The Solar-Journey of the Supramental Time through the Cylindrical Vermilion Psychiquazim

Psychiquazim-Flower, Samij Datta, 20012

The Solar-Journey of the Supramental Time through the  Cylindrical Vermilion Psychiquazim 

SPIRITUAL-VOWEN-SUPRATOHENTIM-SUPRAMENTAL -the most powerful consciousness to change the time

Beauty arrested art in time

It’s love came from almost nothing

A zero circle of  bounded-unbounded space

Through it and ‘in and out of it’

PSYCHIQUAZIM-yuksom where truth resides

Flower dance, ovarian rivers flowing rapidly in silence

The sun had a thousand hands embracing her tonight

Kanchenjunga clapsed the first vertebra of her light

It’s there that Supramental birth is taking shape

Words mimic words silence knows nothing

From primal ignorance knowledge meets her origins

The roots held the trees as the seed held the fruit                     

Bliss was a factor of Supramentalisation

Consciousness was VOWEN-SUPRATOHENTIM happy shambhala shining again

In the light of the ambrosiac dawn, I saw the vermillion petals of Savitri talking about her smile.

– Joy Roy Choudhury


Ref: Yuksom, its the 1st capital of Sikkim (to me its the doorway to the dawn in the East)  established in 1642 AD by revered Phuntsog Namgyal, the first chogyal in the state.