-aum of the zabber-moun; if dance is a form through which the in-Q-self of the rural-cosmopolitan expresses itself then dying is an old fashioned clothe of  novelty which has no further points in the meaning of human evolution, and, if death is later conquered by the dissolving electroplates of Alblackica then in the strangest harmony of love, ‘all day I dream about sport’, jumping into rivers of joy and swinging from tree to tree to squeeze the mango from the jelly-beans of the mind and let the pulp-seed be the frictionless self of another union of the stars in the zatter and in the vatter of the ancient matter ;

Savitri-mawa-Savitri in the jocund hours of the Ashwapati dream recognizes the dialogue of the hare with the fishing rods and with the sodium salt-plates and the sea; the Amazon readers are riding the sun-vehicles in the xenon-axis of a Porsche to turn the irrelevance into the passion-fruit of a new life and a new race; Saul Bellow was a good writer Paul De Mann in the hours of the cow eating the Hydroxide ions of Venezuela? In the rabbit-fur of the Eskimo, the moon was a dreaming harp of spaceship voyages in the Exazit-Acunva-Boxez-Time, octazimtod is dexanvucas as dexanvucas is octzimtod, the leafy glass-blade of changeless state was chanting the hymns to Strindberg, Apollo and Dionysius; honor is an isotope of radium double spin on single back-spin clockwise north-south on the 7-quaking aspens of the honorificabilitudinitatibus ; the fire was the eucalyptus of the Dogon tribe in the zeta-nuclei of the dwarf star.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Tribal Art (Patachitra/Bengal 2012/Village Artist)

Porsche Ad from the Internet Archives

The Quantum Hydrodynamics of the Cravhux-Moksha as seen through the Unilateral Cross-Domain Functions of Alblackica Time

WAY TO GYAN-GANJ/Samij Datta, 2011


Unilateral cross from the vestige of the winter prayers saw the lapis gold time of the creation in the dovhajkakoithanivyatromatin…ia azeza; algorithms of Alblackica are running the machine of quantum intelligence in the box-prime eternals of the bear-fox time…artists are azure artists in the artifacts of bovine numbers that illuminate the script-domain function of the Razder-base; the ratiocination of the akiki, of the habibi are poised on the wingless-poesy in the south of the Meru; there were aquatic species in the lumino-cravax hyperbolic space choosing the Andre Malraux in the rafiehan spindle- fibers; the angular momentum torque of the particle was only a reminder of how the elevation in height was to be regained without the supporting anti-gravity force within the desktop-c-creation-d. Pink-slips are the blue ocean mystic balls in the green article stones of fire recharging the crahvux-moksha iphone of the entire-creation-entire. Terms of time and the conditions of the self change are as explained in the evolutionary ladder products of the Alblackica, to step into the work-chain glass myths of the superstores, one has to design the new program of artificial intelligence not with numbers only but with alpha-beds of the consciousness because the tree is the cross of the feder functions of the black mamba in the ionic vapors of the Mombasa weqatra queen-radiz-queen; the diamond flex of the reverse river currents are falling on the mountain side of the zebra-equilateral triangle with the vertex making temples of the Voutas (qei-eternal particle) in the roaming heights of an Iroton-cube.

The decrax vessel of the bliss per extratet creation is the sign language of an alternate polymath via line 9 on Planck Morse-code and Schrodinger cat-box. The poison of the hydrophis belcheri is the venom of the Heliogram, without light the darkness is the ambrosia of the conscious evolving spirit of the Neanderthal in the pisces of the mid-galactic rift turning lemon clouds of the vesper into the architecture of the navigating cross.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Crow-Fast Intelligence of the Black-Cow Deionizing the Mental-Purity of the Onion created the Everlasting Day


The Crow-Fast Intelligence of the Black-Cow Deionizing the Mental-Purity of the Onion created the Everlasting Day


In the hour of the Loxodonta Africana, the tusk of the anti-parabrahman circle saw the super fast modes of intelligence working in the nitrium halides; there were the tree, the crow and the beak of poison in the ratiz-cube of the cobra; the ivory marks of the ancient cross saw the ions accumulating in the decra-vessel of the space craft; time was the superlative song of a kajeb-adjectival space whose grapes threw  away the deserts and washed them with gourd-space ions of Hevajra; the willow is the atomic processor of the Alblackica mind, tuning the lights of the violet summer into the cherry orchards of Chekov; Rosenberg was the line within the spot in the Humphrey Bogart of 52.9981 hours to the trawidth of 25.1899 hours where above Chile the China was dissipating the African Queen (1951) in the wee seconds of the sunset time as observed from the smallest fusheyon.

The night was an oak mind-tree of the self seeing all variations that take a detour into the forests of the twilight sound and receding into the vastness of the Alblackica frame where the eternal stars are light-buds of a motionless time, anointed by the bliss of the extranet truth in the roaming heights of extra-terrestrial life. Without you I am not me, or without me you are not your self in the prime time spring of the sea anemones; cherries withdraw their colored sweetness of letters into the magnificent speech of the sun-ward ho!; time on time is time to time on earth where space just a toy in the hand of the time-keeper’s self.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Humphrey Bogart b/w photograph taken from Archives.





The Rotating Dynamo of the Dynamic Mind In The Celestial Environment of Shambhala: The Meher-Rose Chalice is the Bliss of Extreme Purity (On the eve of Meher-Baba’s Birthday, 25th Feb, 2012)


The Rotating Dynamo of the Dynamic Mind In The Celestial Environment of Shambhala: The Meher-Rose Chalice is the Bliss of Extreme Purity


The box-capital strength of the Sun in Lorentz magnetic field yields currents that run parallel to a cyclostyle dynamo; within the tree the creation of the self takes birth into the horizontal petals of the lateral axis, and, as the stem-sepal bond of Meherabad grows strong with time, the evolution takes shape, sees itself in the horse-mirror of the cheval glass; a random access point is an emerging loci traversed by the currents within the circle-trapezohedron-square-rectangle; the gemming stones of the purple beads are the grey ashes of the water-sand clock that dilutes the space-time vertex in a multi-lateral shift that takes place in the d-creation-d. If the eye is the nose of the lips that smell the tuberose in the evening chapters of a cool summer breath, then the field of current within and outside the box-capital cube is an epigram of musical tonality that Savitri must translate into the matter of the self and from that into the higher frequency of the ultraviolet end of the spectrum into finer elements of the zabber of the para-brahman and anti-parabrahman circle.

Each antipode is the directional constant of the Meher-duniya of the red rose that holds the suspension of the dawn in a chalice of vertebrate columns; light to light is always a de-facto light, darkness the feet on which the mountains float like rivers and oceans in the creational ether of zero, one and many. The drape of the morning dew is a window-operative index of creative imagination that has a story made into a non-film art with no narrative sub-texts but only a palimpsest that has the undertones of the Shambhala light and bliss; Razder and Vaxuta are climbing the steps from where the leaf appears as the wings of a mountain that has no desire to isolate itself from the core of the earth, it was burning in the three-fold gateways of the river centroids on a piece of paper of acidic strength that is not less than one; rose is a rose of essential alphabets that can sing the onomatopoeic songs of the oozing from the honeycombs in the woods; that’s a spring in the diurnal time, the vesper is a remote sensing device to understand the relative workings of objects in the creation according to their shape, size manifestation and symmetrical-asymmetrical variable patterns. The proportion or ratio is a dance that forms the essential route to map a table or a chair with respect to a tusk of ivory or with a handful of grasses picked fresh from a garden of twilight dreams. Real is always the real in many relative frames of the real, the absolute is the per-decra truth of the amsolute in the aksolute to measure alpa dimension that one sees in beta-alpha particle-consciousness in the zeta fluid-dimension of the Vega.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Meher-Baba’s photograph taken from his home at Pune (2011) /25th Feb is Meher Baba’s birthday marked by celebration at his Samadhi on Meherabad Hill.