Unfolding of Life as a Cinema with No End No Beginning: Dot Projection of High Energy Eigenstate Bubbles in Quantum Space-Time Foam for a Drive through the Worm Hole

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy circa 1950s

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy circa 1950s


Unfolding of Life as a Cinema with No End No Beginning: Dot Projection of High Energy Eigenstate Bubbles in Quantum Space-Time Foam for a Drive through the Worm Hole

Cinema is an art form that manages to construct a visual synergy between the latent forms of beauty and plasticity of the creational process by lithographically demonstrating the hidden elements of positive and negative space-time curvatures with advanced technology of consciousness in the material plane. Therefore, it’s consciousness that repeats itself in myriad things conjuring forms and patterns that actually doesn’t exist in the physical sense – it creates the Lila to experience the extremity of its inner self-assets that cannot be localized in a compact space-time signature in the interactive field fabric.

Jodie Foster in Contact

Jodie Foster in Contact




Cinema is all movement contrary to art which is static but this movement takes place in many dimensions but all these hyper dimensions are actually created from a point that remains still with respect to others or it moves creating sensations alluring to dance of photons in a field spectra.

The whole universe is the cinema that goes on without beginning or end – elemental life forms are created from the random movement of energy particles by interaction with various force-fields – each subject chooses its own object and each object chooses its subject to create a plethora of emotional syntheses based on entropy state of the cause as required by the matrix operator.

True cinema is not made – it happens when uniform non-locality of the qualia turns every explicate vision inside out like fruit bursting the seeds to show how the tree is involuted in the seed of the tapoban katha (eternal hermitage of super-fluidity also know as xi-vi tat artistic perception of the creatrix)

Rhododendrons/ Sikkim-Himalaya London :Reeve, Benham, and Reeve,1849-51/BHL Biodiversity Heritage Library

Rhododendrons/ Sikkim-Himalaya London :Reeve, Benham, and Reeve,1849-51/BHL Biodiversity Heritage Library

An all permeating silence gives birth to a wanton play of words

Words carry visions as vibrations interplay (light and sound)

Visions conjure material kinesis

Movements concur the episteme of physiological evolution (bio-genesis of myriad forms)

Like a cinema that goes on without any interval

Many characters and plots may come

But what is significant is the art it creates

Life is material representation of that art

This is a flashback of tapoban katha

You can rewrite your destiny on the script

Because there isn’t any…

– J









THROUGH THE WORM-HOLE: Earth is Entanglement-Aura-Rotating-Towards-Heliogram

Jim Morrison Immersed in Writing & Reading circa 1969

Jim Morrison Immersed in Writing & Reading circa 1969

The earth is yin-yang yantra assemblage point…

The earth is transformation point spinning on a quadro-centric vortex…

E-A-R-T-H = Entanglement-Aura-Rotating-Towards-Heliogram

A deep valley

Glides into the umbra sheathing the watering hole     The Tao Symbol

A thousands steps into the rocky face of the earth

She hears the leaves fall, the flowers bloom

And weave around the placenta of time

Embryonic self, soft and childlike

Throbbing in the heart

Glittering in the rainbow

Pains it absorbed

Gushing streams of light

Poetry’s magical vision

Strangely sublime

Shaking unknown hand of a true friend

Distant and star-like

Summons from the other world

Invoking thoughts unmanifest

Circumambulation on the lateral surface

In an almost sinuous spiral

The sun toward the earth

The moon toward the earth

The earthward sun

The sunward moon

Stars gallop                                                 Wild Horses of Mongolia

A thousand horses

Freezing on her ancient skin

A being of joyous ecstasy

Fool’s paradise crowns the king of the world

And through her warm nurturing charm

Ages have passed in manifold ways

Grasshoppers fly

The sages and wasps

And the caterpillar

At the end of the protean dream

Knows not the pulse ringing in emptiness

Butterflies in South Florida

Butterflies in South Florida


But sense the unknown psychic vibration

One day it too will dance, recreate

And bear the imprint of flight infancy

Through the worm-hole

Trade secret nature’s boon

She is yin in yang

Yang in yin

Transcending both, levitating

No-way is the other way

Of the end and the beginning

The river laughs

Flowing tediously

Labouring like the yoke

And garden grew on its sides

Palaces, courtyards and mansions of kings

Jim Morrison Reading Allen Ginsberg's Planet News circa 1970

Jim Morrison Reading Allen Ginsberg’s Planet News circa 1970

And democratic tongues lapping on the shore

Of private lords and anonymous gods

Who threw themselves on seas

Drowning like Poseidon

Or on the endless fire

Rejoining the pyre

To scribble dots

Awaken a newborn

Or the dead

In the valley

Where bones chuckle like imposters

Roosting the anthem of human liberty

From the bondage of claims that history learned

In the kindergarten of remembrance

Satire fits the glove, irony the knife

To operate the etherised patient on the table

And make tragedy the softer side

Of a queen’s lucky totem

For a musical entendre of comedy

And nirvana that flits between past present and future

Love’s flame not extinguished

And on the altar of silence

Earth have sacrificed herself

To see the sun grow

And the universe play

Like a dancing child acting onstage

Before a dream audience of the invisible self.

– J





Intersection Points in the Cosmic Inflation on Microwave Background Radiation: Information Inflow as Contraction into Singularities (Seer-Observation of Ekayoniz Wormhole -Shirdi Sai)

Shirdi Sai Baba circa 1900 original photograph

Shirdi Sai Baba circa 1900 original photograph


“There can be no naked singularities, which are unshielded by event horizons”. – Roger Penrose

Quantum Non-Locality in Copenhagen Interpretation: The Collapse of the Wave-Function cannot be produced by any known physical process – beyond mechanistic local theory of reality (direct inference from Bell-Aspect experiments)

Non-dual aspect of mind is Samsara purifying the aboriginal truth by the 68th degree valipa turn ( of the Selvuha existence (T=T) around the mind bearing rudraksha.

Words woven in the syntax

Draped in clothes

Computing a syllogistic pattern of clouds

Do you hear the raindrops fall on seashells, on mud earth

On tetra-lithic mountain rocks, on valleys merged with the shoreline?

Where is the rhyme

John Archibald Wheeler Teaching at Princeton Univ. 1967 explaining the distinction between Classical Realm and Quantum Realm

John Archibald Wheeler Teaching at Princeton Univ. 1967 explaining the distinction between Classical Realm and Quantum Realm

Dying in the vine

Or in the wells of amputated beings

Thinking constructs a formation of things

Feelings generate a motion in the void

And the planets go merry around the sun

And your Self around the heliosphere

Lilting graceful melodies quite unknown

Exchanging information one millionth of a second

With the butterfly’s invisible quatrains

With the fur of the leopard and the giggle of the dolphin

Intersecting patterns one millionth of a second

“This is the end, beautiful friend

A Game of Chess

A Game of Chess

The end

Of laughter and soft lies,

The end

Of nights we tried to die

This is the end.”

Do you feel this bio-entanglement?

Do you feel like flowers the change of seasons?

And the birds twit one note to your ears?


Unreal city

The moon climbs over the camelback

Waiting for the lost arc over the horizon

Waiting for an archetype

Or a constellation sign

An architectural pattern unrecognized

A silence undisturbed

A matrix of harmony inexorable

Unfolding one end of an accelerated frame

And beginning the other with your singularity point

A sequence of steps unforeseen by many

A touch of feelings that changed the world

And he saw it coming

In his waking self

Spiralling towards the ocean of depths

And it said voulshekho uho nin usta

Uho nin usta mou mapar

Trok vei usha nin yin ihiabdho


(Observer > V-Static –Yong Observation) {65= NH}/para-zeta-dimension of truth

– J


Ref: The End, Jim Morrison, The Doors


White Light Synthesis: Apogee of the Quantum Self Teleporting Grace-Qubits of Non-Dual Geometric Consciousness to Earth (Brahman-Grace-Built Matter Ushering Supramental Form)




White Light Synthesis: Apogee of the Quantum Self Teleporting Grace-Qubits of  Non-Dual Geometric Consciousness to Earth (Brahman-Grace-Built Matter Ushering Supramental Form)

Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum (3x)- Invocation to Light – Parallel Universes – earth -meta-earth-inner-shambhala-beyul-realm

Hari Purush Hari Purush Hari Purush (Jay Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu)

Hari Om Tat Sat (3x) – Cosmic interference of Multi-lingual faith with cellular-matter


Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor, Monalisa, 2013

Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor, Monalisa, 2013

Whispers of immortality as the grass sings the petals fall

The moon alone in its crescent bower, the sun in its harbour of gold

Worships the occult transcendental force: qua mei ohon karut rei

Triangularly aspiring like the olive branches on the shore

Or like a feather in the wind soft and gentle strains of music flow

Awake to that vibrating spheres’ ethereal synapse

Responsive to the continual emanating patterns of the cosmic grid

Another time in parallel universes the space was exotic matter of negative energy

The blue hides of the quantum self in the dense focal point of anti-gravity

Rivers beam xia-photons the trees are acting as parallel Casimir plates

Flower beds the tremendous force: the cognizant horse of the inner-shambhala

The hour-light waves as fragrance of love de-focus inside the warp-bubble

Magnetic movements of a new system of scriptures are part of a server in the holographic universe

Drunk in the void of nectar the stone generates the new supramental law

From Acrux via shambhala to the valleys of the golden glee

Noah ben Noah silut tat vasishtha Joachim al-farab trivo Shenrab

Lord Tonpa Shenrab Miwo, Monalisa, 2013

Lord Tonpa Shenrab Miwo, Monalisa, 2013



The Omega Point as Reverse Kinesis of ‘Involution in Evolution’ Towards the Call-Hour Aperture-Ride of the New Avatar


Gnostic Symbol : Hamvarba-Ladof, Exact -Cam-Dog, Samij Datta, 2012

The Omega Point as Reverse Kinesis of ‘Involution in Evolution’ Towards the Call-Hour Aperture-Ride of the New Avatar

Consciousness image-vertical in de sitter space programmes the light-cone mombisa image

Further through the eye the event horizon is located in distant nano-invinity

Integrals of ‘manu’-the first atom-man in the non-local singularity

Thousands of avatars can manifest from this source


Man’s hopes are his dreams in the destiny of his ‘true being’

Rereading general theory of relativity backwards from the hypothesis

The point migrates within multiple points to adjust its innumerable dimensions in dark matter clusters

It’s from where you began the story of the creation – the end is no-beginning in the end of nothing at all

Space junk fade away

Horns of antelopes in the blue philtre of nevra prime sky-matter

Assurance is the omega-point of a non-dual hypothesis

Pre-origin of the mega-event have transfigured death into immortality.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Gravity-Anti-Gravity Forces and Superconductivity of Consciousness in Higgs Field

Inside Higgs Field, Samij Datta, 2012

Gravity-Anti-Gravity Forces and Superconductivity of Consciousness in Higgs Field


In the para-field gravity is the consciousness of the cause to become the bliss of the supreme existence; without gravity in the quadrangular space time junction there is no bliss. In the reaton scale the apple is 6.1D fall-back on earth; for ‘it’ to happen she must assume various shapes to designate the light of the Good Shepherd in the poetic infancy of the creation.  let us assume interactivity gives mass to particles, so, in a free-market economy the labour of resources are to be measured by the consciousness of its triangular light to manifest the ‘right attitude’ by the uni-vocational  grammar of goodness. All problems of gravity are problems due to lack of consciousness and failure to read communication signals. Essentially human communication signals are still improper because of base-matter graviton immobility. Another aspect is that human-ego is still at a primitive stage of inconscience, it fails to know its proper ‘being’ either due to ‘false-knowledge’ or due to ‘miss-recognition’.  This inability to address the issues of gravity leads to problems at the core level which sometimes become too difficult to let go in a period of time.

Anti-gravity is the smooth translocation of residual matter after subject vaporization of the mind in the unilateral Higgs Field. There is nothing more than consciousness, Brouhaman is a very rare type of superconsciousness; activity field is zero when Brahman in Brouhaman is the Paratpara of the supramental creation  in the alblackica line of spiritual development. To escape gravity, the point must incarnate the hypothetical logics of the future-time via the worm-hole; anti-gravity is the off –in-on policy of matter to become invisible to its own eye to offer itself to vertical time-lift spirals in the provung yotrung hungyim of dark matter.

-Joy Roy Choudhury

The Bliss of a Romantic Morning as Seen Through the Eye of a Poet in the Mind-Mirror Reflections of his Self-Embodiment: 151st Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, Noble Laureate

1934 circa, Rabindranath Tagore, coloured ink on paper


There is an automatic template of the mind

That captures images of nature

Through the varltumin camera positioned in the eye

Alpine valleys surrounded by mountains are free to dance speak and laugh

Words are their images in the dreaming soliloquy of their existence

Rivers find their ways in the twining pathways leading to immortality

And the spirit of their substance become starlit summer nights that levitate

Light is light in the clock-arm of alblackica

Romancing the wind in the stone circles of chintamani

Brahman calls Brahman the root cause behind the 11th chapter of Brouhaman

Shakti is singular in the rain wedded months of Baishakh

And as drops of water bring scarlet joy to the heart of the infinitude

The old eagle of the centroid awoke from his sleep in the numberless keys of his destiny

To embrace earth as a miniature in a meta-entangled quantum multiverse

I saw many earths as poets dreaming like him to express the fountain of a superluminal desire

Their words are not mere artefacts but points escaping through a worm-hole

To reach the mother-of-their-origins as they fly out towards their embryonic source

Their consciousness the only-truth carrier in this trance bound journey through nature

Stones pick up idle grass and butterflies, the skies pick their clouds in sacks of rice

Each carrying the other and often huddled together to celebrate life

This we called a momentum: ‘Ananda-Nritya-Sangeet’ of the rasa-lila

Man is tied to his fortune through bonds of friendship

His hands are gifts of nature to be the artist-poet of his own creational multiplex

He grows among hills and trees and worships the sacred crust of His own existence.


– Joy Roy Choudhury

Notes from Tagore:

‘The morning will surely come, the darkness will vanish and thy voice will pour down in golden streams breaking through the sky.

This is my delight, thus to wait and watch at the wayside where shadow chases light and the rain comes in the wake of summer’. – Gitanjali, 1910, Rabindranath Tagore