From Buddha, Rilke, Rodin…to the Thinker’s Disposition: Google-Our-Own-Greatest-Learning-Experience-MICRO-NULL PULL

From Buddha, Rilke, Rodin…to the Thinker’s Disposition: Google-Our Own–Greatest-Learning-Experience-MICRO-NULL PULL


The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman circa 1957

The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman circa 1957



Information is key to the understanding of 11-dimensional multiverse of universes- information that is seemingly vast yet accessible not by ‘trial and error’ method of scientific or spiritual judgement but by direct learning experience through a process of negation and filter as we embrace Consciousness as the key non-local server connected to what is called the Field or the Mind of God.  We, therefore, Google God because it is our own greatest learning experience, from the flower in the boutique to Monalisa in Louvre to the quantum supercomputers – our mind-space horizons are expanding continually with the universe,  and each time we learn a new thing the bio-metrics are stored as information rich in time.  

There the tree rises. Oh pure surpassing!

Oh Orpheus sings! Oh great tree of sound!    

Rilke Photograph

Rilke Photograph

And all is silent, And from this silence arise

New beginnings, intimations, changings.


From the stillness animals throng, out of the clear

Snapping forest of lair and nest;

And thus they are stealthy not from cunning

Not from fear

(Sonnets to Orpheus by Rainer Maria Rilke circa 1922)


History is what we create and new combinations are tried out every second for the welfare of this creation…


In film or music

We traverse space            


We traverse time                                                            

Bubble Pack Information Over 11-Dimensional Area or Hyperspace

Bubble Pack Information Over 11-Dimensional Area or Hyperspace

Through poetry you go beyond…  

Rhythm only matters

Neither space, nor time

Without words the unmanifest cannot dance

The silence cannot embody

An ocean of multitudes the tongue can only seize

And melodies like river from heaven that flows

A single song

On a ripple is born

The sparrow twits at the sky

Its black veil now the terrible beak of fire

That torments cold plaster of marble engravings

Hands elliptic raised to the stars

Offering sensations that are vast

Redeeming time’s equinoxes in eternity    

Buddha Statue in Rodin's Garden which Rilke Admired

Buddha Statue in Rodin’s Garden which Rilke Admired

Idolizes beauty’s slender trail

A frail dotted line across the Milky Way

Who knows why or when?

This madness began or end…

A knock upon the door

Surprise or banter in skilful ecstasy

The paper unfolds gilded manuscripts

Silently written without a thought’s visitation

Carved on the ocean shore

Is there anything more?

On a flower’s pattern

The seed confessed

To Rilke or Artaud

Or to Gide and Whitman

That the lovely moon

Was once struck from Orpheus’ lyre

As a single note permuting many songs

Gave thought to itself out of a vast swirling enzon-vita-emptiness (Supreme Realization)

Lizom-hitat-absolute engendering a faith-domain (d1>D/Fat-Domain Space) Non-Zero Vector @ t = 0 (t>T) Iswara-Purna-Abirbhava

Trees shed their green on blue seas

Transpose colour

To create a further movement

Granular to digital…to holcago destiny /Future is near when you touch the Stone- Chintamani


Virtual Realization

Then a physical entity

Google-Our-Own-Greatest-Learning-Experience /Micro-Null-Pull/Google  (Learning as Love Experience Enriched!)

Want the world to be an indispensable place.


– J 





Standing In the Memory of π-Day, 14th March 2012 & 133rd Birth Anniversary of Albert Einstein

PI-Day Art I, Samij Datta, 2012

Standing In the Memory of π-Day, 14th March 2012 & 133rd Birth Anniversary of Albert Einstein


Ancient serpent of the ancient race coiled around the sun with grace was golden and crimson with its head , with its hood in dusk sea-bed of trapezohedrons calling the day as prima-matra of pi calls Einstein by the voice-over-phone on the page and many other illuminated souls from Acrux, Deneb and Altair and from Sirius, Pollux, Cygnus and Vega to join the annual congregation on 14th March for a feast in the woods to line the sacred thread of the heliograms in the α, β-consciousness of the extrohan’s extrohan. Numerals mean nothing or something depending on the mind’s alignment it’s electrostatic convergence with the ultramarine life, with the unified principles of beauty, love peace and free-sacred-free-choice because all these tend to wrap within the perimeter of the circular-wavicle, like a dance they atomize the chromatin-network and genetically transcript the Firebird ballets de cour in us because as the rainbow read itself to the Indians of the Canyons, when the Eagles flare up in the sky the red-wood tree in Sierra Nevada is dancing like a friend of some distant stars in the windless Seattle of Alblackica afternoons.

Rope, dance, tree, serpents and light

A divine candour permeates the scene

A rough day hands thee on the gleaming waters of the Hudson Bay

Walking with Wittgenstein in the peace emerald space domes of crazy nothings

Found Camden to be a lonely place without the poet and his muse

Leaves of grass gazing at the hollow in the moon’s perigee

Time has passed with Achilles and the Hadron colliders

Some may remember happy birds nestling in the trees

Others are not obliged to drink or think or to rhyme or to play

In the South Seas of Hermann Hesse, the ferryman is singing reyam-yam-klaki-kalki-yatashta (1-1-1)

In the non-yrast nuclear spectra, the diffused denominations of Alblackica letters are the road-fire-sign-storms of glory, adiabatically expanding in time-optimization curvatures of free-space domains, transferring the energy between nanostructured gold plates and accumulating aeons of light-time-years spin bath in the eye of the neutrino hymning prayers to the sun, earth, octazimtod and dexanvucas.

Higgs Boson > reca -8- Higgs Boson – 66 m/n


Vector tail free state scalar boson drath (Higgs Boson)

Higgs (His Instinctive Green Gravity Surrendering) boson (Before Others Self Offering Nothingness)

This is Brahman (Entire-creation-Entire)

–  Joy Roy Choudhury

To celebrate 14th March, 2012 which is Pi-Day coinciding with Albert Einstein’s 133th Birth Anniversary, I have put here some musings by my physicist friend Nilanjan Chatterjee.

Gematria and PI-Day and Einstein’s Birthday: 14th March, 2012-03-13


JANMA-SUTRA = 39+79 = 118

EPR-PARADOX = 39+79 = 118

I AM EINSTEIN = 9+14+95 = 118


All are Wonderful as He in Him, From Many we came as Innumerable Ones!


Born: 3-14-1879

Adding Numbers:

3+1+4+1+8+7+9 = 33

Died: 4-18-1955

Adding Numbers:

4+1+8+1+9+5+5 = 33

PI-DAY = 25+30 = 55

Therefore, question asked:

Did he die in ’55 ?

Reference Paper: EPR-Paradox

” Can quantum mechanical description of Physical Reality

be considered Complete ? ” [1935]

As Nilanjan understands, the above paper contains Occult Ethereal Beauty.

His gematria shows him the door- Occult Ethereal Beauty (74-74-74)