Kalki, The Apocalyptic Horse Rider and the Conscious Descent in Matter of the Supramental Force: The Mission of Sirius and the New Awakening

Kalki Avatar : The Coming of the Time

Kalki Avatar : The Coming of the Time


I. Invocation 

Melody line of colours corpuscular

A sea of swirls untouched by time

Sakyamuni once in that land of bliss

Meditated on Brahma-Surya

Space of the great orange birth of the suns

Triple like Sirius incarnate

In the hollow diagram of Mark Rothko

Like a peninsula guarded by the serpent seas

And walls reflecting the while light of Shambhala

Vehicles surrender their respective positions

Their movements coin the glory of birth

From the navel of the primordial unuttered Arhan-singularity

Topaz light on the fringe horizons

Real oviduct of the Original Idea

Pulsating blue green dots on the ancient Chamomile superscript

We have visited this place through psychic alterations

We travel through the eternal boat

Mark Rothko painting: circa 1952/Private Collection

Mark Rothko painting: circa 1952/Private Collection

Gliding in between strange intervals

Empty like a silver line shining in the sky.


II The Coming Time of The Kalki-King

Om adi Chintamani

Om adi chintamani

Om adi chintamani

Kravitonhung Ka-Kanter-Kalki

Riding the white horse of celestial light

Galloping across vast empty space of the spectrum

Tomorrow the sun wakes up

The moon clings to the sky

The banner of time flies in eternity

Thoughts of the saptarshis as light-winged angels

Crowd the event horizon – where it takes place

All encrypted on the surface as nuggets of information packets

Electromagnetic condensation of time on anti-gravity

Matter is the yatring-spirit of the Brahman transforming itself

A peace line to be established; ascend to the throne

An intelligence of subatomic virtues to be inculcated

Jim Morrison: Lords and the New Creatures

Jim Morrison: Lords and the New Creatures

The shining rod sparkles like the rich uranium maprhinto-core

The truth shall come at last striving to be born from the bondage of ignorance

Wheeling in circles like the falcon-headed god of the ancient principle

The zion of after-life from the supergiant stars have send their blessings

Hari Om Tat Sat -Hari Om Tat Sat-Hari Om Tat Sat

Tat Sat Chit in the Christ of Kalki

Flaming alphabets in the cave walls of history

Encoded the message from Sirius

Twa Twa ozraeb-kalki

Super luminescent cumin function

Await the coming consciousness of time.


– Joy