Understanding Dogen’s ‘Existential-Moment’ ‘UJI’-Living ‘Here and Now’

Hoogly Latitude Sundial

Old Sundial in the Hoogly Imambara

“Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun…- Time, The Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd

The duality with regard to Time arises when we perceive it as ‘Durational’ associated with numerical expression of a ‘before’ and ‘after’ which is measurable. This is old Aristotelian concept of time measured linearly.

The final realization of ‘Time’ takes place when we understand Dogen’s ‘UJI’ or ‘Being-Time’ as a fleeting ‘Moment’ of existence. That is Samadhi experience of the timeless leaking through the quantized time of existential moments. Then TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE AND NOT FLYING AWAY…THIS IS THE TRUE MEANING OF THIS SONG. ‘Here and Now’ the past and future are gathered and not separate – this is APPERCEIVING -SEEING BEYOND THE SUBJECT-OBJECT SPLIT.

Rural Bengal

Village Pond During Monsoon, Bengal 

*”Through the mind alone (purified by knowledge) is IT to be realized. There is no differentiation whatsoever in the Brahman. He goes from death to death who sees in IT, as it were, differentiation”. – Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

To see beyond differences is to be realised in the Noumenal

The ‘Duality’ is the manifested phenomenal aspect of our extension in 3Dspace-time

Not a single particle exists separately

It is actually a temporary localised pulse emerging from a larger field

The phrase ‘as it were’ (iva) is the crux of the Upanishadic instruction regarding the universe and our daily life in it. Whenever the Upanishads seem to concede the reality of the world, even in the slightest degree, the phrase ‘as it were’ is to be added; for anything ‘other’ than Brahman is an appearance.






00.01 BST (London time) on TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2016 / 04.30 IST (Indian Standard Time) on TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2016

£8 million monsoon project launches in India

A project involving scientists from the UK and India to predict monsoon rainfall by studying ocean processes in the Bay of Bengal launches today.

Scientists from the University of East Anglia (UEA) will release underwater robots to monitor how ocean conditions influence monsoon rainfall.  Meanwhile collaborators from a partner project led by the University of Reading with collaborators across the UK and India will use a state-of-the-art aircraft to take atmospheric measurements at the same time.

It is hoped that the combined results of this large-scale scientific campaign will help forecast the arrival of the Indian monsoon more accurately than ever before.

As well as improving rainfall prediction, the research could revolutionise subsistence farming, improve the livelihoods of millions of people, and help mitigate the damage caused by monsoons when they hit land.

Summer monsoons provide 80 per cent of annual rainfall to around a billion people in India.

Forecasting the precise timing and location of the rains is vital to the region’s economy, which is dominated by farming, and for managing its increasingly pressured water resources.

Accurate predictions of intense downpours and breaks in the monsoon are essential to help farmers plan their crop planting and communities prepare for floods and droughts.

Last year, the monsoon spread rapidly over northern India, causing devastating damage, whereas prolonged breaks in 2009 led to a severe shortage of rainfall and poor harvests.

Lead researcher Prof Adrian Matthews, from UEA’s School of Environmental Sciences, said: “The Indian monsoon is notoriously hard to predict. It is a very complicated weather system and the processes are not understood or recorded in science.

“We will be combining oceanic and atmospheric measurements to monitor weather systems as they are generated. Nobody has ever made observations on this scale during the monsoon season itself so this is a truly ground-breaking project.

“We are aiming for a better understanding of the actual physical processes. What we have now are imperfect models for predicting monsoon rainfall when it hits land, so this will create better forecasts.

“Ultimately, the goal is to improve the prediction of monsoon rainfall over India. This will be enormously beneficial for India’s subsistence farmers, who need to know when and how much rain will fall. This would then enable them to change the timing of how they plant their crops.

“We hope that it will also help to mitigate international disasters caused by extreme rainfall and flooding.

“We also hope to better understand how the southern Asian monsoon affects the whole world’s climate,” he added.

The Bay of Bengal Boundary Layer Experiment (BoBBLE) is led by UEA scientists in collaboration with the University of Reading and the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in Southampton.

Collaborators in India include the Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (CAOS), the Indian National Centre for Climate Information Services (INCOIS), the National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF) and the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT).

The UEA team will arrive in India today and are due to set sail on June 24 from Chennai into the Bay of Bengal on the Indian research ship the Sindhu Sadhana.

Dr M Rajeevan, secretary for the Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences, will visit the ship and meet the research team on the afternoon of its departure.

Once out in the ocean, they will then release seven underwater gliders to measure ocean properties such as temperature, salinity and current.

The team will spend a month at sea – with data from the 250-mile stretch of international water beamed back to the UK using mobile phone signals daily.

Back in the UK, researchers at UEA, the University of Reading and NOC, will use this data to create computer models of the ocean to determine how it affects weather systems and rainfall over India.

“Our collaborators will be flying out from Bangalore to make simultaneous observations in the atmosphere above us. It will be really rather spectacular,” added Prof Matthews.

Previous missions undertaken by UEA’s fleet of gliders have helped researchers make a variety of discoveries including why the Antarctic ice caps are melting.

The project is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, the Newton Fund, the Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) and the UK’s Met Office.


1/ For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact Lisa Horton in the UEA press office on 01603 592764 or email l.horton@uea.ac.uk.

2/ The University of East Anglia (UEA) is among the top 1% of universities globally (Times Higher Education World Rankings 2014-15) and placed 10th in the UK for the quality of its research output (Research Excellence Framework 2014). Also known for its outstanding student experience, it has achieved a Top 10 rating in the National Student Survey every year since the survey began. UEA is a leading member of the Norwich Research Park – one of Europe’s largest concentrations of researchers in the fields of environment, health and plant science. www.uea.ac.uk.

3/ The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) is the UK’s main agency for funding and managing world-class research, training and knowledge exchange in the environmental sciences. It coordinates some of the world’s most exciting research projects, tackling major issues such as climate change, environmental influences on human health, the genetic make-up of life on earth, and much more. NERC receives around £320 million a year from the government’s science budget, which it uses to fund independent research and training in universities and its own research centres. www.nerc.ac.uk



Time is Tetra-Ionic Momentary Enlightenment for the Sake of the Self (The Brahman) in a Non-Unitary Matrix of Mind-Matter Entanglement

Photograph of the Horse

                                                       Photograph of the Horse

Physics is an object

Positioning  luminous invariance on possibility

To close the relativity of hyper-assumption. (I)


When the end will shine

The classical route to pure sacred infinity

Will spread the wingless flight in delight. (II)

“Non-volatile universe (braxonixon) behind the logic-spin of  the symmetric equality offering sine-matter persistence beyond the polar-quark  accelerating scale-line bracket (violet big bang route); in the beginning the destiny was the will-neutrinos to open the cry-rest base of the natural fluid(massless-time-dock); natural fluid is the D-zero centre of gravity of the dark matter accepting electrovalent domain-boy temperatures to create luminous superpartner of the mindscape motion ,the total matter of this entire creation is called physics(proper height yellowing sectorial instruments of cosmic supernova)”. (Shambhala)

And you must forgive and forget

Robert Capa, Photographer

Robert Capa, Photographer

Exist as you become

Lie down and rest

When hoofs fall off, the grass is smeared with rain

Come again

Exit and enter

You can run many times on your own

Let the sun sink and be gone

When the flame is burn

The energy absorbed is coded by time on the surface of nanolith planck bubbles

Time, therefore, is tetra-ionic-momentary-enlightenment

Provung fradung hungyim

Provung yotring grobhuyim

Provung bakinto grambhuyim

In my memory, faith is a jump from the back of the  tortoise

By the inner condition of the hexagram

Gravity in our 3-d world

Gravity in our 3-d world

The broken lines standing for absorption

And the unbroken lines for emission

Creating a continual discontinuous process of sublime spontaneity

That, maybe, captured by the eye-of-the-seer

Through the lens the mind knows itself

And disbelieves what he sees

And dies and comes again

That flame is burning still

Future decodes via signalling entanglement

The mirror is not the conjurer but a gateway to self realisation

A momentary time-vision in a non-unitary matrix

Sculpting the riders’ final denouement in the day of everlasting light.


The Class A-Omega Time Vertices at the Intersection of 2 Equilateral Triangles Sending Message Bound for Alpha-Eternal Spinning Centripetal Point: Flowering of Offering in Existence to the Consciousness Ripple in the Higgs Field (The Coming of Kalki Maha-Avatar)

The Class A-Omega Time Vertices at the Intersection of 2 Equilateral Triangles Sending Message Bound for Alpha-Eternal Spinning Centripetal Point: Flowering of Offering in Existence to the Consciousness Ripple in the Higgs Field (The Coming of Kalki Maha-Avatar)

The Integrated Star Microprocessor/Monalisa 2013

The Integrated Star Microprocessor/Monalisa 2013

We have lived in time spending in Plato’s cave

Bet our life with Grucho Marx and Max Ernst

Lived with the pride of an honour and a hope

Have plundered our vaults cremated our existence many times

Have gone through the tides that rise and fall with Lear or Macbeth

Wondering like a child at the innermost view of the outer surface of a  Rhododendron

The sunbird revivified the memory of sweet nectar; the spring chimes as it is

God is the eternal artist working in time

Spade function in Frazer units reprogramming the matrix

Patience curved mountains out of rock; the sea has curled beneath a bed of sands

The stars fazed the skies the light was seen; the thunder was heard

Heraclitus in the fire of the big ocean saw the lightning sword of glory

She was one in the great energy field impregnating the matter of the creation

A horse appeared gliding past several planes of existence

The rider on the horse was the rider in the storm hastening across cosmic solar subways

Where is the metropolis that you promised? Where are the eternal edifices?

Kalki Avatar, Nicholas Roerich, 1935

Kalki Avatar, Nicholas Roerich, 1935

A moment in time equals tetra-foliate eternity; solar pabulum of cosmic oracle

That thou who you seekest as the white light of infancy

Is the churning of all-infinite possibilities within the wexahoul-creational matter

Little hearts can connect the dots on the magic-engine squares

A formation was seen

An intersection of triangles felt

The Lotus was born

Now you have replied to the Master of Beings

Oh Thy Lord He Who Hastens

Hari Om Tat Sat

(Sat-Chit-Ananda Para-Brahman via The Quantum-Kriya of All-Existence)


The Meta-Pollinating Vessel of Time Creating the Cause behind the Supra–Physical Effect to Bring about a Change in the Cosmic Order of the Creation

The Meta-Pollinating Vessel of Time Creating the Cause behind the Supra–Physical Effect to bring about a Change in the Cosmic Order of the Creation

With the help of tetra-trinity 

The light intersects Jehovah

God of power, pentagonal wisdom

Holiness, the King of Kings create

Salvation by the hope in mercy

Immutable myth of hexagonal Sacrifice

Unites the Judgement of infinity

In the night of the dawn

The horse and its nine chariots

Will rise in glory

Will rise in glory

Will rise in glory.

-His Hyper-physical Kindness

 – Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: The avatars as depicted by Rev. James Gardner in ‘Faiths of the World’, Edinburgh, 1880

The Super-Luminal UFOs of a Mystique Congregation Bringing the First Light to Conquer Time and Eternity (Superfluid Micrograviton Centrifuge)

UFOLOGY, Samij Datta, 2012

The Super-Luminal UFOs of a Mystique Congregation Bringing the First Light to Conquer Time and Eternity (Superfluid Micrograviton Centrifuge)


Super Self-luminal saucers flying in the sky

Across Tibet and ‘Shambhala’

Within the universe and within a multiverse

Open as gyres a wheel within a wheel

Hydra-clock Alblackia Hydro Quang Acrux                                       

Sirius on the green belts of sparkling lights

They come and go, merry they go

Like a small child who dreamt flying in a hot air balloon

Rain must come after the dry months in summer

And the earthworms may look at those things in the sky

Immortality is the secret of mirco ethereal transmission                             

Zebra stars shine on thee

Oh zebra stars shine on thee

Wao awo quang stratochemic graviton

Superfluid Superluminal Centrifuge

Time to the sacred trust of thy mind, Kafka!

Dynamic objects in the book of Nirvana.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Aspiration Design, Samij Datta, 2012

Observations by Physicist Nilanjan Chatterjee,

*Mystique* Congregration, I shall have to say:

These three very Letters UFO is *Mystic* to me! The reason:
They are associated with numbers 21,6,15 in succesion, and
they are related by the simple Arithmatic: 21 = 6 + 15, not only
that I get three dates associated with them:
21 February :Birthday of The Mother
6 May : Birthday of Sigmund Freud
15 August : Birthday of Sri Aurobindo.

I ask: What has Sgmund Freud to do with Sri Aurobindo
and the Mother?

In Book :P hysics of the Soul*, Author Physicist Amit Goswami
has realted UFO to Sri Aurobindo’s Vision. He has said:
UFOs [Extra-Terrestrials] are more Conscious than we human beings are.
In fact they have already realized the Supramental.

In the Ancient Brick Time of Alblackica, the Wheel is the Feather of the Storm Whose Indices are One and Zero and Variable Based on the Factor Polymerization of its Atoms


In the Ancient Brick Time of Alblackica, the Wheel is the Feather of the Storm Whose Indices are One and Zero and Variable based on the Factor Polymerization of its Atoms


In every street there is a house without a window that opens towards the seaside; the breeze doesn’t blow in Al-Parabi-vacuum, the sun is the virtual Dog Star of the moon writing its own alblackica texts on the runic beds of no-time; journeys ‘within moments’ from sunrise patterns of the dockyard to the self-shaped ships of an ancient Columbus across the boveran élan of the cape boulevard into the diminishing light of the twilight bay sinking into the blackbow of many sub-tropics of land and air is the real observatory eyehole through which relative densities of quasi-fluids are measured. Mazuvont, here, looking from the tower of the iced-glassed container that held the empty buckets of the time-wheel of transformation and change, saw them run naked on the beach, stars shining like alph-flowers of a mega-moun clock strumming the binary hairs of the oceans’ string a la singing the Terrasuxa Quataz eternal songs; some dressed in drainpipes like the Dylan poet rambling and turning and changing and laughing as the procession met the dawn of the hour returning to the sea.

That was a clear whistle before the rains came in with the mighty roar of the great flood; Mazuvont, here, in the tower looking at the waves saw the terrible beauty caught in the beast of the naked ocean’s arms churning the great waters into the sorcery of dance – reason lost the profane madness of its own clear identity and became the good man of a ghost who was not seen anytime but laughed and sang as if all are empty signs in the streets of Shigatse, as if nothing existed before or after, and, only this seclusion is just a game of sponsoring the zero factor of the flying birds that clutched together the hot metal flame of the shining Helium plates that was even not before but only today, and with the cross-prime stylus of the Yuwazia, the dromos-dero was finally walking in space…

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Bob Dylan Album Cover: Slow Train Coming (1979)

In the Equipoise of the Silent Eye that Rests in the Peace-Arm of the Sun: The Quantum Arc of the Rotating Disc is the Time Equivalent of the Plastic Fantastic Lover

Quantum-Hydra Alblackica Clock Series, IV, Samij Datta, 2012

In the Equipoise of the Silent Eye that Rests in the Peace-Arm of the Sun: The Quantum Arc of the Rotating Disc is the Time Equivalent of the Plastic Fantastic Lover


The aborigines of the east in the Sumerian time are clocking the Alpha Reticuli of the sand-river bath; the white ocean is the silver phantom of mystery earrings that touch the air with a sudden slight intoxication of the black venus hydra. Logic of the logos of the ruhatit time effervescing itself in the windowless shadows of the hypermetropia; change changes its constant as the sun is the mirror of another morning in the night of its day, in the cupola it sees the flaming horizontal axis per decra zime-mass in the evolution of the earth. Rolling the wax into the wicked length of the wick, the height became larger than the stars that shine it conversed with the moons in the isotropic bond that shared the lion positrons of the hyper-space; yuwaziha was running in the fields, the space-game track was on the heels of a light-train that fired no bullets but danced with every yellow flower of the signal white in the tetragonal bliss of a motion without the vector-drive.

The desire was the fountain of an even aspiration climbing the shoots of the radish into the cold-tar of the book of paradise, it was only a dream had meanings that separated few from the rest as every you from me and conjoined together in the holy threads of the isomers of Peru through alblackica time…alblackica time. That was only with purple and pink satin  wall-hens that were  growing in numbers in the hallelujah of the canvas chanting the momento mori of the Prima donna birth in the zazermoan of the past identity. I am here illumining this into that so the bird speaks the alpha beta letters of the alblackica mind in the new creation of unified knowledge as seen through the haloed vision of the webang-glass queen.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Reference: Photograph of Divine Mother, Mirra Alfassa (here s Webang-Glass Queen, as seen in the Sun recently)

The Rickshaw Puller of the Sun is the Sovereign Horus of Alblackica in the Mandala of the Mind

Alblackica Plate IX/ Samij Datta, 2012


The Rickshaw Puller of the Sun is the Sovereign Horus of Alblackica in the Mandala of the Mind

The rickshaw puller of the sun is the gypsy of the meadow’s butterfly, his load is the burning sensation of time’s eternity in the bowl full of water with petals. The sound actualizes the heaven’s beauty  in a nectar of dust free polinatria, her rhythms are the artful synagogues that play with themselves as death plays with destiny and leaves immortality in the spring wells of paradise- if your hands touch the ground and your feet the sky then you are the fly, the fly …that has no sleep in the winter months of the summer haze but has the laughter of the aging rock. The fire burning in the moldavite is the letter of Inonocixa -heart to the lonely zabber of existence. Consciousness calls the empty circle a vigrahaman of this life roaming in the circus as the lightning rides the horse, over the distance the sun has wept, it had no Other than itself but as the vision grows with the maple leaves that float in the streams of holographic continuity, another sun of the hour-glass in the alblackica self of no-time has taken birth in the shape of the shapes within the wind-hole of the ancient prima matra.

Above and about to be is the art to be thyself; two to two is two but two from two is not two; a song is called a song when it answers the zero and then becomes the time and then the one of not the ‘one in one’.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Photograph by Satyajit Ray taken from Photography Exhibition Archive, 2012 (taken using Dell Mobile)

Alblackica Clock Series III- The Supra-Physical Elements of Alblackica Time within the King-Frame Corpus of Biogeochemical Cycles




The Supra-Physical Elements of Alblackica Time within the King-Frame Corpus of Biogeochemical Cycles

The king-frame of the equinox is the function of time where words are mere pictures of any indistinguishable length that passes from the beta-dero-spatially-designed architecture into the magnum opus of the sun; its not an ant crawling the dead log after forests are burnt but it’s an enigma of the toiling season waiting for the renewal in the lattice of the crystal-multiplex by the shedding of the skin in the grass-winged shadows of the rock. That is an afterlife of a life full of journeys in the zenon-haircraft that travels into the Altair and into the Deneb and into the peacock pillows of the Acrux to gather light’s primal deities who wade in the blue sea of the liquid nitrogen where Śākyamuni once lived. The dice of any empty set falls between the virtues of other dices, every event is a phenomenon happening elsewhere their probability is the relative frequencies that cross each other through the prima matra in the alluvial bed of a non-celluloid film. That frame holds the mark of an endless beginning in the yime of the yume of zattar, and in the vatter that consciously maps the recognition of things in the east-west sides of the mandala balancing within the north-south poles.

The alphabets are not arbitary groupings of vowels and consonants but they mix in a jar to create a new sound the rovava-rofafa-rojaja-yuhuyu of the original stem-sepal bond that holds the key to the new rock in the creation. Every alter is an alter to break the design that time has unwound in the precious seconds calling the minutes by the hour of the sun, the clock ticks like the lizard whispering behind the walls to the brick-matter substance of ancient gematria – regulate the power so the self is won from the rainbow of the Radin in the black-vector transversals of the Akshobhya.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Pictures of Ancient Dice (Rome)

Alblackica Clock Series II: The Relational Sequence of Time in the Quantum Matrix and the Non-Curvature of Hyper-Solids in Laser Helio-Madeb




The Relational Sequence of Time in the Quantum Matrix and the Non-Curvature of Hyper-Solids in Laser Helio-Madeb

The compass points of the indivisible vectors of the ultraviolet fragmentation are sine and cosine of the violet in the glass-tubular vessels of the black sun. its not a mystic recognition of the coplanar magnitudes of life and its relative multiverse but that of the eternal beyond the eternity of time’s unsound consonants. The goat is the sheep made to run in the tunnel where the wind is the fire of another river song…the civilization starts from there and progresses along the lines of the Nile or the Ganges, Mississippi or Volga. The cross-talk domain of the Terrasuxa Qataz is the zebra-prime vessel of the spring. Man or no-man can reach this point, that’s not within the other of the within shifting from the centre but it’s a joke of the idiot playing a match of football in an empty stadium that once rocked the audience with the grass-power vision of the Woodstock germ. There are no more the arms that can destroy the creation, One unfolds the One in perimeter of the circle and the zero is the alblackica of counter-faith that has seen streets made of gold turning into silver madness of the moon. That night is within the Michelangelo in the wime-goat plates that can make and unmake the reading of a film into the unified separation of the rise and fall in the madness of ether carrying birds in the footprints of the lion.

The ions of the ionized circle without the helium cannot manufacture anything but can subtly tell the story long unheard by the apes in their evolution into the man-of-nothing. Dust is dust to dust is pro-dast of every dust in the collar-zime-yime vision of the time. A flower is a flower when the withering stumps of the micro-seconds turn the colors into some macro poetry that talks about the anointment of the earth in the vision of the serpent. Sleep is the wakinghood of another reprise in the violent chaos that mothers the disciple of disciplines for some good work with a prayer that remains unaffected even after the transfiguration of coal into diamond lights. Serene is hopefully an adjective of another adverb that stands still looking ahead into the Alps of the romantics- that is the eponymous vision unaffected by means that come on the way with their divergent dreams to maim the word which is an empty set full of possibilities and change.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon Album Cover Art