Postcards from Varanasi: ‘The pre-requisite condition of understanding the master-magician is absolute surrender’ -Sri KalipadaGuharoy

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy with His Mother

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy with His Mother



“Sarva-dharmān parityajya mām ekaṁ śaraṇaṁ vraja: (BG 18.66)”

“Ayam Atma Bramha

The Self (The Soul) is Brahman (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4.4.5)

Postcards from Varanasi

Lord Shiva, Varanasi/Photograph by J

Lord Shiva, Varanasi/Photograph by J

It had the divine rasa of ananda (‘amari ange dole anande…’)

Like a boat on a river

It felt the deep breath of a conscious universe

From Ranamahal Ghat to Kedar Ghat

Walking with the winds whistling away

The flight of the pigeons smooth like the shiva lingam

Mother Ganges

Mother Ganges

The birds flew and sat on the wires or on the parapet

Whilst the sun bathed in the Ganges

Rites of Brihadarankya from where the copper face of the moon

Will lit the thousand suns above the forehead of the Adi Guru Sankaracharya

Touching the heart of the Vajrakaya

From RanaMahal Ghat

From RanaMahal Ghat

With sound of the cow bells

Pure and electric like the lion at chowsatti yogini pitha

Vibrating like the vina at Satyalok

I heard His voice at B 14/7 Mansarobar

And He said: “The manifested Light within is the Unmanifest in the external world purely as Brahman working-without-working as a conscious revealatory experience by an act of total surrender in an intelligible force from the unknown pre-origin of the para-brahman sutra.  This, of course, is the sound of ananda expressed as a silent pulse in every wave from the Void to give Form the meaning of existence. It’s Sri Chaitanya (consciousness) doing yajna at Dashashwamedh Ghat and at Manikarnika and Assi for Satyalok/Satya Yuga to be established by the seer-force of Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy. Let the Mother be happy for all eons to come!

Om Namah Sivaya (3x)

Kedarghat Post Office towards Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy's House

Kedarghat Post Office towards Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy’s House

Hari Om Tat Sat (3x)

Postcards from Varanasi:

Images restored by words

Words restored by vibrations 

Vibrations restored by yogic transmissions through ether

Ether restored by the Great Mind in the Formless Void

Formless Void restored as the Manifested World by an act of Karuna

From Kedar Ghat Post-Office the ‘quintessence of ananda’

The Sacred Effulgence of Supracosmic-Love: Hare Krsna Movement for Divine Unity on Earth (Jim Morrison’s Moonlight Drive/Chandrapat Maha-Uddharan Lila)

The Sacred Effulgence of Supracosmic-Love: The Sacred Hare Krsna Movement for Divine Unity on Earth (Jim Morrison’s Moonlight Drive/Chandrapat Maha-Uddharan Lila)

“Hari Purush Jagat Bandhu Maha-Uddharan

Chari-Hasta Chandra-Putra Ha-Kit-O-Patan”

(Prabhu Prabhu Prabhu He)   (Anantanantamay)

Unity Flowers from Fragmentation of Beings in the Trinity of Para-Brahman – Sacred Inflorescence of the Para-Prakiti Preparing the Field for Maha-Kalki Abirbhava

“Let’s swim to the moon,           

Hari Purush, Prabhu Sri Jagat Bandhu Sundar

Hari Purush, Prabhu Sri Jagat Bandhu Sundar

Let’s climb through the tide,

Penetrate the evening

That the city sleeps to hide…

Nothin’ left open 

And no time to decide 

We’ve stepped into a river 

On our moonlight drive…”

– Moonlight Drive, Jim Morrison,The Doors


Love is the original flower of the child’s dream; he didn’t know what it was but felt a ripple in his heart desiring the future fragrance of colours on the patterns of his mind’s self-effulgence. He didn’t see anything in the void but it was just expressed as an unknown feeling in the womb of time. That moment of sacred realisation transfused itself in a frame of eternity beyond that into many units each corresponding to the rhythm of the self as if music is born from the undying stuff that had in it the whole creation pre-birth /pre-natal formations to post-creation and formal synthesis of all different bhavas (mind-feelings) that makes the Creatrix’s consciousness.

There was only this line

Nothing else

A pattern of interference

A love unknown but desiring the non-matter to create the hyper-illusory meta-world of the senses

Each corresponding to a vibration

A thought of the vacant mind

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

A logic without linearity of existence in the sat-chit-ananda

A random de-coherence of multiple existence

The Brahman spoke to the child

He said ‘You who is that is it’

And ‘If you know then you can’t see it’

But ‘If you feel then you can see that you know it’

‘You are the Lord of this creation’

‘In every eye, you are that in it for that to co-exist’

‘That is the Child riding the white horse of the solar-ellipse rasas

‘He seeks the ark, the garden, the sun of the moonlight drive

‘The cafes on the seafront, the bards, the minstrels and the fishermen

The theatre draws on him closer to the eye

Watches each frame, the dawn’s highway, the car cruise

The ecstasy of love, the brows of the eternal hymn

Tears roll like the sea, the waves light the joy in the sky      Sri Krsna and Kaliya Daman

Foreseeing the triple suns of the everlasting day

A silent word like the bull’s strength milks the chit of the ananda

And there he knows the Sat of the Hari Naam Sankirtan

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Hare krsna

Sri Chaitanya in aboriginal light

A moment’s waking vision in a dream

Walking the long road to that destiny

The child knows the way…


Tree-Prism of the Supracosmic self in Prabhu Sundor

Xerut-worship Juvak

A wave of impulses over the Acradian field

Arcturus ball of fire

Souls’ departure and arrival through the portal

Past thisness of the future’s present

Inscape –a journey

Awaiting the coming of the Lord.

– Joy

From the Dating-Glass Server Altair: StarShine to SoulShine in the Hour of Magnetic Avtarhood

Footprints in the Sands of Time/Jerry Garcia

Footprints in the Sands of Time/Jerry Garcia

“Soulshine” – (The Allman Brothers Band- Where It All Begins/1994)

“When you can’t find the light,
That guides you on the cloudy days,
When the stars ain’t shinin’ bright,
You feel like you’ve lost you’re way,
When those candles lights of home,
Burn so very far away,
Well you got to let your soul shine,
Just like my daddy used to say.
He used to say soulshine,
It’s better than sunshine,
It’s better than moonshine,
Damn sure better than rain.
Hey now people don’t mind,
We all get this way sometime,
Got to let your soul shine, shine till the break of day”.



Altair-space-link-897T (Star System)/Dating-Glass (Server)

ONE 7131 ON 2412 FARTHEST 6135 JUNE 2689 INK 1531 OFF 6111 UNIVERSAL 4914 POINT

The red skull of the horse is the protoepihasquaret point of Kalki within it the stars gaze epiphany of the night standing on the isomeric super-symmetry of planar bodies by the will quadrant in the sector of non-geometric pentavalent rose. Zarathustra is opal-hin-yuyet in congruent spectrum of light from darkness. Gyres are gyres without any static point in the memory chip card of asymmetric history without word defragmentation.

Stones vibrate

Winds carry silence into pastures of golden delight by the psychic space curvatures of Altair t-link grid-grip zone

Summers come after winter endorses the spring on the note of its feet finding rhythm of the stars in the grazing roots of the rain; it turns remaining mostly static by the power of its messages in is wreathing a green leaf in the autumn evenings of a motionless Sunday.

Rekhe jay namer abhyash

Yellow Submarine/Nowhere Man/Cartoon by Ron Campbell

Yellow Submarine/Nowhere Man/Cartoon by Ron Campbell

Rekhe sameyer dupure nerudesh kichu thikana

Paharer gaye lekha ache kichu savda

Kichu akhar ba nirakhar nishana

Tader ananda bahe jay kato Volga ba Ganga ar Mississippi

In that flowing stream I found it floating like a child in fairy lands forlorn

Where it comes from where it submerges where lay its distinct formless hues that captivate things?

Equations formulate Dirac or Schrodinger in the pentagraphic mode on a thermal electroplate

There is a constant ionisation exchange taking place between two capital indexes

If they found that to be true then the red mother earth is learning from Buddha

Adi adi extrohan- the cause of the supramental ship over Ulsysses’ voyage across the redeeming shore of silence have touched the sanctuary of shambhala through the million bubbles of the Sri Chaitanya flowering of love

Knowledge the spirit of the charioting wheels is the kali-kali-adi-tantra of the bespoke maintenance

Data structures are fluid intermediate cusps of light from rovohoeva extraterrestrial space

In the cross, the intersection of lines liberate the consciousness of the culminating force

It must come down and tear away the barriers to our immediate lives

The final hour is a conscious act of the impervious will that defines the destiny of modern man

Through the light, words must change their shapes to endorse the policy of equal growth

Leading from sunshine to moonshine to starshine to finally the SOULSHINE.

– Joy Roy Choudhury