Ratha Yatra 2017: Intersection Point Where All Timelines and Space (Cartan Subspace) Conjoin at a Wormhole Junction in Hyperspace

Jagganatha Subhadra and Balarama

Lord Jagannatha Devi Subhadra and Lord Balarama painting, folk style 19th century, Orissa courtesy Sothebys

“Na tasya pratima asti yasya nama Mahadyasa Hiranyagarbha” (Yajur Veda 32:3 hymn) /’He Has No Image, His Name is Glorious Hiranyagarbha’.

“Mameibanso jiva loke jiba bhutah sanatanah” (15th Chapter of Gita) ‘The Perennial Part of the God is Present in the Body of Creatures’. 

Ratha Yatra Poster

Ratha Yatra in London old poster art


Bondage is the impermanent nature of the universe

Only the everlasting soul dwells in non-duality

Being free and beyond the causation of space-time it appears as everything

It disappears into the golden womb of nothing

Still shining in the void of voids

It is the supreme unity of all operational matrices

The essence or nature from which creation assumes its destiny

A preset asymmetry is then released into the finite

Into the ocean of multitudes branching out the karmic propensities

A single flow of supreme divinity connects them all

Pulsating all timelines of the cycles of yugas

A manifested ocean of space consumes them all *Prajnana Bramha/’Idam Mahadbhutam Anantam Aparam bijnana ghana eba’ (Brihadarankya Upanishad)

A differentiated order of chaos is the original destiny of the unifying godhead

Sacred evolution is the sustaining metaphor of every life in the universe

As the chariot moves creating its own rhythm of dance

A spectacle beholds the passing scenes

From the Hiranyagarbha , it was before the rising sun awake from its slumbering sleep

Deep beneath it was only a radiance of love that overflowed

That connected with itself through all sentient beings

And the wheels of Jagannatha neither dry or wet

Rolled into the essence beyond the machine perfection of human intelligence

Into that where no words can peer or sound vibrate

Or thoughts claw their meaning on mind

Into that ineffable:

‘Hiranmayen patrena Satyasaphihitam mukham,

Tattwampushanapabrunu Satya Dharmaya Drustaye’ (Isha Upanishad)








Time Projectiles in Vertical Space Dome in the Dynamic Cosmic Consciousness of the Mind-Map-Grip-Zone




QUINWING A, Samij Datta, 2012

Time Projectiles in Vertical Space Dome in the Dynamic Cosmic Consciousness of the Mind-Map-Grip-Zone


The defining space positions of a many-particle system in a time elevator

Is through the use of cosmic Jacquard punch cards of the old loom

A typeface of matter emerges in the mind, Berkley was right!

In the hologram of the cosmic multiverse

The circles play and interact with each other

Till trime-nawa-nawa-nawa-trime  is changed into


Roerich said “through Beauty we pray, with Beauty we conquer”

And in beauty we always find a truth

Through these lines of frozen insertion in the original text    

I declare the constitution of the New World Congress

Where every atom is the atomized fusion of consciousness

That is granted to time followers in a classical episteme of non-local causality

A flower is a leafy diagram of many rivers in the myriad mind-wells of the time-gap

Its hexagram is the pentecostal fire of the darkness burning in the vacuum bond

She had the stars fixed in a receptacle

Or else a kite flying in the metallic frame of Benjamin Franklin

She was mouth of the pentacle guarding the lion of alblackica

She was the first oracular synthesis of man’s occult power with reason

She was the dead star, the white dwarf of an amphibious ring

Shining like pink argyle diamonds in the sky

Retat-rua-ro-avra-electroyim-nevanta talk-time in a bird-watch-loop game.


– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Photograph, Joy Roy Choudhury