The Self is Samadhi itself: Ontology is the Key to Atmavijnana or the Direct Apprehension of the Self


Goddess Saraswati, Bengal Patachitra

Brillant and Self-effulgent

the myriads dots in the playful rasa of delight 

interact with each other 

forming a pattern on the mind 

they are strung like the fire-breathing rhythm 

consolidating the Vak of the primodial embodiment 

the tinted hues in a childlike wonder wonders at the nodes 

the overlay mosaic is laid bare for the dance 

at all levels of existence the creative flow-form is a superposition of endless possibilities 

they create a dialogue series that encompasses space-time, causality 

endless dimensions link the chain that fares forward 

new forms, ideas emerge and disappear 

rivers, mountains, the galaxies and protean stars

the premonitory dawns, the burning wood, the wild swans at Coole

They must have gone or coming on this endless track

their bracelets of gold have filled the fire-ether vastness of the chatur-yugas 

rainbows across skies and at the tip of a feather 

or, in the electronic resonance of a protein fibre 

                                                                       varanasi at dawn

Though the Universe shines, but, it is I that verily shine…

Unborn  and non-dual, I alone am…

I neither come nor go

And to ILLUMINE is my very nature






Understanding Space, Time and Causality: Modern Physics and Ancient Indian Traditions

1st Edition

B.V. Sreekantan, Sisir Roy

This book examines issues related to the concepts of space, time and causality in the context of modern physics and ancient Indian traditions. It looks at the similarity and convergence of these concepts of modern physics with those discussed in ancient Indian wisdom. The volume brings the methodologies of empiricism and introspection together to highlight the synergy between these two strands. It discusses wide-ranging themes including the quantum vacuum as ultimate reality, quantum entanglement and metaphysics of relations, identity and individuality, and dark energy and anti-matter as discussed in physics and in Indian philosophical schools like Vedanta, Yoga, Buddhist, Kashmiri Shaivism and Jaina Philosophy.

First of its kind, this book will be an essential read for scholars and researches of philosophy, Indian philosophy, philosophy of science, theoretical physics and social science.


NeueHouse welcomes its first wave of new members to Downtown Los Angeles’ iconic Bradbury Building in January 2020

The private workspace and cultural home for creators expands to its second West Coast location

LOS ANGELES, January 28th, 2020 — NeueHouse, the private workspace and cultural home for creators, innovators and thought leaders, has launched in Downtown Los Angeles’ oldest landmark, the iconic Bradbury Building. The new 25,000 square foot ‘House’ joins NeueHouse’s flagship locations in Hollywood and Madison Square in New York.

Constructed by junior draftsman George Wyman in 1893 from the original design by architect, Sumner Hunt, the Bradbury Building was considered a modern innovation for its time. An architectural landmark – and Los Angeles’ very first commercial building – the picturesque five-story structure is renowned for its ornate ironwork, sky-lit atrium of access walkways and bird-cage elevators. The unassuming façade opens into an inspiring, sun-drenched atrium that invites wonder and curiosity. Still esteemed more than 100 years after its opening, it remains one of Los Angeles’ most iconic and unique treasures. Legend has it that Wyman sought the advice of his dead brother via a Ouija board, which subsequently spelt out: “Take the Bradbury Building, it will make you famous”.

Los Angeles and Toronto-based DesignAgency lead the design of the space, maintaining many of the original design elements. Occupying the second-floor of the building, NeueHouse Bradbury offers members creative private spaces for work, meetings, events and cross-community collaboration. Creative companies have a selection of dedicated private studios and atelier desks, alongside NeueHouse’s renowned communal Gallery seating. Member amenities also include common areas with a morning-to-night café & bar, a wellness room, custom-designed phone booths, meeting rooms, and a private dining room.

New members already signed up to the new location are the global architectural and consulting practice, Woods Bagot, creative production and talent management company, Society, and newly-founded experiential and creative studio, Space of Time.

“We are thrilled to be opening our third NeueHouse in such an architecturally significant and iconic building as Bradbury,” said Josh Wyatt, CEO, NeueHouse. “Our expansion to Downtown LA comes at a time when the area is booming, and the local creative community is in search of a cultural and commercial hub. In the last six years, NeueHouse has reimagined the ideal environment for the creative process, with collaborative workspaces thoughtfully designed to inspire each member’s unique needs. NeueHouse is the perfect place for new ideas, and new experiences to flourish, so I cannot think of a more inspiring location than this architectural icon, as the stage for a whole new chapter of new experiences and creative moments. NeueHouse Bradbury is our first collaboration with the internationally renowned DesignAgency – a team I have been long wanted to work with again. What Anwar Mekhayech and his team have designed and realized for us at Bradbury is truly incredible and a wonderful testament to the art of repurposing a historic, architectural gem for the future needs of the creative class.”

A private space where members get to create, collaborate, host, connect, and be a part of the contemporary conversations shaping the cultural landscape – NeueHouse is a story best told through the live experience. With thought-provoking programming, realized through talks, events and workshops, NeueHouse is has become known amongst the creative communities as a cultural hub that provides a platform for discourse and discovery, to advance ideas and conversations, creating powerful shared moments.

Members will experience programming from NeueHouse including LA Futures which gathers leading minds in Los Angeles’ creative community for a salon conversation series that looks to the city’s future. Upcoming talks for 2020 at NeueHouse Bradbury include the likes of an ‘Ideas Dinner’ with independent political and social think tank Berggruen Institute, as well as a wide variety of Salon talks, performances and creative workshops that will be held in the glorious NeueHouse Bradbury Bar, which overlooks Broadway and Grand Central Market.

Championing younger, emerging artists inspired by their experiences of living and working in Los Angeles,

NeueHouse Bradbury collaborates with local galleries to curate art installations that rotate on a regular basis. Curated by an expert committee consisting of art consultant Donna Chu and Meredith Rogers, VP of Cultural Programming at NeueHouse, the spaces display work by the likes of Carmen Argote, whose paintings come straight from her first museum solo exhibition at the New Museum. One of the most renowned LA artists and members of the Memphis Group, Peter Shire, is also on display along with Kelly Akashian who shows at Francois Ghebaly and Tanya Bonakdar, whose piece was formerly in the Hammer Museum’s Made in LA Biennial.

“We are excited to partner up with NeueHouse, and to present some of our artists in the iconic Bradbury Building.” Said gallerist, François Ghebaly.  “We all grew up with the images of films shot at the Bradbury – so it’s thrilling to welcome NeueHouse to Downtown Los Angeles”.

Paying homage to the building’s heritage, which featured in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, NeueHouse Bradbury’s interior also includes a permanent collection of photographs from the filming of the movie, shot by the late great still photographer, Stephen Vaughan.

NeueHouse Bradbury’s wellness room offers an elegantly furnished sanctuary for meditation and recalibration to balance members’ minds, bodies and spirits with complementary wellness programming focusing on sleep and mental health. Furthermore, members also have access to a vetted list of wellness experts to schedule on-demand appointments with performance and happiness coaches as well as mental therapists.

Anwar Mekhayech, Founding Partner at DesignAgency, says of the new location, “The NeueHouse model blends the idea of hospitality, social club and workspace all into one, requiring a refined and sophisticated environment that’s conducive to the tastes of creative professionals. It was a real privilege for us to work with such an iconic American building and this gave us a great starting point. In response to its rich visual history and its bold character, we decided to add a new layer that is modern and fresh, with soft and graceful flourishes. The result is a uniquely modern and elegant workspace with a soft palette and ethereal vibe that is ideally suited to the creative professional.”

Characterful original details such as the 11’ high original oak framed windows and the exposed wood ceiling joists integrate naturally with the modern interiors rendered in pastel palettes with delicate Versailles parquet floors, breezy linen drapery, and curvilinear furniture custom-fabricated by famed Irish manufacturer, Orior.

The snug onsite café & bar serves coffee in the morning and cocktails at night. Here, a light marble bar is paired with curved honey oak and dark walnut architectural millwork and brass detailing, grounding the airy surroundings. Rounded ruby-colored bar stools provide comfortable seating under warm globe pendant lanterns by Lee Broom, while a nearby central console table offers the ideal spot for casual meetings or collaborative work.

Versatile common areas accommodate a range of programming needs. For example, DesignAgency created four multi-purpose lounge areas positioned around the existing second-floor mezzanine which overlooks the atrium to allow for events such as art shows or lecture series, as well as casual and break-out meetings. Comfortable and refined shared and private workspaces feature more than 20 original fireplaces in weathered and glazed brick, copper task lighting, abundant potted plants, and natural light.

The Bradbury Building has appeared in numerous films and television series, including: Blade RunnerLethal Weapon 4Pay It Forward and 500 Days of Summer, as well as music videos for Cher’s Take Me Home and Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation. It is therefore fitting that the Bradbury Building will serve as a perfect homebase for local Angelenos, New York and international NeueHouse members, complementing its existing Hollywood flagship located in the former West Coast CBS headquarters at Columbia Square.

NeueHouse’s expansion to the Bradbury Building is further evidence of its early vision of enabling the ambitions of its diverse, dynamic and esteemed community, and is reflective of how the brand continues to push culture forward by enabling today’s most innovative thought-leaders to create and develop new ideas together.

Under the new leadership of CEO Josh Wyatt, NeueHouse recently raised $30 million in funding, has the New York and Hollywood flagship locations at capacity (with a waitlist) and will see the company thoughtfully expand to further new locations in 2020.

NeueHouse Bradbury offers four membership tiers:

Gallery Membership ($595 per month):  Communal workspace comprising library tables that are interspersed with areas of comfortable soft seating so members can pick a spot perfectly suited to the task at hand: working alone, collaborating with fellow members or using the NeueHouse hospitality, conference, broadcast and tech resources as their needs demand.

Atelier Membership ($900 per seat / month):  For teams and individuals who thrive in an open, dynamic environment, Resident Atelier membership provides dedicated desks within our shared workspace. Atelier members have access to all communal and social spaces, may book conference rooms, and are invited to join our cultural programming events.

Studio Membership ($900 per seat / month). The Studios at Bradbury are designed for the modern entrepreneur to focus on work that really matters. Accommodating companies of up to 30 people, all private studios feature original design elements of the building artfully balanced with modern furnishings and amenities that support and stimulate the workday. Select studios include private conference rooms

and adjacent executive office suites.

Salon Membership ($2,800 per annum): Salon membership allows global access to Gallery floors and all communal work, social, and event spaces for four business days per month. Membership also includes full access after 5pm, weekends, and to all cultural programming, and restaurants (with a reservation).

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