The Apparent Phenomenal Extension of Objective Space-Time: Ashtavakra’s Non-Dual Consciousness is the Mother of All Realities

Jesus in the Wilderness (Forest of the Retreating Spirit Far Arden Again)

” astavakra uvaca

na te samgo’sti kenapi suddhastyaktumicchasi

Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundor

Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor

samghatavilayam kurvannevameva layam vraja”

– Astavakra Gita

Astavakra: You are not bound by anything. What does a pure

person like you need to renounce? Putting the complex organism

to rest, you can go to your rest.





Seven Mirror Lake, Ravangla, South Sikkim 

stillness qualified by witnessing

quantified the process of observation in a single frame

it happens this way when bliss is found

everywhere everything rests in consciousness

truth is this conscious experience where exists no seeker and sought

primordial awareness (rigpa) is a conscious experiencing space

million sutras are emerging from the super-void of chidakasha

they are the galaxies, stars, mountains and lakes                 Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu Old Painting Illustration

each substantial form a mirror unto the other

Maha-avatarBabaji Maharaj

Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj Enter a caption

creating a chain of synergetic relationships

that dissolve into infinity

and rest in peace

“na te samgo’sti kenapi suddhastyaktumicchasi

samghatavilayam kurvannevameva layam vraja”.

“Noumenon” necessarily is total potentiality. If it functions, in functioning it mustbe subjective, and thereby inevitably objective too. That is to say, subject objectivises itself and so becomes apparent to itself as object, manifesting phenomenally ‘within’ itself. It looks at itself and perceives the universe- which is then apparently outside itself, since objectivisation is a process of apparent objectivisation. Therefore, the phenomenal universe is the objective aspect of the noumenon.


Love is the Original Pulse (Karuna) of Life: ‘Sankirtan Lila’ to Transform Matter-Energy into Higher States of Consciousness

Maha Prabhu

Sri Caitanya Maha-Prabhu


Baichey nadi

Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor

Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundar 

Ananda prahar

Across the river in an ocean of blissful sky

the kirtan of the mellow sun

Permeates the golden green harvest

they are waiting

they are waiting…

A million light years nearer to the Self

In a destiny of boundless love

And a silent embrace endures the pain

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura

Transfiguring into the joy of ecstasy

Krishna Kalighat Painting

Krishna-Kali Kalighat Pata Chitra/Painting 

In the abode of the blessed souls…

Neel akash tale

Sona jhara sabuj

Baichey nadi

Ananda prahar…


‘Don’t Miss the Last Bus to Cross the Frontier’: Maha-Kriya Samadhi and the Countdown to the Coming Time-Savitri’s Timeless Yoga Proceeding Towards Truth-Consciousness

Kalida Meditating

Kalida Meditating

Don’t ‘Miss the Last Bus to Cross the Frontier’- Krishnaprem

Maa Durga Painting

OM MAA- Maa Durga Painting

In the early 1940s, Sri Krishnaprem engaged himself in an ecstatic kirtan that went on till midnight at the Himadri Publication Office at Ganesh Chandra Avenue. Of course, this was a divine event when Krishnaprem embraced Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guha Roy …they greeted each other and the music went on for hours…Sri Krishnaprem who was a great friend of Sri Dilip Kumar Roy always quoted Tennyson’s words “An infant crying in the night/An infant crying for the light/With no language but a cry” to elucidate the simple unconditional intensity of aspiration or ‘guru-bhakti’ which is there in a latent form in everyone. Krishnaprem was also connected with Sri Ramana Maharshi and with Sri Aurobindo via correspondence with Dilip Kumar Roy. Yogishwar, Kali Da , who was also friend of Kazi Nazrul Islam, would later predict the exact day of Sri Aurobindo’s physical departure and reveal it to Dilip Kumar Roy, and, when asked he simply replied that it was an act of inspired moment. He was also subtly connected with Sri Ramana Maharshi and with all great yogis including Sri Ramthakur, Yutsung Lama, Sri Bholagiri Maharaj, Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath Thakur etc.  He had only one message “The Only Precondition to Understand the Master Magician is Absolute Surrender”.  Why did Kali Da used to go out in the night in central Calcutta, in places like Curzon Park, Victoria Memorial North Gate, Esplanade, Maidan, dockyard etc.? Whom did he meet? Who was ‘Bandhu’ and ‘Professor’ who used to come to meet him in these strange places? What did they talk about? What is the connection of such numerous meetings with Paramhamsa Yogananda, Sri Yukteshwar Giri, Lahiri Mahasaya? What did they discuss? Did Kali da talk about Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj as the Brahman, the Self or ‘Bandhu’? Who was ‘Professor’? Was he a technical person? Did he have the knowledge/information about the structure of the cosmos? Was he the Manifested Brahman in charge of physical operations? Did all these things have any connection with Sri Caitanya Maha-Prabhu and later with Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor? Why did Kali Da go to Manas Sarovar and Tibet? Who were the Tibetan Master yogis he met? Why did Netaji or Sri Subhas Chandra Bose meet Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor in Bangladesh, why was Mahatma Gandhi accompanying him? Who is coordinating all these events? Did Prabhu go to Paris? Who helped Netaji to come out of Siberia? What is his connection with Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj? Who is Sri Badal Chatterjee and what was he doing in Chandannagore the place from where Sri Aurobindo went to Pondicherry? He said he attained 12 years nirvikalpa samadhi under instruction of Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj and later entered Bengal taking the guise of Babaji Maharaj. DID SRI RAMAKRISHNA REINCARNATE…AS THE PAGLA BABA IN CHANDANNAGORE? What is Christ doing in Shambhala/Gyan-Ganj? Why did Sri Gopinath Kaviraj used to visit Kali da’s house in Varanasi? Why did Bupendranath Sanyal who was born in Nadia in 1877 and initiated later by Sri Lahiri Mahasaya, went on to work in his later life with Rabindranath Tagore in Santiniketan in 1903? This was before the great poet received the noble prize in 1913? What is the connection b/w Romain Rolland, Tagore and Einstein? Did Werner Heisenberg visit Tagore in Sanitiniketan after he had written the Uncertainty Principle and went to Dakshineswar as well?  These are few connective questions which has hyperlink with the entire system c-creation-c to m-creation-m? The coming future events are already decided in those years with very minute observations –humanity has to proceed towards Truth Consciousness…Tilopa knew this described in his 6 adepts, Yogananda and Sri Kalipada Guharoy knew all these, he even directed his friends to visit the temple of Kanak Durga in Gidni where the image on the horse anticipates the Call to get the Key, simply Call-Key!

In-Streaming of Consciousness

In-Streaming of Consciousness

The breath playfully animates life

Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj with Mt Kailash at the back Satyalok Ashram

Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj with Mt Kailash at the back Satyalok Ashram

From drowsy torpor to calm ecstasy

And ever greater states of high resolution

Turning the mind’s exteriorized vision into an inward gaze

Which has no goal nor any aim of attainment

But the calm peaceful equanimity of an untrained awareness

It holds the myriad key to  life’s all existential problems

In that deep retreat the rewarding experience is that of bliss

Unity of the Great Seal perfecting itself

Purifying the five elemental constituents

Typologically correcting the electro-dynamic covariants of the mantric pulsars

They are spinning inside the five skandhas

Creating the faculties for the dispersal of knowledge

By reflexive introspection of the one-pointed orientation of the willed-concentration called dhyana

High and low altered states gets differentiated and separated on their own

By the guru’s grace, practicising with the practitioner



Opening the central axis of cognitive dense inner vision

Seeing the world as a dot among many dots

Projecting highly mobile connecting behaviour ala network sharing

Processing energy qubits

A flake of sunlight

A radiant sky

A pearl in the lake

A beehive

Those corals in the reef

Lunar caves

And mystic mountains

And giant seabirds

The queen ant on the window sill

Violets and rosemary

Poets and pottery

Flower of Life

Flower of Life

The vra-ha-twik-maa

Children’s voices dying in the hall

In the parlour

On the ocean bed

The clapping of hands

Dying further

Into a whirling motion

That constitutes the unchanging solitude of this great learning

To unlock the secret of the Great Mind

By the alayavijnana cryogenic fuel oxidiser

Gestating light’s continual show

In a room of random darkness that inverses gravitation

Attuned to ice crystals of high optical density

Iridescent jewels of the spider’s web


Lord-Sri Chaitanya Maha-Prabhu

Felicitating Savitri’s the great timeless yoga

A rare understanding of the spirit’s work

In shapes of cloud that move across

To fill a jug of water

Under the clear expanse of the new moon sky

Where no trace of light lingers

But only in the heart of the great preceptor

Who danced within stonewalls and stars

In the burning pyre

Redwood’s fire beneath the honey

Wilfully submits to the self-dissolution of All forms

Of all identities that are conditioned

Neither light nor darkness

Neither form nor the void

Neither the Self nor the non-Self

Born or Unborn

Beyond all space time dimensions

Pray you have come to the mysterious Origin of Origins

The Jewel in the Lotus

The Jewel in the Lotus

There where there is no trace

No gaze

No yantra of the future ‘I’

Awareness alone demystified the no-beginning and no-end…


9th December 2014: Musing on the 112th Birth Anniversary of Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy (Reminiscing the Wisdom of the Whole Creation/Flash Tapoban Katha)

9th December 2014: Musing on the 112th Birth Anniversary of Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy (Reminiscing the Wisdom of the Whole Creation/Flash Tapoban Katha>Bramha Sutra)

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy: Tapoban Katha

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy: Tapoban Katha



Kichu katha…

Maner bhakti te ghera tapoban

Suhashye tarulatar maha-kandya

Karma kriyay rata

Biramhin ek ananta srote

Bashoman ekti karuna sindhu

Jege uthechey deeplok

Jege uthechey jalochhyasch

Kono adi matrigarve aami nabo bij hate onkur

Ei sthanei janma maha-bishwer

The whole universe came into being from here

The whole universe dissolves here

An auto-cyclical process that converges to a point and diverges from a point – open symmetry of pattern simulation creating multi-hyper-dimensional data structures (embedded in b/w asymmetrical euro-han cyclotypes)

Kaler byakoron jagishwar mani

Udito bom e hunkar dhoni

Kato  din kato rat

Kato parichito mukh beshey uthe parday

The Supreme State of Sat-Chit-Ananda

The Supreme State of Sat-Chit-Ananda

Tader anande aamar ananda

Dukhe aamar dukhe

Kichu katha

Maner bhakti te ghera tapoban

Sanjer alo

Chayapath ke korechey bharakranta

Maner dolnay dulchey sab

The mind pivots on time that swings like a pendulum

Nay bar nay jog karle ray

Ta se ray tomago hriday majhe

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in Tearful Ecstasy

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in Tearful Ecstasy

Nabik rupe

Chalona kare samagro bishwa-samsara

Praner bandhu haye

Antarange bandhu professor o aami


Samay ashibar tare…

Tomader asthir mon kape


Light the candle amidst the darkness

The world will see the new phase

It’s the time that has come again…

Satyamebo jay-te

– J



The White-Lotus Meditating on the Primordial Vak of the Katha-Samudra to Flower the Cosmic Harmonics of a Unified Field of Love: That within itself as the Eternal Child of Time (Gopala- b-Hari-Purusha Omega Point Hypothesis)

The White-Lotus Meditating on the Primordial Vak of the Katha-Samudra to Flower the Cosmic Harmonics of a Unified Field of Love: That within itself as the Eternal Child of Time (Gopala-b Hari-Purusha Omega Point Hypothesis)


Sri Prabhu-Bandhusundar

Sri Prabhu-Bandhusundar-The White-Lotus Meditating on the Primordial Vak of the Katha-Samudra to Flower the Cosmic Harmonics of a Unified Field of Love: That within itself as the Eternal Child of Time (Gopala- b-Hari-Purusha Omega Point Hypothesis)WAR IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF HUMAN IGNORANCE






Hari nam he biram, parinam re anam,

Bandhu badh dwitiyay ghaton

(chi chi chi chi)      (daya nai daya nai)

Eti maha mrityu (

– Chandrapat, Prabhu Bandhu Sundor

Purba paschim duar

“The idea of vision escapes

the animal worm whose earth
is an ocean, whose eye is its body.

The theory is that birth is prompted
by the child’s desire to leave the womb.
But in the photograph an unborn horse’s
neck strains inward w/legs scooped out.

Doesn’t the ground swallow me
when I die, or the sea
if I die at sea?

– Jim Morrison 



3 sun chariot 4 -white horse  (brahman is brahman )

Hari Om Tat Sat






(FRAZER LOST -77-88-99)/Varanasi/Kali-Kali-Kali-Maha-Kali)


Asthir gati path

Bela garay hay hay hay re

Shukno pote nil akash

Bhorer jware mati o batash

Sesh sesh bale gay re

Pralay sanlap chari raddhur

Teen basanta dure madhalaye

Sarater anquinay dekhe ei prithivir pratham chabi

Ey batshar purbe bala aache

Samay bhange karagar (Time Breaks the Prison of Law to Redefine the Order of the Quantum Multiverse by Infinite Ectoplasmic Verse Recitals /Hari-Naam Sankirtan of the Light-Sound Exo-Skeleton Appearing to Manifest itself in Reality from the Highest Abode of Bliss and Consciousness (Prem-Dharma & Ananda Swarop)

Eternal plan fulfils itself

Jim Morrison, 1970

Jim Morrison, 1970

The child learns from the tongue of the unheard scriptures

A fountain of light springs from the black embodiment of the super-cosmos

In his mouth all the stars harp in an ocean of bliss

Yawning the sleepless time labouring in the body

Love into love is the play of the golden rod that directs all possible realities

Supramental is one infinitely small decimal fraction of the Absolute ONE

Love is the key to conscious intelligence

Knowledge is the result of love’s action potentials transferred from multi=dimensional singularity points

Radial symmetry of the geometric fabric yields non-linear coordinates of an empty set

Pure as glass the moon so reflects Savitri’s poetic mind

She herself the rhythm of the entire-creation

She is the light of the dark immensitude

Mahaprabhu Sri Caitanya: Let There Be Love And Peace

Mahaprabhu Sri Caitanya: Let There Be Love And Peace

A heart of winged birds clothed in tetra-foliate diamond flower

Green as the soft leaves of the red bud clothed in heaven

There is the space in the tunnel of time

There is the Word in the vacuum of life

Vibrating all the time in perpetual motion

That is the psychokinesis of love’s ripening for the lila to take place

Silence opens so many doors

Sound perfects the opening of senses

Destroy the child make war your wages for the supermarket life?

(Hari Patan – therefore, the cause of the second coming)

The tiger can square the circle with the all–seeing eye of the ancient triangle

Forgotten your past ancestry, your home, your childhood?

Who is now your Wigner’s friend?

This will go very far like a strange meeting of Wilfred Owen

Let the child scribble the words of chaos and we will meet very soon!

– Joy